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  1. I love the suicide doors on my '34 3 Window Coupe.
  2. Got it. HP= Torque X RPM / 5252 319.87 = 350 X 4800 / 5252 349.86 = 350 X 5250 / 5252
  3. I noticed that the torque was the same also. So why the HP difference? They did say different turbo and cylinder head from the old Ecoboost Mustang, so why not more HP than the Focus?
  4. Wonder why it's "only" 330 Hp compared to the 350 HP in the Focus RS?
  5. coupe3w

    1 day / 105 miles and onto a flatbed

    RT 495?
  6. coupe3w

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    oil pump
  7. coupe3w

    Brad Was Dominant/But What About Bud

    I saw that too. I think it was a water bottle though.
  8. Who cares what the name is as long as it sells. If it has some Mustang design elements I don't think that's a bad thing.
  9. Which is not a bad thing for Ford or the Mustang.
  10. Man those guys are hurting. Poor guys!
  11. Probably not going to happen in the states. We have speed limits and most people don't drive at 118 MPH for extended periods of time here. Good luck.
  12. coupe3w

    Daytona Twin 150's

    A good night for the Fords. Looks like it is really hard to pass, although Joey came from 4th to first on the last lap.