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  1. coupe3w

    Daytona Twin 150's

    A good night for the Fords. Looks like it is really hard to pass, although Joey came from 4th to first on the last lap.
  2. coupe3w

    Jimmy Johnson Wins The Clash

    Menard came down a little bit to catch his car from spinning out when JJ's car took the down force away on the side draft. Any driver would have done the same thing. JJ didn't leave any room for error. Guess not running up front last year caused him to be a little rusty on how to drive up front.
  3. coupe3w

    This car is trying my patience

    Yup, transmission was worst than the spitting spark plugs in the F150.
  4. Yeah, that would be the one. Except they need 2 more cylinders to compete.
  5. Me too. I never thought they would do an OHV again. But I'm ecstatic that they did! Can't wait till the after market develops some parts for this monster.
  6. So tell me guys / gals who would be a good CEO for Ford?
  7. Bob I use to see them going up north on RT 3 a lot a few years back heading towards Nashua. A guy at work had his replaced in 2018.
  8. Was still on going in 2018 https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/extension-to-frame-recall-oct-2018.574184/
  9. LOL, did you over look the Tacoma frame and leafspring recalls?
  10. coupe3w

    Harvick's 2019 Mustang

    You can blame NASCAR's rules package for what he have now. Some of the changes were made for safety. But yeah, they don't look anything like stock physically or mechanically.
  11. That's a good point. Say a guy takes his Mustang to the drag strip and is using track mode and the line lock feature and when doing his "burn out" the driveshaft breaks . Is it covered under warranty? Or is that considered abuse? Or if he was doing it in his driveway and not at the track is it covered?
  12. Or you could just buy this for your straight line performance.........Not a bad deal really. https://hellhorseperformance.com/pages/hellhorse-performance-mustang-packages