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  1. Dlcorbett

    2020 Expedition Order Guide

    King ranch is back baby, kr max looks likes my future truck.
  2. Had the opportunity to test drive the palisade yesterday. It was a gray limited(fully loaded) model. Below are my thoughts with slight 2018 expy ltd and 2019 cx5 touring comparisons: Exterior - in general, though its polarizing, the quality is def there. Small but even gaps, nice and properly placed accents as well as great paint quality help give off a beautiful vibe. You could easily take it out for date night and get a few looks. It doesnt look better than my expedition or cx5, but its visually more interesting than both and has way better paint quality than the expy. Interior - this is one area that impressed me the most, Interior quality is at or near luxury car levels and blows both our current cars away. Switchgear felt well damped, all screens and cameras had great resolution, leather felt fantastic, and everything was placed conveniently. There was some weird choices made to save money(passenger seat has hlf the adjustment as driver, separate glass roof from sunroof), but overall great ambiance. Tech - theres a huge amount of new tech and great implementation of older tech but it was odd that some old tech seemed missing. The turn signal blind spot view is relatively quick and has great clarity but had a awkward camera placement. Theres a lot of options for the infotainment like quiet mode etc. The sound system was good, but not as strong as the expy or as clear as the cx5 system. The heads up display was clear, but didnt have a lot of features or options. Like i stated before, theres no panoramic sunroof but theres an expansive glassroof behind a divider btw it and the sunroof. My sisters sorento has an expansive panoramic roof so why couldnt they use the same styled roof. Also theres kick handsfree tailgate, its supposed to automatically open with the keyfob present, but it seems more gimmicky than the kick tailgate. All in all like all other east asian companies, its def the tech leader in its class. Performance - the engine is mostly smooth and has more than adequate power. It's moves with grace and doesnt get too gruff at high rpms. In hard acceleration tests, Theres a slight delay in downshifts which caused a weird jerk, but afterwards its very linear in delivery. There are different drive modes which affects the throttle and shift points, but the difference is less noticable than the expy. In all, the drivetrain is smoother than the expy, nowhere near as flexible and not as linear as the cx5. Ride/comfort - the interior at low speeds is somewhat quiet, but at high speeds is exceedingly quiet. At 80mph, interior quietness barely changed and didnt even feel the speed increase. Also, the structure is very strong and taut, no jitters or shakes in the cabin, my biggest complaint about my expy. Handling is also quite good, but steering is vague and a tad too light even in sport mode. The ride is smooth and taut as well but compliant without feeling disconnected. Its def up there with other crossovers in terms of ride. Its better than my expy on bad days, not as good as the expy on good days. We drove our expy on the same route and my wife and her brother agreed the expy was smoother for the most part. The seats are supportive, but not as plush as they look. The adjustability was also a bit light even though the drivers seat is 12 way. It was weird that my wife and i felt the sec row seats were more plush than the first row seats. Theres oodles of room in both first and sec row though and the center console was fantastic in terms of utility, space, and quality. The third row has a good amount of hip and head room, but leg room is in short supply with the middle seats more than half way back. We drove the palisade because the expy is due to be turned in the end of next year, so im preparing for its replacement. In case we need to downgrade, we want to try all options( like we did before purchasing our current expy). It was a quick test drove only about 5 miles, but afterwards, i was left highly impressed. Its a great car with lots of benefits. What stuck out to me was quality, hyundai did a great job with making it feel premium for the price. I cant imagine many luxury vehicles feeling as nice is this let alone its direct competitors. Hell the expy was $20k more and doesnt even compete in terms of interior quality. Wife likes the cx9 still but i told her mazdas gonna need to update it cuz the palisade felt better. Hyundai got a winner. Next were gonna drive a telluride and 2020 explorer to compare(though im not feeling the explorer much).
  3. Dlcorbett

    2020 order guide release?

  4. Dlcorbett

    2020 order guide release?

    A guy was told by his dealer the 2020s arent changing any except for some small tweaks to the xlt and ltd models. He posted an image of the 2020 fleet sheet.
  5. I think we need better context to sympathize with you is all. Noone knows what you had, what broke, why it was at the dealer, and you gave no other posts in any other thread. I kno on some expy forums, some say the buyback was smooth, others not so much.
  6. Dlcorbett

    2020 Expedition Production Information

    Probably wont rele expect any huge changes until atleast 2023, a few yrs after the new f150 drops. If anything, maybe upgrades to the features for 2020 and new colors but that's about it.
  7. Does anyone know if Ford made it possible for service to retrofit the CCD shocks and software to vehicles that has it as an option?
  8. Dlcorbett

    NEW 2021 F150

    Thers has been some f150s with irs running around, will the next f150 have irs or srs?
  9. Mayb, the ranger came in last place in their mid sized truck comparison test. Critically, the ranger is gettin trashed.
  10. If u have the car on and lv the key in the car you should be able to lock it with the doorpad to keep the car running. If all else fails, crack the windows for ventilation. Even if you forget after you get out, you can open them with the keypad from the outside.
  11. Yea there's a huge cost savings now with the special edition pkg. Before, it didnt come with the ccd and 360 camera, now it does with a smaller bump in price, and you can switch out the wheels at any time.
  12. Dlcorbett

    New or slightly used Expedition?

    If u can strive for a platinum. You may find some good third gen navi deals as well.
  13. Dlcorbett

    New or slightly used Expedition?

    Cant rele go wrong. I went with 4th gen becuz the third gens were too overpriced new. Now though you can probably find some good deals on low mileage rentals.
  14. Dlcorbett

    New or slightly used Expedition?

    Ill try my best to compile a good comparison. I traded my 09 nav for an 18 expy. I have driven post face lift 3rd gens in most configs as well. For reliability purposes, 12 to 14s are the way to go because they still use the 5.4 v8 and have most every mechanical bug ironed out. 15+ gained new electronics and the 3.5l v6 which is a great engine. The first gen of the v6 is reliable enough, but still had kinks. They also feel about the same in regards to interior unless you get the platinum which gained better seats, leather trimmed interior. Also, ccd is a rele nice option and makes it one of the smoother riding cars. 4th gen to me is a superior product. Its way more roomy, has a lot of family friendly features, and wholly comfy. The 3.5l is the 2nd gen so too early for reliability. Also. 1st run 18s were very problematic quality wise including my own.
  15. Dlcorbett

    New or slightly used Expedition?

    What is she looking at? I think better question is does she want a 3rd gen or 4th gen?