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  1. The upstarts, especially from Korea, have directly impacted the unit sales and market share of Ford and the other manufacturers. Here are the sales figures for 2000 and 2018. 2000 2018 Kia 160606 589673 Hyundai 244391 667634 I am sure there are other examples.
  2. RichardK

    Ford Police Car Boycott

    This act by the sheriff punishes the dealer more than Ford. $750,000 over two years is significant to Hixon and not so much to Ford Motor Corporation.
  3. Chrysler sure has been the poor step child ever since being acquired by Daimler and then all the other transformations. I wonder what Walter Chrysler would think of this.
  4. I had a 2012 Fusion for 3 years. During that time there were two defects. The passenger upper grab handle came loose and one screw came out completely, which I fixed myself. The gas filler door lost the spring tension. This was replaced by the dealer during an oil change. In JD Power methodology this would have been two defects in the long term survey. However, in reality these were non events. You notice that Ford moved way up in the ratings basically due to improvements with Sync, according to an Automotive News article on this survey. When they were near the bottom you would think the transmissions were falling out. Ford brand gets 3 dots in power train mechanical quality, yet Lincoln gets 5 dots. This could be due to Focus issues. These surveys are interesting, but not really useful. http://www.autonews.com/article/20170621/OEM01/170629948/kia-tops-j-d-power-quality-rankings-amid-shake-up Automotive News is subscription protected. However, it will let you in once a day.
  5. RichardK

    APIM dead, SYNC screen black, Goodbye Ford

    With all due respect, there is no guarantee a vehicle will operate for five years without cost of repair. Electronic and mechanical components will fail at some point in time, it is just a matter of when. Ford cannot guarantee the APIM forever and warranties will end.
  6. Unfort Unfortunately, class action law suits only line the pockets of attorneys. The customer or injured party usually gets a very small settlement, like some extra rebate on a new purchase.
  7. It seems to be Focus and Fusion, with some Edge and Explorer. I rent from Avis a lot and this is what I notice anyway.
  8. Lincoln with 10288 units had a chance to catch Infinity. However, Infinity jumped 15.6% to 12514. Lexus having some issues dropping 4.8% to 25401 and Acura dropping 1.3% to 12514.
  9. RichardK

    2014 Focus Transmission issues?! Arg, help!

    I see you have a 2014. Have you had problems?
  10. I agree with that. I had the same situation with Home Depot. It is best to diversify. Remember, Enron? Employees lost everything.
  11. Pension funds invest for the future and in all manner of companies. I am not sure who these institutions are. This is not just the auto workers, but also teachers, federal workers, and even hedge funds, etc. I am not saying Ford is a great investment for short term gains. However, at this price level it might make a good value play. If it goes back to $18, that is a gain of 63%, plus while you are waiting it pays a dividend of over 5%. You cannot get a 5% yield on on any fixed term investment these days.
  12. 54% of the common stock is owned by institutions. This could be pension funds, where the stock value is a big issue. Day traders do not care about value or name of the company. They trade off volatility.
  13. I agree. As said earlier, Bill Ford realized he was not up to the task of running the company on a day to day basis. That is why he pulled Mulally in. Now, he brought Hackett in from the outside. In my opinion, Bill Ford is the visionary. I am not sure why we are all going through the hand wringing. Apparently, the only major problem is the stock price. Ford is profitable and has huge cash flow. There are many other companies that wish they were in this shape.
  14. RichardK

    2014 Focus Transmission issues?! Arg, help!

    It is odd you did not have any problems until 3 years later after buying out the lease.