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  1. Decker

    Let the BS Begin

    Voting Machines, thank G-d we don`t have voting buckets that get walked up and down the line.
  2. Decker

    Let the BS Begin

    Saber Rattling? Nope haven`t fell for that or the scare tactic`s that the VP brought to the membership the last 3 contracts when I and members from CAP voted down the contracts. Seeing releases like this by an IUAW VP and the releases that the company is doing the investments at Flat Rock and at other facilities will bring to mind that history will repeat itself. We will likely see and hear of products for all, addiction treatment for all and all will be so overwhelmed that all will vote for more tiers and less benefits and of course be thankful for even having a job. I`m all for a signing bonus and part of next years profit sharing all rolled into a "yes" vote. (just being a smart ass Fuzzy)
  3. Decker

    Let the BS Begin

    Opioid Addiction To Be On UAW’s Agenda For Auto Contract Negotiations “Our family, friends and co-workers injured on the job or in athletics or even a household accident find themselves in the grip of opioid addiction” — Rory Gamble, UAW Vice President Really.... Opioid Addiction? Rory, your concern for family, friends and co-works is touching. But what about the addiction the IUAW has helped pump in the companies veins? You know Rory, that high that the CEO`s get every time they snort some of that cheap labor they get from their suppliers? Or that rush the CEO`s get when their suppliers delivered the no benefits, no retirement and no way to ever earn full pay.... meth.... that their suppliers cooked up. Who knows maybe Rory and the new IUAW negotiators can get something in the talks that resemble equal work for equal pay or heath care insurance equal for all members?
  4. Decker

    Where Is The IUAW?

    "Any Politician" - I heard that Fuzzy
  5. Decker


    The advertisements like everywhere are bought on popular venues, that's what helps keep the lights on so people are able to read your posts. 9, they just want to park close to someone so inquisitive about such interesting subjects.....
  6. A pension benefits buy out would be just fine with me. Being able to control my investment in the pension plan would suit me just fine.
  7. Decker

    sub pay W-2

    Hmmmm Following all the announcements made in the last few days by Ford about that Billion Dollar`s, there was a confirmation by the Illinois Department of Employment Security "Ford Employee`s" will not have to claim their profit sharing checks as income during their week of unemployment certification, the second week in March. What a difference a Billion Dollar's makes
  8. Decker

    Where Is The IUAW?

    Any IUAW Billboard's in Michigan about our Give`um More Plant closings? Much less a super bowel commercial.....
  9. Decker

    Where Is The IUAW?

    #SaveOshawaGM Unifor Canada This Union is fighting. Do we? This union is communicating their message to the masses. Do we? This Union uses their dues to broadcast their message to the USA during our Super Bowel. Do we? While Dennis and those other IUAW Rep`s sit in their cabins in the woods of our Black Lake using our boats, our golf course or sit in Vegas for over a month at a conference on our dues, do they really think their methods are what the union was put in place for? The sheep dogs do not. When will the membership of the UAW stop being sheep? Please take a minute to watch "Flight against Corporate Greed" then ask yourselves what did we give? What will we be asked to give this September?
  10. Decker

    sub pay W-2

    Combining income on your W2 can always make for surprises. But the second week in March will have a little surprise for CAP`ers that start the retooling the first week. It will start with the reoccurring question of but... but but, I earned that profit sharing check in 2018 why can`t I sign up for unemployment and SUB for the second week of March??? (the state asks "during the certification week did you "earn" or "receive earnings" income?") Once again the company gets a pass during retooling, Ahhhh details details.... But the first week will be 100% SUB but.... any guesses when that check will drop in our account?
  11. Here at CAP our bus tours go out almost weekly.... Our resident activist puts his fliers out for everything under the sun.... We pay a few hundred thousand dollars to region 4 for renovations to Dennis`s former play palace.... We send millions on a lake front house on the golf course for whoever.... But 70,000 labors don`t make for a popcorn fart in the media or our rah rah cheerleader can`t take some of the members dues and book a bus tour for him and his entourage of button wearing activists? But... then again where`s the buses to DC now that American laborers are working without a check? Solidarity yeah right Wait Wait ain`t the financial conference happening soon? Maybe there might be something mentioned at happy hour
  12. Decker

    NOO MOE Sedans

    ...... ok I want a Flat Rock built A7 "cooopaaa" can`t remember the last 2 door Ford, T Bird? Lincoln Mark Something? other than the Mustang...
  13. Decker

    NOO MOE Sedans

    Volkswagen AG and Ford Motor Company Launch Global Alliance Hmmm Flat Rock could bring out the old Auto Alliance signs? I`ll take a Flat Rock built Turbo Diesel Beetle
  14. Thanks again, Fuzzy. I`ll stop going to the DT Lots and looking in the F150 glove boxes
  15. That has happened before and could have happened again Fuzzy, help an old long hair out. Even with clarity, I still think our Costly Executive Officer is wacky 😎