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  1. coupe3w

    New Mustang Supercar breaks cover

    I think those are for mounting instrumentation on for monitoring brake temps and such. But that wing? Hope it functions better than it looks.
  2. So have they fixed the problem for good now or is it still happening?
  3. coupe3w

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    So this is kind of interesting, we may have a 4 wheel drive CUV Mustang with V6TT power. Should be a monster!
  4. coupe3w

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    Does this mean no V8 in the Mustang? Engines It is believed that the CD6 platform supports various four- and six-cylinder Ford Motor Company engines, including: 2.0L Turbo EcoBoost I4 2.3L Turbo EcoBoost I4 2.7L Turbo EcoBoost V6 3.5L Duratec-Cyclone V6 3.7L Duratec-Cyclone V6 3.5L Twin-Turbo EcoBoost V6 It is believed that the Ford CD6 platform is capable of supporting the following transmissions: Ford 6F 6-speed automatic (transverse applications) Ford 10-speed automatic (longitudinal applications) Ford 8-speed automatic (transverse applications)
  5. coupe3w

    2019 / 2020 GT500

    No not at all. It's all about the competition. If you are going to build a car like this and you know what the bar is why not beat it?
  6. coupe3w

    2019 / 2020 GT500

    What is their goal? Oh I know ROI. I got it.
  7. coupe3w

    2019 / 2020 GT500

    At 4,225 Lbs it sure ain't no track car. And with 55/45 weight distribution to boot it's going to be a handful. Maybe they will do an R Model.
  8. coupe3w

    2019 / 2020 GT500

    So is this going to be another attempt to take the HP lead over FCA or is Ford going to trounce the Hellcat Redeye? I say they will fall short as usual!
  9. coupe3w

    This car is trying my patience

    Should of got the stick. I'm sure glad I did in my 2012. Haven't had a bit of trouble with it 128K on it.
  10. coupe3w

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Does anyone still think it's going to be a pushrod motor?
  11. Why not just leave the badges off all together the SUV / CUV's all look the same anyway.
  12. Wow these executives are pure geniuses. First Alan Mulally makes all the antennas and light switches the same, now Jim Hackett wants all the mirrors the same. What will be next? Paint all the vehicles black only. Maybe all the same size wheels and tires. How about seats, steering wheels, seat belts, etc, etc.......LOL
  13. coupe3w

    Congratulations to Ford and Joey

    What about Roush? They haven't been competitive except at the big tracks Daytona and Talladega.
  14. Congratulations to Joey! Ford wins the Championship and the Manufactures Champion. Chevy 3rd, in Manufactures Championship. LOL even Toyota beat them.