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  1. Not sure if I would go as far as those other honorable mentions cannot compete.The Aviator is more expensive then a loaded XC90 hybrid and about par with a loaded Range Rover Sport hybrid. The Aviator may have more power but those other brands have more cache. At this price range people can also be looking at the Porsche Cayenne hybrid. The entry level Aviator is priced aggressively - the Black Label not so much with a $40k spread. Suspect the costs difference to Ford is no more then $20k -so they are asking for a significant premium.
  2. Perhaps, but part of the problem was the manpower used to ramp up production of the model 3. Clearly they were using a lot of overtime and inefficiency in ramping up. If they can get the man-hours down to build a car they should be able to make a profit at lower sales costs.
  3. Haven't seen the latest figures but California is already knocking on the door of 10% of new cars sold being either BEV or PHEV's. I expect in 10 years it will be substantially more.
  4. The hp in your 94 Bronco with the V8 was @200 with 300lb torque 0-60 in 11.1 seconds, 14 mpg combined EPA. The new Lincoln Aviator has a V6 with hybrid technology will have 450 hp +, 600lb torque, should do 0-60 in less then half the time your V8 Bronco AND get double the gas mileage. Give me a flux capacitor engine operated by a molecular D size battery that never needs refueling and I won't care about the number or lack of cylinders.
  5. msm859

    2020 Ford Explorer

    So when can we expect official pricing on the Explorer and Aviator?
  6. msm859

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    That's a good timeline. Pretty much follows the Aviator. First shown in April 2018 as a "concept" (13 months before production). Official showing November 2018 (6 months before production). Agreed though would be nice if start of production was even sooner.
  7. Why would you/anyone be opposed to any technology that gives you better gas mileage and reduces your carbon footprint? What would be wrong with a future Super Duty that has the same power but increased range because of some "hybrid junk". What is wrong with capturing the energy lost when braking? What if start-stop was seamless? I understand concerns about range, temperature, power etc., but simple objection to any "electric stuff" makes no sense.
  8. True, not everyone lives in California - but over 10% of the country does and they are the trendsetter. My comment had to do with who I would look to if wondering about "trends". Agreed that BEV's are not a viable option for everyone - yet. However, I think PHEV's are a viable stepping stone to full BEV's especially as they come in more configurations - i.e. Lincoln Aviator. If Ford does this right with 30+ miles all electric - that can in fact probably cover most driving. I think "range anxiety" is overblown. I suspect 90% of the population rarely drives over 500 miles in a single day for personal use.
  9. Not sure I would reference Iowa for the trend of the country. Californians already buys more EV's then total car sales in Iowa. EV's are coming and it is too late to close the stable door.
  10. msm859

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Yes, we have been down this road before and will hopefully have an answer soon. However, for reference the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid has a total 455 hp and 516lb torque vs the Aviator 450+ hp and 600lb torque. The Porsche has an ICE with 335 hp and 332lb torque combined with an electric motor with 134hp and 295lb torque. I am not asking for a beast in EV mode - just enough hp to actually be able to operate in EV mode. I just don't see how that is possible with an electric motor under even 134 hp.
  11. msm859

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Well I would hope not. I really want know what the hp is of the electric motor in the Aviator. Unless it is @150 hp I do not know how it will be able to realistically drive in electric only mode.
  12. msm859

    Reuters: Cadillac moving to electric

    Except the Chevy Volt was actually a very capable car. If they would have taken that drive train and put is in a CUV body it could have been a killer product (assuming they made it right).
  13. msm859

    2020 Ford Explorer

    The Platinum has far more then simply shiny wheels. It has the top motor and basically every option + some. The interior is full leather - dash/door panels (on our 2017). Seats massage, cool and heat etc. Problem for me is I don't see a quantum leap to go from our 2017 to this - don't care for the 4Runner taillights or the vertical touchscreen. However, the Aviator GT.............might be a different story.
  14. I think you are living 50 years in the past. Modern cars tell you when then need their oil changed. Spark plugs last 100k miles. Trans fluid last 150k miles. I suspect what you are proposing would add little if any life to the engine and the costs would far exceed any additional value.
  15. msm859

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Production Schedule

    Does that mean the build and price tool or the order guide do not have to come out on 01/16/2019 - the Order Bank Open Date?