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  1. How about a bunch of third-graders playing recorders!
  2. I think this would really look great in the Highland Green color from the Mustang Bullit. I know two tone is out of style, but Highland Green with light brown accents would look so nice. A Deep Blue with Steel Gray would be another great option
  3. Trailhiker

    Lost Post info

    I've never noticed that we have post counts, but now I see them. What are they used for?
  4. Trailhiker

    October 2018 Sales

    Lincoln needs to get their marketing straight. I was just on another site, and there was an ad for the 2018 MKC on the top, and the 2019 MKC on the bottom of the same page.
  5. The people I knew that had Chevy's in the 70's would always order all sorts of seat and dash covers from J.C. Whitney. Their attempts to look as good as Fords were all in vain though.
  6. A hybrid SUV getting 35 MPG would now cost you about $2.50 a day if you drive 35 miles per day. Your small car geeting 55 MPG would cost $1.60 a day. For most people, having the extra room when needed is worth 90 cents a day.
  7. I pinned the needle on my 84 Escort Wagon...Speedo only went up to 85, so I could have been doing twice that .
  8. I think GM painted themselves into a corner with their ads attacking Ford's truck bed. They thus concentrated most of the upgrade $ on making a bed they deemed more functional, bigger, and of steel. Now, if this was the 1950's, and people were buying trucks only to haul stuff around, this might have been a good selling point. People today want a truck that is powerful, efficient, has lots of cool tech, and looks decent. The bed is just not that big of a selling point especially when bed liners are cheap and readily available in many forms.They needed new innovation elsewhere, or a homerun design.
  9. Or "We have plans to fully utilize our production lines in a way that will secure the most profits obtainable in the foreseeable future."
  10. Trailhiker

    1.5 Million recall

    This is where selling low profit small cars in volume can really come back and haunt you. Any meager profit made initially can be wiped out years later.
  11. Trailhiker

    2019 Camaro gets an emergency refresh..?

    I don't think the blue one from Assimilator's post is the revised SS (likely a lesser model). If you look at the picture in the link, the black bar on the revised SS was just painted body color, and the emblem moved up.
  12. Trailhiker

    East Bound and Down!

    Man, I miss Jerry Reed. What a great act, and he was a helluva story teller.
  13. Trailhiker

    New Slogan? Ford Proud?

  14. I'm trying to imagine an F-150 with Prius hubcaps, blue accents, and a plastic grill cover. Just kidding. It would be very expensive, but I bet lots of fleets would buy them.
  15. I like the fact that Navigator and Expedition are being produced with a much higher rate of the upscale versions. I would like to see Explorer/Aviator follow the same path. I wonder if Lincoln will try to go even more upscale and have something more exclusive than Black Label.