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  1. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Hannall it Fatso!!! Showum how it be done!!!!
  2. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    https://www.labornotes.org/2019/06/why-uaw-lost-again-chattanooga Definitely a different view of the results than our IUAW want to talk about.
  3. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    So I`m not charged in Federal Court...…. that info was taken from a full article on a union site. I forgot the "quotes". Yep Fuzzy the timing, the effort and the real intent of the UAW is being looked at as the loss of another wimpy attempt at representing laborers. Lets see, you get pulled up to a regional position or know a friend or have family members in a royal position and..... bam your an organizer. You get paid too? You get paid to produce loss after loss with any accountability? Expense accounts, travel money, food allotment and of course all the hotels paid for. Then there`s the six figures cut off the dues cake every year. To do what? As for trying to show non members the benefits of becoming a member, how could someone try to sell the union ideology when all these organizer's know is get paid to produce these results. Over and Over. You think the Ford side of the table is watching these results? We will l be happy... we get what we have currently....15 Sept.
  4. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    IUAW has again dropped the ball.... A LOSING RECORD The UAW’s continued losses in the South are not a reflection on the workers who live there. Those losses are the result of highly sophisticated and intense anti-union campaigns by employers, business groups, and politicians. They are also the result of the unsophisticated, shallow organizing approach of the UAW. Even if the union had won the election, its weak and conflict-averse organizing approach raises serious questions about whether it could have won a first contract—or a good one. The UAW should be approaching a union drive like this as the fight of its life. It shouldn’t leave anything to chance. It should fight with the same courage and tenacity as the workers who are organizing. As the indictments in the Chrysler corruption scandal have revealed, company executives encouraged union leaders to secretly funnel money from the jointly run training center into their own pockets. According to the Department of Justice, the company’s goal was to keep union leaders “fat, dumb and happy.” The UAW’s long-term commitment to “labor-management partnership” is the parent of not only the festering corruption scandal, but also the union’s toothless and ineffective organizing. Both need to be washed away. Unfortunately, none of that is likely to happen in the absence of a rank-and-file reform movement to transform the union from the bottom up. Just another reason it`s so quite here in the middle of June in a contract year.... I wonder how much was paid to our "groomed" organizers for another loss.
  5. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Strike... not in our life time Fatso. The silence is more of a result of the last shopping spree, pay off or shhh money that the last contract had and now involving the FBI attention, I think. I heard, they said and someone told me its all ready done... we be getting next years profit sharing check in the second week of Sept. as a signing bone us. IUAW has inked a deal with BIG JIMMY "Settles Everything" to make the tour of the Ford locals that voted down the last two contracts, in his Hollywood style he will be taking questions for three shows a day, two on Sundays. Balloons, Champaign and dancing persons (<--- politically correct) will be contracted from IUAW Chrysler Division to support Big Jimmy`s headliner act and cooperate view point of (drum roll please)....... "!!!!You all should just be thankful you even jobs!!!!"
  6. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Every available spot on the south and east side is leased for storage. We have them in Indiana at the air port and casino. Got them sitting at the old parts distribution properties around the country. Teamsters are just a smiling. The decision makers wanted to use our rail yards but with all the F series units going through Chicago that was a no go.
  7. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Thanks for your enlightening views and putting everything in prospective ididnt. Once again you are so right with your statement ididnt, Ford PR would definitely like a change of boxers but, Ford Accounting just sits back and smiles when looking at the bottom line here at CAP. Really union rep`s acting like gang bangers at the hall...and partying? I gotta take the old scooter down to the hall and check that out maybe there's some biker trash partying too. Take a few deep breathes ididnt you will be safe just don`t go by that bad end of town
  8. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Lets not forget, until they rebuild Atlanta.... Chicago is the only place these HOT SELLING 625`s are born. Sorry ididnt dealer stock and all those exports (yep exports you know the units that was said we won`t be building) alone will keep us a workin till ummm 15 September then the C crew stops, 611 goes to KTP and CAP goes to one shift till 31 December when I get to turn the last light off.
  9. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Believe that guy on the line that is still scared CAP is closing or is saying the 611 has 15 weeks or it`s going to KTP or they are shipping units to FRAP or said C crew won`t come back from retooling... etc....etc...etc. 625 has "OK" to ship. RoBo calls went out last night "all three crews" are on mandatory "10.7" schedule starting 14 June. Yeppers... ididnt the C crew too. Super Saturday's & Super Sunday`s bee`s commin. Oh what about the two weeks vacation down time the first of July??? Canceled - period Bring the blanky and a pillow we be livin here for a while. (before c crew ends )
  10. Decker

    Retirement LIB

    I think you are correct Dark. It maybe the contract before but not after 2003. Every year we went without an increase in our base rates that was the untold savings for the company in more ways than one. Those years without increases not only saved the company on current wages but way down the road a savings in reduced or stagnant benefits paid to retiree`s. Then "we" helped the company pay the company's shortages of the contractual agreement on that amount the company pays into the investments for the retirement funds. If you are going to use investment money for everything other than its intended fund, what better way to show the fund is being caught up or balanced then to reduce the company`s payouts of the funds benefits and then all but brag the company is catching up the shortage with this payment and that payment. Just like everything else the company reduces benefits to do what? This contract trickery was text book accounting for balancing an obligation with the recipient's helping balance the books. Ahhh reduced cost for the company and good PR. In the mean time someone that took the last incentive to retire did so with no where near a balanced benefit. Same monthly LIB as someone receives 15 years ago annnnd no cost of retires medical benefits to the company. Then out of that same LIB retirees got 15 years ago the retirees get to pay those ever increasing VEBA co pays and no adjustments to the ever increasing cost to live. Sure a good thing the IUAW has accountants on our side of the table. Don`t they? I`m with you Dark, no LIB increase this contract.
  11. Decker

    OAC News

    Ok.... it doesn't take much to get an old long hair confused but, 2014 was the last post before today? Then your picking out chairs? for your executive office? get a promotion? If you are and the promotion was handed down in the Ford kingdom it better be Steelcase because our no driver needed, get rid of my Focus... CEO likes to turn up tables and chairs to check for labels.
  12. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    I hear you Fuzzy, everything looks good staring into a computer monitor. Then there is the "oh shit their doing it like we told them" moments when the shop is loaded to the gills with rework....
  13. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Ididntdoit you are just a little uninformed. Slightly short on your process knowledge. During any launching of a unit there are stages and you my fellow member are in the last stages and will see 5 hour days, line rates (JPH) varying widely and units parked every fricken where. Are there repairs, equipment adjustments absolutely. Yep, you will help build those perfectly new units that some lucky bass turds get to run into a brick wall. As for the problems known to Dearborn, welp... I could tell you some really funny recollections of the VOME`s standing next to equipment with their mouths wide open when a piece of equipment started up for the first time out on the floor and the ever popular statement rolls off their tong's "it didn`t do that in CAD or at the ABB facility" You don`t have to believe it and you won`t.... but this ain`t nuttin new ididnt. Oh and when you are expressing "we" can`t support "3" crew`s with only two products" that gives away the knowledge level of the process. Two units with 6 or 8 different models. To many we produce a Ford and a Lincoln but unknown to you we produce models that differ in content. These model`s and content are truly what we build. Just ask any MP&L member about the content nightmares.... ididnt you will be just fine. On any given day I`m out on the floor other than when I`m doing paperwork while on the porcelain thrown. So if you happen to see a rather old long hair in those silly ass paint coveralls just say yeah Decker what the hell is this silly shit? I will give you what I am aware of and I know you might not believe it again, buuut I don`t hand out sheet shit.
  14. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    I`m still pissed about the ending of the Focus. But the 258 was here, gone, back and gone soooo maybe??? Hey Fuzzy see what you can do.
  15. Decker

    It`s Gettin Close

    Fuzzy one of our members at CAP is showing his the union shit on me side...…(believe me I`ve had that treatment) and the I`m going to post old news on the web side to get some silly reactions. Ididntdoit look around we aren't barely out of MP2 and we are building "export" units that, those like you said we weren`t going to do. We are scheduled to start exports shipping to the port as soon as Ok to Shit is announced. (Monday) The 611 is going to yep, (and members like you said wasn`t going to happen) China and Russia. I heard members like you tell members that China or South America is where 611 would be built. Hey ididntdoit do you have a clue of the profit margin on a 80K 611 when it rolls off the boat in China or the Middle East or for that matter Russia? At last count there 62 designations out there in the world that the fruits of your labor will end up. Now lets talk 625. Oh shit the exhaust!!!! leaks... the exhaust leaks!!!!!! (problem solved last model year) this like the airing of a commercial by the second or third place truck seller`s about OH MY GOODNESS Ford is selling an aluminum truck!!!! The bed gets dents!!!! Dam if our 625 orders never lost a percentage point in sales during the stinkfest and those dam F150 and F250`s went up 3.8 percent the day after Chevy`s attempt to BS loyal truck buyers. Then let me draw you a picture ididnt, the 625 is now being built with every gearhead Copper in mind. So many ponies under the hood there will be sticky shit on the dash. And get this ididnt… Shhhh rear wheel drive, those crazy Portage Coppers will need rear tires every thousand miles chasing all those knuckheads from Dunkin Donuts. Then I think you should go sit in a 625 ST, seriously just sit in one. The dam thing is a sound studio with its B&O and an animal under the hood. I will most likely get the talkin too tomorrow but, ididnt you aint seen nuttin yet, cause what is coming will put the 625 right up there with the best selling truck (forever best selling that is) yep our 625 will be doin the dirt dance with the best of the off roaders. Do a little readin on the FX4 badge when you get a chance. PSSSST...CPD like the other big cities want that 625 Hybrid bad. One last thing, I completely agree with you when it come to us being our own competition. Hell we got all the sizes covered with Lincoln badges and Ford badges but with sales numbers like we got and finally giving the Lincoln`s real names and identities in their own sheet metal. Who is worried about competition? Other than the gloom and doomers? Grab you a Starbucks or two on your way in on your next RDO or Super Saturday or Sunday it will keep you awake so you can bitch about working all the "forced overtime". (Yes The Supers Bee`s Cummin 😎)