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  1. Dlcorbett

    Deciding between Navigator and Navigator L

    Id go L to, i dnt regret not getting the max expy, but id love to have the extra space, it was much needed more than we predicted.
  2. It looks to follow the cx9, acadia sporty profile look. Im seeing a lot of ppl dont approve but we should wait for the reveal. I think a lot of this has to do with the warranted acclaim of the aviator
  3. Dlcorbett

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    Beautiful truck.
  4. The trim shown looks like a limited or high lvl xlt. It reminds me of the expy ltd stone interior. The plat interiors use way different interiors on the current models so i would expect the same for the new one.
  5. Dlcorbett

    Error message in my instrument cluster

    Ive bever seen that on my expy, have you taken it to a dealer?
  6. Is any of this tech comin to the expy or navi? I thought they were getting the hybrid 3.5l too.
  7. Dlcorbett

    2020 Chevy Tahoe Spotted with IRS

    They did the same with the concealed rearview wiper
  8. Dlcorbett

    2020 Chevy Tahoe Spotted with IRS

    Looking at the photos, the second row wont change much but the third row room and cargo space behind it def will.
  9. Just thinking, with the new market trends and ford success with their light duty trucks, do you think lincoln will try the luxury pick up again. With how well the navigator is doing, i feel even if offered for only one model cycle, it would put a bunch of money in their pockets if they offered the product when the new f150 is due in a cpl of years. Put in an updated navi interior, hybridize the powertrain, and put rear airbags and ccd on the suspension with all the tech and features available with a 10-11k tow rating with a starting price of 50k and top out at 90k with a bl version is doable.
  10. Dlcorbett

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    I wish they wouldve offered that for the 18 or offered the ccd and camera as stand alone optuons like they did for the led headlights
  11. Dlcorbett

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    Pics of the explorers sport pkg will give you an idea
  12. Dlcorbett

    2019 Expedition Order Guide

    Thats possible, or they go on other forums and see a bulk of the members ordering their vehicles due to low stock or inventory
  13. It is...the sec row if fore/aft adjustable
  14. Dlcorbett

    2019 Expedition Order Guide

    I believe the different trim levels are geared towards specific customer bases. The 300 is more for rental and fleet sales as its the perfect combo and the right options to add for a premium rental vehicle. The 301 is more for ppl who want the premium feel but dont want the 22in wheels, the perfect luxury starter pkg if u will. 302 is for those who want the options for the platinum but not the chrome overload. Now, the 303 is for those who want a more cohesive look to their truck. Seems very smart to me, plus most people order their trucks now anyway so more options and choices seems like a no brainer. Since you can get a 301 now with ccd and 22s, seems like the supplies are where they need to be at, but it seems redundant though since they are keeping the 302.
  15. Dlcorbett

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    I attached it for you. No king ranch unfortunately, but theres a new monochrom pkg for the ltd trim that would fill the kr slot and now special edition pkg on 301 includes more opt. 2019 Expedition Order Guide.pdf