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  1. here is what I like... Bronco (ranger based 4-door Bronco) Bronco Sport (ranger based 2-door Bronco) Bronco Scout (escape based Bronco) Bronco Sport Trac (Bronco Pickup)
  2. zipzoomflyfast

    Rumor Mill: Lincoln Getting Rivian-Based EV

    CUV for sure...I wish a Lincoln Truck, but that is just wishful thinking.
  3. zipzoomflyfast

    Ordered 2020 Corsair

    Congrats!!!! The Corsiar is going to push Lincoln up the sales charts hopfully....
  4. zipzoomflyfast

    2020 feature and paint colors

    Any idea what the "cool stuff" being added for 2020 might be? Sunroof? 60/40 flat folding rear seat? Power sliding rear window? Damped Tailgate? LED Bed Lighting?