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  1. Dlcorbett

    Features Id Like to See

    When i replace my expy with another one(or nav) i would like to ser the below featutes added to one or all of the trims: -second and third row window shades (New explorer is getting sec row shades so ford better put them in the expy) -second row heated and cooled seats -heated third row seats -bring back air suspension(with kneeling feature) -full interior ambient lighting -head up display -cup holder coolers -folding trays in back of passenger seat If i think of some more i think ill add to the thread.
  2. Dlcorbett

    Running boards and (very) cold weather?

    They are not supposed to do that
  3. Dlcorbett

    2019 Expedition Platinum Head Up Display

    The head up display is referring to the collision alert.
  4. Dlcorbett

    Deciding Between "Select" and "Reserve"

    Honestly id go with the reserve. I went online to the config for the 18 my amd found the select with those desirable features is more expensive than a reserve by about 2k. The reserve comes with heated n cooled seats which is a 1500k option. To get 4wd, is 3k which is std on reserve. Plus the reserve gets a few extra perks. Youll be happy with either and the select wheels are better, but yea id get reserve.
  5. Looks like aviator has nothing to worry bout from caddy, and hell even the navigator has less to worry bout cuz the escalade cant be too far off from this except for size.
  6. In some of the expy forums, there are some very polarizing opinions of them. However, some ppl have come up with very creative and interesting ideas to make the rse more functional.
  7. I like both in black. I like the select wheels but the reserve packaging. If i could and got what you got and doing what your doing, id sell the stock wheels and get 22in f150 ltd wheels and vlack those out.
  8. Dlcorbett

    What are they?

    My question is how did you find a 15 nav with less than 30 mi on it?
  9. Dlcorbett

    2020 cadillac escalade spied

    If u lool all the generations of the escalade, the grill has gotten progressivley bigger. Looking at the spy photos, the grill openeing is huge compared to the current model.
  10. Dlcorbett

    2020 cadillac escalade spied

  11. Both versions of the escalade has finally been spied with irs nonetheless. Also, gm is benchmarking the nav for testing. They have a nav in their caravans, i dnt remember seeing any escalades for nav testing. If im not mistaken, Lincoln benched the land rover range rover, particularly for the interior. Anyway, gm gmed some design element from the nav, like the huge grill opening and rear tailgate.
  12. Dlcorbett

    Deciding between Navigator and Navigator L

    Id go L to, i dnt regret not getting the max expy, but id love to have the extra space, it was much needed more than we predicted.
  13. It looks to follow the cx9, acadia sporty profile look. Im seeing a lot of ppl dont approve but we should wait for the reveal. I think a lot of this has to do with the warranted acclaim of the aviator
  14. Dlcorbett

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    Beautiful truck.
  15. The trim shown looks like a limited or high lvl xlt. It reminds me of the expy ltd stone interior. The plat interiors use way different interiors on the current models so i would expect the same for the new one.