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  1. 92LX302

    New 2018 F150

    Hi everyone, Recently traded my 2015 Lariat for a 2018 Lariat. I just wanted to say thank you for the great work putting it together. I can see an upgrade in the fit and finish vs. my early production 2015. While the Race Red/Lariat SE is not a look for everyone, I've received tons of compliments on it so far. It's definitely flashier than my 2015. The 5.0/10spd is also a big upgrade vs the old 5.0/6spd. I can't complain about a 12.4 L/100 km fuel economy average so far with 35" tires.
  2. The new 2.3 in a SVO Fox would be sweet, bolted to a 6 speed and a Terminator IRS rear end.
  3. 92LX302

    Just watched a commecial

    Make sense. Is it the only engine option?
  4. 92LX302

    Just watched a commecial

    Funny you say that. I drove by a local plumbing business recently and they had 3 NV in their company colors but with the decals removed parked in front of their office with 'FOR SALE' decals in the windshields. They had brand new Transit further in the lot. I wonder why they traded them all so soon.
  5. The inside door panels are different from the F150. Which is kinda obvious as they don't have the dip in the windows.
  6. 92LX302

    2018 Honda Odyssey Debuts

    My coworker's Highlander has a similar feature. Sometime, I wish I had it in my Crew Cab.
  7. This will probably replace my 15 Lariat in the next few years. Nice update !
  8. 92LX302

    Caprice and SS gone after this year

    Yep. That's why we have a Taurus Interceptor with a foot high halogen light bar.
  9. 92LX302

    2018 Ford Mustang

    Awww I want a Race Red GT/PP so badddd. Anyone wants an 87 LX ?
  10. 92LX302

    CHP picks Dodge....

    Pursuit rated is not a concern here, they're used as utility vehicles. We currently have one 2012 2WD Tahoe that was sent to us because one of our car was totalled during the Crown Vic/Taurus switch over. That thing is useless.
  11. 92LX302

    CHP picks Dodge....

    Same here at our detachment. However our force stopped buying Chargers due to reliability issue (we mostly patrol rural Canadian region across the country - lots of our cars mileage comes from gravel road). Everytime FCA updates their Charger, we end up buying a handful to test them. It always ends up the same way: deceiving and universaly hated. The Taurus awesome pretty awesome and the AWD system is great in the winter. The legroom in the driver position sucks. Our province (NS) division does not buy PUI but the neighbouring one (NB) recently received a large order of them. One of our Tahoe (ATV/snowmobile/boat towing vehicle) is due for replacement and we were advised that GM Canada is not taking fleet order on them for a while. I wonder what we'll receive. I don't think a PUI would have the desired towing capacity.
  12. The 6R80 in my '13 Mustang felt the same. A good performance tune made it a completely different animal, with firmer shifting at WOT and smoother, more precise operation a low speed (cruising around town, parking lot, etc). My 2015 F150 transmission feels more precise stock for stock than the Mustang.
  13. 2018 Expedition by Maxime Sonier, sur Flickr I saw this going around Instagram this morning. I like the rear treatment on this one, kinda looks like the Explorer.