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  1. I ordered a 2019 Transit Connect on August 17, 2018. I have not heard anything on a VIN yet. It's been 9 weeks and no one can tell me the status of my order. My dealer has tried and come up with nothing. The Ford sales rep from our district was transferred and they don't even have one now, until about Nov. 1st. I've contacted Ford myself at every phone number and email address I can find with no results. They keep telling me "once you get the VIN #, you can look up where your vehicle is". However the web site they told me to use does not work. I've tried VIN #'s from dealer stock and dealer orders and none of them come up. Does anyone have any suggestions that would help me?
  2. It's been 4 months since I contacted Ford trying to get information on the 2019 Transit Connect wagon. You cannot look up on-line the colors, the options, a brochure. I've contacted Ford several times and they keep saying, the information is coming. Now my local dealer even has a Transit Connect cargo van on the lot! When I called Ford today, they told me that's impossible, I must be looking at a 2018. Well....the 2019 was sitting right next to a 2018 and the grilles are different, plus of course the sticker says 2019. When you look up other Ford vehicles, even new ones like the 2019 Ranger and Edge, all the info is there on line. It seems to me if Ford wants to sell a variety of vehicles, they should have all the info on line as soon as possible, and maybe the vehicles would sell better. Ford cannot survive just by selling the F Series, every vehicle Ford makes should be given equal attention.
  3. ckalburg

    14 connect who owns one?

    I got my 2014 Transit Connect LWB wagon in late March, I had ordered it way back in July. It was built right before Christmas, got to the US in February and was stuck in customs for 6 weeks. Finally got it and I love it. It has a great ride and handling, plenty of room, easy to get in & out of. We already took it on one trip and it was great for our trip. I saw one article from Consumers Reports saying these vehicles have wind noise but I have not heard any wind noise on mine, it is very quiet inside. It was worth the wait.
  4. ckalburg

    2014 Transit Connect Wagon

    I ordered a new Transit Connect wagon on July 5, 2013. I knew they would not be built for awhile, they first estimated production would being in late September, but did not think it would take this long. At first it showed a build date of 11/6/2013 on Ford ETIS but no window sticker available. Then it showed a revised build date of 12/23/2013 and a window sticker finally showed up on-line which was my vehicle. I was told by Ford that this vehicle was shipped out of Spain on Jan. 21, 2014 and off-loaded in Jacksonville, FL around Feb. 5th. Now they say it's on hold, it could be related to customs. How long is it going to take to get these vehicles to the dealers? Most people do not want to wait 8 months to get a new vehicle. Does anyone know what the hold up is at the ports?
  5. ckalburg

    2014 Transit Connect Wagon

    I ordered a 2014 Transit Connect wagon on July 5 and still have no idea when it will be built. I knew production would not start until Sept. 30. My dealer tried to get a VIN or build date but could not get either. I call Ford marketing and was first told it would be delivered around Nov. 1 then two weeks later it would not be built until early 2014. My dealer called Ford and talked to them and was told again no build until 2014. I called Ford consumer affairs and again told my order would not be built until early 2014. I asked if I had a early order why such a long wait and they told me I got my order in too late and I should see if my dealer could trade for one of their vehicles. I looked up dealers all over the country and no one has a 2014's and will not be getting any until next year. I just wish Ford would be honest about what the holdup is or know what they are talking about.