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  1. ice-capades, would that break in production apply to the Hermosillo plant in Mexico 🇲🇽, too? (As far as that goes, would that break apply to production in Canada 🇨🇦, as well?) I’ll admit to being more interested in the question about production in Hermosillo than Ontario, given that I’ve placed an order for an MKZh that would be built there, but now I’m curious about production breaks: Would a Thanksgiving break occur across all North American Ford plants, or only the Ford plants in the US of A? Also, does the same sort of thing happen at Christmas? Sorry for the questions but I’ve come to really respect your in-depth knowledge on these topics and really appreciate the time you put in to educating those of us who don’t work in the industry but have an interest in it. Thank you.
  2. That’s the only rationale that makes sense to me but I’m not an industry insider so maybe there’s some other explanation for the move-up of the production date.
  3. Speaking (well, writing) as a Lincoln fan and amateur musician (piano, violin, trombone, and vocal singer), I think this is really cool. I listened to the chimes on my cell phone this morning and the files took seemingly forever to download but it was worth it. I just ordered a 2019 MKZh Reserve II (in Rhapsody Blue) so I'm not in the market for the new Aviator (and it's more vehicle than my wife and I need, now) but if circumstances were different, i would definitely be looking at an Aviator. In fact, I was strongly considering buying a new Aviator when I was in the market for a new vehicle 16 years ago (in 2002), but the local Ford dealer and I came to terms on a 2002 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer, and I got that instead of the Aviator.
  4. Ok, I thank you for checking, ice-capades.
  5. Any updates to the Lincoln order guides?
  6. Chevrolet would absolutely have a field day if production of the iconic Ford Mustang moved outside the U.S. it would be a PR disaster for Ford and a gift to Chevy, which would press hard on the not made in the USA storyline fuzzymoomoo is right.
  7. Are you referring only to the old Ranger? Or are you saying the new (revived) Ranger also will not have those features (moonroof, heated steering wheel, etc.)?
  8. 1984Poke

    When an Ordered Vehicle Arrives at Dealer

    I think the new Nautilus looks great and I'm sure it will be even better in Black Label. I briefly considered ordering one but it's more vehicle than my wife and I need, but it looks really good. Congrats, Gurgeh.
  9. 1984Poke

    When an Ordered Vehicle Arrives at Dealer

    This is superb information and very helpful. I had not thought of some of these things (request they not toss the factory Build Sheet, check the tire pressures, etc.) so my sincere thanks to all of you. The vehicle I ordered (2019 MKZ-H Reserve II) isn't expected for many more weeks (more like a couple months) so I have time to read through the owners manual (as bbf suggested) and I think Ill start now on a checklist of things to do prior to and at pickup. Again, my thanks to all.
  10. 1984Poke

    When an Ordered Vehicle Arrives at Dealer

    Thanks to all. One more question if you dont mind, please: After taking possession of the car when it arrives, I will have about an 80 mile drive to get home, most of which will be on a turnpike with a 75 mph limit. Should I vary the speed? That is, should I avoid long periods of driving this new car at a steady, high speed? If so, for how many days or miles should I stay with that protocol? I dont think Ive heard much about a break in period for new cars these days but I do know that used to be a thing. Advice?
  11. 1984Poke

    When an Ordered Vehicle Arrives at Dealer

    Thanks, akirby. Whats the deal with over-inflating the tires for shipping? What, exactly, is that supposed to do/what issue does that take care of?
  12. Just out of curiosity, once a vehicle that was ordered by a customer rolls off the delivery truck at the dealership, what happens next? That is, what kinds of tasks/services would the dealer's staff perform after it arrives to get it ready for the customer? I realize, of course, that someone will contact the customer to let him or her know the car has arrived and to make arrangements for pickup and finalize the paperwork and take care of the $$ issues--that part I've been through. At the moment, I'm curious to learn what steps/tasks the dealer staff does to or with the car itself prior to the customer taking delivery? And, typically how long does such a thing take? Also, would the process be notably different if the vehicle was just going into dealer stock, as opposed to having been ordered by a customer? The last time I special ordered a car (actually, the only time I had done so until this month), in spring 2013, my recollection is I was notified by the dealer in mid-morning that my car had arrived on one day and I made arrangements to go there and pick it up the afternoon of the following day. This time, I placed my order with a different Lincoln dealership in a different city, although I don't know if that would make any difference. I'm curious to learn what tasks and steps take place at the dealer once the vehicle rolls off the truck to get it ready to hand over to the customer who ordered it. Thanks in advance.
  13. OK, so while it is at least possible that my Z would be included in the next production week's scheduling and scheduled for building the week of 17 December, (a) there is just no way to know that now and (b) that's not especially likely, correct? Thanks to both of you, by the way.
  14. ice-capades, I hope you can provide some insight on this topic: Typically, how long does it take after a Lincoln dealer submits an order for a customer-ordered vehicle for that vehicle to show up in that vehicles production week scheduling? I placed an order for an MKZ a week ago last Wednesday (the 17th) but the dealer with which I placed the order submits its orders to Lincoln on Tuesdays, so presumably my order was submitted by the dealer on Tuesday, the 23rd. Is it likely that my order would be included in the production week scheduling for MKZs as listed here, such that I can expect my Z to be produced the week of the 17th of December? Or do things happen that fast? Thank you in advance.