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  1. Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could ask for some people's input regarding how you decided on the length of your Navigator. I currently drive a minivan (Chrysler Pacifica) and am missing the luxury features and 4wd I was accustomed to previously. My in-laws are moving here soon and I would imagine we will be taking 2-4 trips (fairly lengthy) per year with all 6 of us in the car (we have two young kids - ages 3 and 1). I prefer the looks of the standard Navigator length-wise, but I am wondering if we will regret not going with the extended L length in the long run. I did not find it (the L) to be that cumbersome to drive while on a test drive, but my bias is to have something shorter as we likely won't need the cargo space most of the time. If we were to get the 2nd row bench we could put 3 persons in that row on a trip and leave the smaller seat up in the 3rd row for the 6th person while leaving the other side folded for extra cargo. What do you guys think? Some of these trips could be quite long, so 6 persons and their luggage could take up quite a bit of space (especially with kids and all their stuff and strollers, etc.). I suppose I could do a cargo box or something for the few occasions we can't fit it all, but I kinda hate thinking of having stuff in the heat or cold plus it always seems like people want into their bags or the like for something while on a trip. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have! If I stick w/Reserve I will probably go Black w/either Cappuccino or Slate Gray interior ... if I go Black Label I will do Tri-Coat White w/Alpine (Chalet) interior.