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  1. So the real question is will it have a GT version?
  2. Yes. Which is unfortunate that Tesla seems to be amateur hour right now, because "Tesla" the car maker has been perhaps as revolutionary to the auto industry as Nikola Tesla was to electricity.
  3. Well I am seriously looking at it - for my wife. She is interested because of the looks - especially the interior. My interest lies in the GT aka PHEV
  4. msm859

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    Thanks. Tough call between the Reserve II in black or Black Label in Flight Theme.
  5. The XT6 might start off slightly more but it will be interesting to see the price spread. The Aviator can get up there - I suspect higher then the XT6
  6. msm859

    New or slightly used Expedition?

    Well I am going to buck the trend here and say it is a no brainer - 4th generation. You said she kept her last Expedition for 20 years. The 3rd generation came out in 2007 - over 10 years ago. Assuming she is going to keep this "new" one again for 20 years or so she should get the latest generation which will have dramatic improvements. If she can find a used one great although even new when amortized over 20 years will not be bad.
  7. Volvo is going to limit all of their cars to 112 mph. Not sure if I could buy a car with that feature.
  8. I hope that is the correct answer. I would prefer to have the 3.0 from the Explorer with 365 hp and have an electric motor something north of 150 hp (200+ preferred) I want a decent experience driving in all electric mode.
  9. Already fixed. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3439873-tesla-works-customs-issue-china-reuters?dr=1#email_link
  10. msm859

    7 months of corvettes sitting on lots

    I agree it is a problem being a "Chevrolet" because too often people who can buy them have also bought other cars from luxury dealers were they get treated "better". And I have heard the jokes about the "mid life crisis car". I guess I have been in my "mid life crisis" for 18 years now. However, I think they are changing that with the style. My first C5 was bought in 2001, then had a C6 in 2005 and 2008. Now have my 2014 C7. This one by far has garnered the most attention and comments - many from a younger crowd. Best bang for the buck out there. Am looking forward to the C8.
  11. msm859

    7 months of corvettes sitting on lots

    February has never been a big month for Corvette sales - a winter thing. Plus last time they were on a verge of a generation change -2013 they only sold 980 in February and 17,291 for the year. In 2014 sales doubled for the year to 34,839. Most Corvette buyers are waiting for the C8.
  12. Good catch. Is that the regular AWD? If so, that sounds promising for the electric side. Maybe 20kWh battery. Need an honest 50km range + decent size electric motor.
  13. I thought Job1 for the Aviator was May 6, 2019. Does this mean they are not going to start building until May 27 (28) 2019?
  14. msm859

    7 months of corvettes sitting on lots

    Ouch! Although I am okay if they borrow the looks from a Ferrari as long as they have the performance to back it up and the right price point. As to sales, Corvettes have always been cyclical. Strong when a new generation comes out, good the next year or two when they bring the high performance models out, and then tapers out until the next generation.
  15. And I have never had an issue. Although in the last 20 years I have bought 4 Corvettes and 5 F350 crew cabs and a convertible Cobra Mustang. So once you have owned 1 no need to keep checking them out. In 2013 my wife did test drive a bunch of SUV's - BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lincoln and Lexus before she said she liked the Explorer best. So I bought that sight unseen and only asked her if she wanted the Limited or the Sport. Then with the 2017 Platinum there was no reason to drive or look and her next car will probably be the new Aviator and I will want to look at that only for the interior difference between the Black Label and the Reserve II, but will have no need to drive - only interested in the electric range on the GT.