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  1. Trailhiker

    Exhaust Noise/Air Filter Change

    I changed the air filter in my Fusion this month. Seemed easy, two clips hold it in place. It rained the next couple days, so I did not have my windows down while driving. The third day after, it was sunny, and I had the windows down to let in the air. That is when I heard a noise. It was similar to an exhaust leak, or a hole in the muffler. I was thinking I'd have to take the car in for service, as I could see no holes or rusted connections. Then I remembered the air filter change. I popped the hood, and looked at it. Sure enough, it was clipped in, but the back side part was not in the grooves. I adjusted and re-clipped, and sure enough, the noise went away.I feel dumb, but lesson learned!
  2. Trailhiker


    Dark Highland Green would look great on the Expedition and Super Duty
  3. All we have to do is subtract April/May sales to figure out June totals. I'm sure someone around here will have time to do that.
  4. SO, still in the 7K range for June then.
  5. Trailhiker

    RIP Lee Iacocca

    He really knew what would sell. He also knew how to market it to the right people at the right time.
  6. Trailhiker

    RAM June Sales

    It is just amazing how many trucks are being sold. Full Sized have the strongest by far, but the Ranger and Gladiator are really going to help sales of Mid-sized trucks. F-Sereis will be King for a long time to come.
  7. Trailhiker

    RAM June Sales

    No, this is specifically to discuss the full size trucks..start your own thread
  8. Trailhiker

    RAM June Sales

    Ram sold 68,000 pickups in June. Chevy would have to have one heck of a 'truck month' to beat that!
  9. Trailhiker

    Ram TRX testing

    There's nothing like competition to elevate the market awareness!
  10. Trailhiker

    Ford Ranger IIHS crash test

    When traveling backroads that are seldom level, these extremely bright lights blind me so bad, that I need to switch to high beams just to see anything but the glare.
  11. Trailhiker

    TFL: Silverado 1500 diesel

    It kinda looks like one of those Transformer toys that doesn't seem to fit perfectly when coverting from robot back to vehicle form.
  12. If I was a designer. the last thing I would want to hear is "people will warm up to it". I would want to wow people, and have them flocking to the showrooms to check it out.
  13. You can clearly see the 2nd digit curves like the 0 at the bottom. SInce we know it is more than 700, it would have to be a 3, 5, 6, 8 or 9. At least 730!
  14. I'm hoping for a complete front redesign. This grill has been everywhere from EcoSport to Transit, and we need an entirely new direction. But in saying that, do not even think about looking at the new Explorer front end for inspiration.
  15. https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/trucks/a27955329/ford-ranger-2019/ Another great review by Popular Mechanics. Nice shot of old Ranger nest to the new one.