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  1. 2seater

    Announcement at LAP

    Well....so much for the big announcement today. 😉 Guess we wait til Thursday now....
  2. 2seater

    Announcement at LAP

    They're talking about when they hired in I think as a cut off date, whether or not they know what they are talking about or not........ I guess we'll see Thursday 🙂
  3. 2seater

    Announcement at LAP

    I don't think you have anything to worry about as far as the plant closing, I'm not even really sure c crew is going away, but that's probably the worst that would happen at this point. however as the others have said we have been hearing c crew is going away from the time c crew started. This is just the first time the building chairman has actually said he thinks it was going to happen.
  4. 2seater

    Announcement at LAP

    Oh I don't think the plant is closing at all, but I wouldn't be surprised if we lose c crew......And no I don't believe for a minute that the BC doesn't know what's going on. As far as anything being announced tomorrow, its just a rumor at this point. A strong one, but still just just a rumor. Have to wait & see.
  5. 2seater

    Announcement at LAP

    Well who really knows, but union reps AND building chairman even though they say they don't know specifics are all saying it looks like C crew is gone. Guess we'll see tomorrow.....maybe....who knows
  6. 2seater


    25% ????????? Are we talking about the same thing? Profit sharing is a bonus, mine has always been taxed around 40% since what ever Clinton did in the 90s to bonuses
  7. 2seater

    Ketucky truck to shorten shutdown?

    LAP been on 1 week for the last several years, don't remember the last time we had 2 weeks. I like it better, I can take my other week when I want instead of the hottest part of the year
  8. 2seater

    Allegations on Facebook

    If its proven, there should be jail time. This is much bigger than a bonus or just this election, union has gotten by for way too long just doing whatever they want with no accountibility. Those days are over with social media, Im not a big social media guy, dont have a facebook account as much of it is rumors , gossip etc, but truth can also be exposed that people didnt know about before. Several said this isnt the first time buckets for votes have come out to the line, IF and I am saying if, this is true, then there need to be consequences. If you cant agee on that, whatever else we disagree on, then I dont believe you are union.
  9. 2seater

    Allegations on Facebook

    Your true colors are showing when all you can say to something that serious is move on. If it had been voted down with the same type of allegations I would be concerned. Seems as long as you get your way, the means do not matter.
  10. 2seater

    Allegations on Facebook

    No idea if these allegations are true or not, Facebook is just like here, you can say anything you want but.... If they are true & can be proven....its far from over & whether you are for or against this contract shouldn't matter, thus is not the kind of representation we want.
  11. 2seater

    Greed by employees, Job security gone

    Bless your heart
  12. 2seater

    Greed by employees, Job security gone

    I stand corrected, 2 plants build cars 1 builds big trucks, I stand by the rest.
  13. 2seater

    Greed by employees, Job security gone

    Only 1 plant in Mexico builds cars, they can't possibly be retooled fast enough to build everything, & in the mean time Ford loses market share, it took over a year to retool lap from a mid size suv to a small one
  14. 2seater

    Greed by employees, Job security gone

    Young child? Lol, probably older than you, 26 years with Ford. Believe what you want, you will anyway. Joe Heinrichs said on national tv that if it fails we go back to the table & work it out. Not getting into a pointless back & forth with you, just giving info, if you dont want to believe it, thats your business.