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  1. NLPRacing

    Full size Bronco mule?

    It doesn't appear to have a leaf spring rear suspension. Never mind, I see it. What I don't see is an exhaust.
  2. Part of me loves the "sleeper" look of my Fusion Sport, I have surprised a lot of people with it. But, a sportier "ST" styled Fusion would have been nice too.
  3. I love my Fusion Sport and I will try to hold on to it as long as I can. It's too bad that it never got the full ST treatment.
  4. NLPRacing

    Don’t buy a Ford

    I'm not sure how the Ford dealer network is in Alabama, but in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it kind of sucks. Most of the Ford dealers are owned by AutoNation or by other large dealership groups and they pretty much all suck when it comes to service. I don't buy anything but Fords, but if I were to base what I buy based on my dealership experience, I would never buy a Ford. I've had to deal with other dealerships (Chevy, Kia, Mini, etc.) and they were all easier to deal with than any DFW Ford dealer. I did purchase my son't Mustang at a Ford dealer in Wichita Falls and that whole experience could not have been better, but it was privately owned, and you could tell.
  5. NLPRacing

    Mobil 1 oil rebate

    Thanks for the info!
  6. A friend of mine had a 95 Probe GT, it was a fun car to drive. But now, every time I hear about the probe, I think of this episode of The Office... https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/9e1a07e0-c256-4543-b232-58a89f7e57ab#SyHrXGgmTN.copy
  7. NLPRacing

    bought a new car yesterday

    Congrats on the new car. I have a 2017 Fusion Sport for a company car and I love it. I'm going to try to keep it as long as I can.
  8. NLPRacing

    NEW 2021 F150

    It appears the driver's side rear shock mounts behind the axle whereas the current shock mounts in front of the axle.
  9. NLPRacing

    New here Hello from north Texas

    Welcome! I live in North Texas as well!
  10. Maybe Ford will build a city delivery van on the Rivian chassis and sell them to Amazon?
  11. I think what they are learning in their AV programs will trickle down into features. I just want adaptive cruise control that will let me take mu hands off the wheel, change lanes when I put on the blinker and come to stop at red lights & stop signs. If that evolves into a fully AV, then even better.
  12. For packaging on an EV, an IRS makes most sense. But, I would like to see IRS be standard on RWD and AWD models and the SRA be standard on 4x4's.
  13. NLPRacing

    GT500 powered Raptor

    How about they put it in the Raptor and a new Lightning. A Lightning with the GT500 engine, 10 speed auto & AWD would be a beast!
  14. NLPRacing

    New light & medium duty news

    Makes you think that the E-Series cabs and 650/750 cabs may merge at some point into an all new cab that would work for both.
  15. NLPRacing

    2020 Transit info

    What did you use the cubby for? My comment about the rear AC controls was about the E-Series dash, which is cutaway only. But then someone said it's used in ambulances & buses, so that makes sense.