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  1. Trailhiker

    Harvick's 2019 Mustang

    Not if you judge from me and my friends! Not only are we brand loyal, but also loyal to sponsers of our favorite brands.
  2. Trailhiker

    2020 Explorer Order Guide

    Really not too bad for a performance hybrid. If they wanted great MPG, they could have used a less powerful setup, but that would have compromised performance needed for the Police Utility.
  3. Equivalant to 437 packs of cigarettes!
  4. I guess it is like GM Trucks being tied to Buick (previously Olds & Pontiac) dealers. Ram / Dodge could be at the same dealership, and Jeep / Chrysler at another. at least until they decide which brand to kill off.
  5. Trailhiker

    Harvick's 2019 Mustang

    So much easier to change the headlights though...peel new sticker...apply to front. I don't know why I like NASCAR so much, but I do.
  6. Trailhiker

    Lincoln BEV

    Will they still show a hybrid Navigator and Corsair this year?
  7. Even their new emblem on the front of the BEV looks like Chinese characters!
  8. Trailhiker

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Looks like it was designed for the chromed out Platinum model, but the rest of the models are stuck with the unusual grill shape, having no way to hide it.
  9. Trailhiker

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Having the screen centered in a large vehicle makes it hard to reach for the driver . I guess that is why it is pushed forward so much. I would think they would have it tilted somewhat toward the driver. What they should do if possible, is give the screen the ability to rotate and tilt.
  10. I think we are talking about two different things. The rails on the rooftop are different.
  11. Yes...Slide 13 in SIlver vs Slide 14 in Blue
  12. Roof rails are different.
  13. I think it is determined by how many sales a higher tow rating will generate divided by how much more it will cost them in warranty repairs.
  14. Looking back, I've only bought 2 vehicles in that time frame! I love Fords, but I like my money too, so I keep my Fords longer.