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  1. zgxtreme

    Police suv cockpit

    I wouldn’t call the Charger great unless you have the slight build of a tweaker. I’m 6’1”/200 and with my duty belt on I feel sandwiched between the door and equipment console. Every day I regret giving up my ‘06 Interceptor for this car in ‘14.
  2. Id give up my issued Charger for a Klondike Bar. I shouldve kept my 06 Crown Vic until they physically took the keys from me. Ive pled with our purchasing guy to look at Ford but the Maintenance Director formerly worked at Dodge Corporate in the Performance area so we know theres zero chance of a change regardless of how bad these cars suck.
  3. Key timing as agencies who have used primarily the Interceptor Sedans are in deep discussions as to what direction the fleets are going to go. Stay sedan and go Charger (which they will regret, hate mine) or jump to a utility with Ford (whom they are familiar with), Chevy (who will bankrupt the fleet budget) or Dodge (to keep the city mechanics occupied). We have a former Dodge Exec Running our city garage and making our purchasing decisions with his expert input so weve been stuck with Chargers for many, many years. With this news... our officer who is the designated fleet guy will be hearing my not so subtle whispers, suggestions, and pleas to get one of these to test.
  4. zgxtreme

    Offical 2019 Ranger thread

    Sadly I had to work that weekend and could not make it down. A coworker snapped the pics for me and only remarked that is Colorado sized, maybe a tad smaller in his opinion. Truck was locked but could still get close.
  5. zgxtreme

    Offical 2019 Ranger thread

    Made an appearance at the OKC Auto Show this weekend.
  6. Would love to see this Photoshopped from orange to Shadow Black as I am a fan.
  7. Hello and thanks for the forum. I'm currently in Oklahoma and in the process of returning to Ford. As a teenager I had to early 90's model Explorers. Proceeded to the Xterra and now in a Hummer H3 Alpha which I'm looking to get rid of. Looking to get the wife a '14 Escape Titanium then eventually a '14 F-150 for myself. My current Ford is an '06 Police Interceptor which I'm clinging to as long as I can. They've been trying to issue me a '13/'14 Charger but so far I've been able to avoid it! Look forward to absorbing the information this site holds.