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  1. If a Koenigsegg and a C7 Corvette had a baby
  2. fuzzymoomoo

    Ford Taurus 2020 (CN)

    Neither. It wasn't launched here because it BOMBED in focus groups and test studies.
  3. Exactly. Remember when the 2015 Mustang came out and people were bitching and moaning that the 2.3 was called Mustang EcoBoost? The hybrid is kind of the same thing and Mach E isn't even in that discussion because it won't carry the Mustang name.
  4. fuzzymoomoo

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Is it? I completely missed that
  5. fuzzymoomoo

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    I don't mind it not having a front grille, they pulled it off ok with the Model S refresh. Model 3/Y is not the way to do it.
  6. Here's where you’re wrong. As always, Mustang and Mustang Convertible will be unchanged as far as they are seen in and out of the company. Mustang Hybrid (like every other Hybrid ford has ever done outside of the C-Max) will be treated as a trim level. Mach-E will not carry the Mustang name and once again, it's design is only inspired by Mustang.
  7. They’re finally working on it. How fast they bring it to market and how good it is is another story. Pacifica Hybrid landed with a thud.
  8. fuzzymoomoo

    2020 Ford Explorer

    And that's fine, just don't force people to take $5k-$7k packages for something as simple as a $750 comfort package.
  9. fuzzymoomoo

    2020 Ford Explorer

    That's exactly correct.
  10. fuzzymoomoo

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Only with the 202A package
  11. That's been obvious since the first CTS came out....
  12. fuzzymoomoo

    Ford Taurus 2020 (CN)

    And people wonder why it's not coming here 🙄