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  1. fuzzymoomoo

    Congratulations to Ford and Joey

    Well next year is pack racing everywhere so there's that
  2. fuzzymoomoo

    Congratulations to Ford and Joey

    Fun fact: Penske won the Indy 500, Southern 500, Brickyard 400 and NASCAR Cup championship all in 2018 Good stuff
  3. fuzzymoomoo

    Congratulations to Ford and Joey

    Called it yesterday. Glad Ford finally got one.
  4. He said the same things about the Renegade and well guess who was wrong...
  5. fuzzymoomoo

    2019 Mustang GT

    That's what it is. I'm not sure how exactly they handle scheduling of those. I'm surprised your dealer didn't make you aware of that when you ordered it. Im guessing they don't sell too many mustangs?
  6. fuzzymoomoo

    2019 Mustang GT

    I completely missed that. I guarantee that's the hold up
  7. fuzzymoomoo

    Harvick penalty

    Logano too. Hasn't been able to finish it out but he's very strong at Homestead.
  8. In my experience that sounds about right i have a friend who makes piles of money working on diesel trucks. He tells me most of the time the guys that want that stupid shit is Cummins owners. He usually laughs them out of his shop.
  9. fuzzymoomoo

    2019 Mustang GT

    The plant has a lot of scheduled down time right now, that's probably why.
  10. fuzzymoomoo

    2019 Mustang GT

    The rumored engine hold is just that, a rumor. Nobody I know at the plant has seen anything about a hold regarding engines That said they are dealing with a parts shortage so the plant is being short weeked this week and next week.
  11. fuzzymoomoo

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    The new beefed up 10 speed is right around the corner, that's why.
  12. Personally I like the look of the body color mirror cap in most cases but it's not enough to sway me in either direction
  13. TBH, does the average customer really know what features come on the mirrors?
  14. Eh, it's happened for years and both sides are pretty apathetic to it
  15. The mirror thing that was brought up in the other thread