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  1. I still like the idea of a Cartier Continental (or, better yet, a sharp two-door coupe). I thought the mid-1970s Continental Mark IV cars in the Cartier designer series were really sharp.
  2. I always thought the Cartier editions of the Continental Mark series cars were really sharp. I’d take a real look at one if they were offered at the same time I was in the market for a new Lincoln. (No time soon for me, I just bought a ‘19 MKZ 10 days ago. 😀)
  3. I use Sirius frequently for sports play-by-play of non-local teams’ games, or to listen to audio of some television programming or to the BBC for an international perspective on the world, or, if my wife is in the car, to tune in 50s on 5 or 60s on 6 (her favorites). And I agree with CKNSLS that satellite radio is very welcome when driving in the western US and away from major metropolitan areas with their dozens of FM or AM stations.
  4. Looks really sharp. Congratulations.
  5. So...just out of curiosity, how long do the manufacturing plants close for the holidays? One week (as in the week of 12/24/2018) or two or more weeks? Is the number of weeks of closure the same across all Ford/Lincoln plants in North America (that is, including Canada and Mexico as well as the U.S.)? Thanks.
  6. I do realize that and I thank you for your input, but there’s just enough “Type A” personality in me to cause me to worry about these things even though, as you point out quite correctly, it will be built when it’s built regardless of what I hope for. 😀
  7. In looking at the “Build Weeks” for Ford/Lincoln vehicles, unless I’ve just overlooked something, it seems there is a 4-week gap in build weeks. That is, I saw a build week for the 2019 MKZ of the week of 12/17/2018 (that seems to be the last one in 2018) and the next one I remember seeing was 1/14/2019 (that seems to be the first one in 2019). Are the factories really shut down for 4 weeks during the Christmas and New Year holiday time, or did I miss a Production Week Scheduling list? Also, if the factory really is shut down that long and the factory’s workers resume production during the week of 1/14/2019 after 4 weeks off, and given that it is possible the MKZ I ordered could be included in that 1/14/2019 production week, should I be worried about the build quality of my vehicle? Should I hope my MKZ will be built in a later week in 2019, after the workers have had a few days to get “back in the groove” of building Zs? Or am I worried about nothing?
  8. Ah. Of course, that makes sense. Didn’t think of that possibility. Thank you.
  9. Just out of curiosity, I wonder in which month’s numbers the MKZ that I ordered is included. I met with my salesman, signed some paperwork, handed over a deposit check, and (in my view) placed an order for a 2019 MKZ-H with my dealer on Wednesday, 17 October 2018. I was told my dealership places its orders with Lincoln on Tuesdays, thus I expected the order for my Z to be put into the dealer order system the following Tuesday, which would be 23 October. However, due to some issue/screwup at the dealer that was not fully explained to me (and, I admit, I did not ask for a detailed explanation because I was driving when my salesman called me to give me this news and because the issue was “water under the bridge” at that point), the order was not placed by the dealer until mid-November, 4 weeks after I expected. So...even though I think I placed the order in October (that is when I signed the customer order form and handed them a check as a deposit), is it likely that my MKZ is reflected in the month of November numbers because that is the month that Lincoln got the order?
  10. That’s terrific news, and I am more than happy to serve as a good luck charm for you if I can. 😀 Congratulations!
  11. Gurgeh, I hope yours does come in soon--maybe in time to be in your driveway by Christmas! Good luck, and thanks for the input!
  12. Thank you, ice-capades (and thanks to you, too, bbf2530). Just to be sure I understand: Presuming that the order for my 2019 MKZ-H was, indeed, placed by my dealer in Tulsa last Tuesday (20 Nov), its estimated production time period likely would be determined this week (as indicated in the "PRODUCTION WEEK SCHEDULING INFORMATION FOR THE WEEK OF 11/26/2018" info that ice-capades provided), meaning actual manufacture is likely to occur in mid- to late-January 2019, as indicated by this: "2019 LINCOLN MKZ Scheduling for Build Weeks 01/14/2019 & 01/21/2019"? Do I have that right?
  13. bbf, I traded text messages with my Lincoln dealer salesman last Friday afternoon and he confirmed that the order for my ‘19 Zh was submitted last week. He had told me earlier that they submit orders on Tuesdays, so I presume that means the order for my car was submitted on Tuesday, 20 November. [That is 4 weeks later than I thought it had been ordered (on 23 October) but, oh well, what can you do?] I presume the info from ice-capades’ Production Week posting this morning means the very earliest my Z would be produced would be mid- to late-January (and almost certainly later even than that time frame). Out of curiosity, is Tuesday the standard day for all Lincoln dealers nationwide to submit their orders, or is it just a matter of the order day for my particular dealer being on Tuesdays?
  14. Yes, akirby, that is what I would like to see, but I also realize the likelihood of that happening is between slim and none—and much, much more likely to be “none.” Nevertheless, what bbf wrote leads me to ask (anyone): Just what does prompt a manufacturer to decide that, for Year X, customers can order cars/trucks/SUVs/etc. with an options package of items A, B, and C but, for Year Y, the options package comes with items A, D, and E but no B and no C? That is, other than to implement an options simplification strategy (such as making a wide range of items that previously were separate options now standard, as was done with the MKZ for the 2019 model year), which I do understand, what other reasons prompt a manufacturer to (seemingly) randomly change options packages from one year to the next when the underlying vehicle itself did not fundamentally change or get redesigned?
  15. Well, thank you for that encouragement, bbf, but I'll cop to an ulterior motive. If the change would be in a way that I would like/prefer, I would like to see another order guide for the 2019 MKZh like this: I would happily--happily--give Lincoln more of my $$ if Lincoln would de-couple the 20-speaker Revel stereo system and premium LED headlights from the sliding panoramic roof. That is, I would be happy to ask the dealer to modify my order (that, I found out last Friday, did not get submitted in October due to some glitch that I don't fully understand, and now my MKZh is almost certain not to be built until January) to add the 20-speaker Revel and even the LED lights, despite the increase in price, provided I did not have to accept the panoramic roof, too, as part of the deal. (I realize some people like their panoramic roof. Great. I'm happy for them. But it's not for me.) I realize it's probably a hopeless wish but, in this situation, I wouldn't mind seeing a new MKZ order guide (if it's changed the way I want, of course). Oh well, I can dream, can't i? Nevertheless, thank you for your encouragement, bbf.
  16. I noticed there were 4 order guides put out by Ford/Lincoln for the vehicle of interest to me (2019 MKZ), and that the earliest (at least the earliest I saw) was dated 7 June 2018, with later ones issued on (I think) 1 July 2018, 1 August 2018, and 1 September 2018. Question: Is it likely that Ford/Lincoln is "done" with issuing order guides for 2019 model year vehicles now, and that the last-issued order guide for the 2019 MKZ is presumably the order guide for the rest of the 2019 MKZ model year production run? Or is it possible that F/L may decide at some point during the 2019 'Z production run to change something and then issue a new order guide that would affect the 2019 production from that point forward? I'm new to this and don't have your years of experience with these sorts of things so whatever insight you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.
  17. 1984Poke

    2019 Ford Mustang GT

    I’m pretty sure ETA in this context means “estimated time time of arrival.
  18. ice-capades, would that break in production apply to the Hermosillo plant in Mexico 🇲🇽, too? (As far as that goes, would that break apply to production in Canada 🇨🇦, as well?) I’ll admit to being more interested in the question about production in Hermosillo than Ontario, given that I’ve placed an order for an MKZh that would be built there, but now I’m curious about production breaks: Would a Thanksgiving break occur across all North American Ford plants, or only the Ford plants in the US of A? Also, does the same sort of thing happen at Christmas? Sorry for the questions but I’ve come to really respect your in-depth knowledge on these topics and really appreciate the time you put in to educating those of us who don’t work in the industry but have an interest in it. Thank you.
  19. That’s the only rationale that makes sense to me but I’m not an industry insider so maybe there’s some other explanation for the move-up of the production date.
  20. Speaking (well, writing) as a Lincoln fan and amateur musician (piano, violin, trombone, and vocal singer), I think this is really cool. I listened to the chimes on my cell phone this morning and the files took seemingly forever to download but it was worth it. I just ordered a 2019 MKZh Reserve II (in Rhapsody Blue) so I'm not in the market for the new Aviator (and it's more vehicle than my wife and I need, now) but if circumstances were different, i would definitely be looking at an Aviator. In fact, I was strongly considering buying a new Aviator when I was in the market for a new vehicle 16 years ago (in 2002), but the local Ford dealer and I came to terms on a 2002 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer, and I got that instead of the Aviator.
  21. Ok, I thank you for checking, ice-capades.
  22. Any updates to the Lincoln order guides?