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  1. I think what they are learning in their AV programs will trickle down into features. I just want adaptive cruise control that will let me take mu hands off the wheel, change lanes when I put on the blinker and come to stop at red lights & stop signs. If that evolves into a fully AV, then even better.
  2. For packaging on an EV, an IRS makes most sense. But, I would like to see IRS be standard on RWD and AWD models and the SRA be standard on 4x4's.
  3. NLPRacing

    GT500 powered Raptor

    How about they put it in the Raptor and a new Lightning. A Lightning with the GT500 engine, 10 speed auto & AWD would be a beast!
  4. NLPRacing

    New light & medium duty news

    Makes you think that the E-Series cabs and 650/750 cabs may merge at some point into an all new cab that would work for both.
  5. NLPRacing

    2020 Transit info

    What did you use the cubby for? My comment about the rear AC controls was about the E-Series dash, which is cutaway only. But then someone said it's used in ambulances & buses, so that makes sense.
  6. NLPRacing

    2020 Transit info

    I've rented a couple of Transits lately including one that I put over 500 miles on. I didn't use this cubby nor was it in my way, and I'm pretty big guy. I see controls for a rear AC, which is weird for a cutaway. I also see buttons that indicates adaptive cruise control. That would be a nice option for a Class C motorhome.
  7. NLPRacing

    2020 Transit info

    If this is correct (AWD, 10 speed auto, power sliding doors, etc.), that's pretty exciting. Hopefully it will get a higher trim level similar to the old "Chateau" in the E-Series with captains chairs, leather, etc.
  8. NLPRacing

    F150 Electric Spied

    Maybe it's easier to get EV's to market quicker because they don't have to certify emissions?
  9. My 96 F150 was my favorite truck that I ever owned.
  10. NLPRacing

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Probably not. There’s usually a “dog house” with a removable cover. It’s easier than when it’s in a pickup.
  11. NLPRacing

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    With as quiet as the PSD is, it wouldn’t even have to be a pusher.
  12. A "city" van could be electric, which would make sense if VW is taking the lead on it. Maybe we'll see a Ford version of this to replace the TC.
  13. Let's save the 7.3L big block for the Ford Racing Cobra Jet version.
  14. NLPRacing

    2020 Ford Explorer

    It probably costs the same to make the 2.7 and 3.0 which is probably why the 2.7 is not offered. I wouldn't be surprised to see the 3.0EB replace the 3.5EB and the 2.3EB replace the 2.7EB in the F150. Of course they'll keep the 3.5EB HO for the Raptor, Limited, etc.
  15. NLPRacing

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I am willing to bet you a pint of your favorite beer that the 2.3EB in a RWD Explorer will have similar performance numbers to the 3.5EB in the current AWD Explorer Sport. Look at the performance of the 2.3EB in the 2018 Mustangs, it's amazing.