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  1. Hey.... you`re letting those sheepy tendencies sneak out Cecil. One of the most ironic Washington syndromes is the complete stupidity of being against something, anything that would be best for the working people and people in general just because "your" party didn`t introduce it or release it to the press first. You ever notice how the truth or common sense about an issue or any cause is lost in all the naa sayers bullshit? Really Cecil this goes for both demo`s and repubo`s. 8 years of repubo`s, then 8 years of demo`s, then 4 years of repubo`s, then 8 years of demo`s now at least four years of instagramo, texto and twitterboy.... get the picture Cecil? The campaign trial is the most bullshit laden trail in all time, but it is entertaining to sheeppies. Somewhere way back when a "politician" stated the USA needed a revolution every so many year just to keep the government (politicians) in step with? We the Peep`s. I`m not sure any revolution will ever take place in Washington but, I am sure of one thing, whatever this thing we call our representation organization has become definitely needs a revolution....bad. If you haven`t noticed Cec, I completely support (in a calm manner) that you can still see and believe that the demo`s will save you and make things all better. I believe it`s your constitutional right to sip the cool aid.
  2. Decker

    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    4th Gear: Former UAW, FCA Officials Get Prison for Collective Bargaining Scheme Unions! We love them. And not only because Jalopnik is a union shop (Hello, WGA-E). But the UAW might be the worst of them, a (too?) mature organization that found itself engulfed in scandal earlier this year after a Fiat Chrysler executive admitted to $1.5 million in payments to union officials to influence collective bargaining negotiations. The investigation eventually ensnared a variety of other officials, two of whom were sentenced to prison on Wednesday after they were found guilty of federal charges. From the Detroit Free Press: U.S. District Court Judge Paul Borman sentenced Michael Brown, formerly of FCA, and ex-union official Keith Mickens each to one year and one day in prison, ordered $10,000 fines and a year of supervised release after their prison time. A key former FCA official, controller Jerome Durden, was sentenced later Wednesday morning to 15 months. He will have three years of supervised release and must pay restitution of more than $8,800 to the Internal Revenue Service. All three will delay reporting to prison for six months so they can continue cooperating with prosecutors. Mickens was the first former UAW leader sentenced in the case. The illegal payments stemmed from what Mickens said was a “culture of corruption.” Mickens, a 65-year-old Cass Tech High School graduate, admitted in court filings to “making over” invoices and using a training center credit card to buy $7,200 in personal items. Prosecutors have called Mickens Holiefield’s “right-hand man.” They say he “personally approved more than $700,000 in illegal payments from FCA to [former UAW Vice President General Holiefield] and Holiefield’s wife, codefendant Monica Morgan.” Borman said in court that Mickens “was a guardian of the UAW’s position. ... He violated his obligations to the UAW and FCA.” Said Mickens, “I done wrong and broke the law, and I’m deeply ashamed of my actions.” He said he had no one to blame but himself. The UAW might be too big and too old to save itself, and the organization so far has whiffed on unionizing any autoworkers outside of the Big Three. What is the UAW for? And who? 6 months to cooperate with prosecutors? Hmm I wonder if Dennis`s name will come up?
  3. Decker

    History Channel/F150 Weekend

    Go Ford!!!! (Dodge Power Wagon is the best )
  4. Yep, they spend money on some of the silliest shit. Sold the last of the shares last week that I bought when we were junky status before. Made enough to buy an old abandoned Gary. Some Hackett thinking going on....
  5. History will repeat itself. Because of Corporate greed and Union corruption want it. In the 90's when Ford bought up auto parts suppliers, computer companies, Volvo, Land Rover, Aston Martin and credit card balance sheets. They forgot Ford`s basis units that made them the money. Then the downturn came, they were forced to close plants and layoff people. Is Ford in a position for the next downturn...? (No I don`t have a crystal ball that see`s the next down turn, just wondering out loud) Ford buys run down buildings, train station, bike company, technology for driverless units, building complete electric units and spending cash on building $100 grand units? No more Mom & Pop transportation, no more collage kid transportation, no more first car from Mom and entry level units that roll off the line costing more that two years earnings of an entry level employees wages. Henry would be so proud. Then today this.... Let’s Go for a Spin: Ford Buys Scooter Company to Provide Customers a First-Last Mile Solution History Does Repeat Itself ----Nasser - Hackett----
  6. Nope Fuzzy, I was referencing master agreements. Master Agreement....? really? now that's a goofy way to put it. I used to read agreements. But not anymore cause its easier to say "I dunno to the sheepies" questions about silly sheep concerns.
  7. Calm Down Cec..... Everyone knows where the training comes from on the local level corruption in our union, hell the international prides themselves on that. As far as the corporate level corruption, come on Cecil the fed`s and corporate bunk buddies have been passing that employee/tax payer back and forth for years. I`ve been working at it and for it for years, I never missed a vote, I`ve listen too and read about all those smiling faces that can`t tell the truth and spend millions of dollars just to work for "We the Peep`s" till I finally understand. It is all a snow job, there ain`t no change, won`t be no change till the sheeeepies start thinking and we all know that ain`t happennin.... The only thing that has any consistency is the easiest thing a politician or union rep has to do on their agenda is feed sheepies bullshit. Those crazy sheepies gobble it up every time it is served. With a smile. Oh, I haven`t ever voted for a bullshit contract. Spend many hours reading bullshit contracts but never voted for one. Spent some time listening to those that told me I should be thankful but, still never voted for a bullshit contract. Voting down the last two or three here at CAP has worked out pretty good.
  8. Decker

    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    CAP is a messss
  9. Decker

    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    When it all gets out in the open, the sheep will forget all of it in a matter of minute's. The number of members at just CAP is very large that have no idea all this is even going on. But it takes some work to look beyond the bullshit to find out what`s truly going on. Sheeppies only work at rumors....
  10. Decker

    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    Yep Fuzzy some will look at the cover and judge it as a commie rag... I don`t find that to be a good manner in which to see all sides of any situation. Nope I, like you think for myself. I read more than the title, head lines and more than the first sentence. Being high seniority, old, like so many we have watched the table set for some unbelievable agreed on situations within our contracts. Watched the intimidation from both sides and seen the less strong members break down right out on the floor, then to be ridiculed by the same representatives they voted for. It may not be to understandable to some but this has played out before. Sheep just don`t get it..... it goes beyond lazy. Being put through this type of sell out and contracts still keep getting past because of what??? I`m scared, I`m thankful to have a job or I like watching members treated as slaves? Many are thinking about the next crisis but you will have to go beyond the typical news stories to find anything on it but most people who watch and study labor will admit the next bubble that is going to pop will be the labor market. The incentive or incentives to work in our hell are gone. People are making the same rate of pay with better benefits at Walmart. CAP is hiring non stop from the street because? No One wants to transfer here. The numbers of one or two day employee`s is so high that LRO has put on extra people to deal with the turn over. Then even the CEO is off in some fairy tale land... Thanks for passing the article on Fuzzy
  11. Decker

    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    Why or what would make a person think they should be treated as being above everyone else in an organization that states the organization is built on equality and solidarity? They negotiate the division in our organization with selling out members that receive half what other members are paid, no pension benefits and less health care benefits in every contract for the last 12 to 16 years. But united we stand to fight for their fringe benefits, health care benefits, pension benefits, bonuses, salaries and now their cabins in the woods.... our dues? not really, juice money. Just be thankful you can pay their salaries, benefits, pensions and put them up in their own little love shacks. If only those cabins at Black Lake could talk... wonder if any of the Mrs. have ever been to Black Lake?
  12. Decker

    Vested pension withdrawal

    If you were to check out that agreement a little closer you`ll find out that, you could reapply for employment with Ford if there was openings in your field that you acquired the education buy out for. If you did become an active statist employee you could apply your years of service but, 14 years and 55 years of age would not let you draw anything. Then if you were rehired as a salaried employee I'm not sure your hourly years of service would be stacked up in the same basket for pension credits as a salaried employee. If you are not active, sorry to tell you but... you`ll have to make it to at least 62 and some months to apply for benefits from the pension fund, if you sign up for social security. But if you figure out a way, there`s a lot of former employee`s that would like to know.
  13. Decker

    Kanye West knows how to Save Ford

    I think the group of goofy shit talkers is getting much larger and they got the deep thinkers all doped up and the sheep just can`t stop believing all this stupid shit cause..... it makes for all those great rumor starting one liners. They said, I heard Kanye, Hacket and the Donald was talking with Henry Ford yesterday and they will be closing CAP cause Flat Rock is getting the Explorer, there rebuilding in ST. Louis so they can build Budweiser Ford Trucks that are driverless , CAP people will follow their product to Michigan and the new Wrigley Field will be built at 128th and Torrence Ave.... I say kick that deep thinkin McConaughey out the Navigator and put the Man West in there. Let Kanye start talkin while drivin down the road in a Navigator and BAMM we gotts Lincoln sales!!!
  14. Decker

    Kanye West knows how to Save Ford

    Fuzzy, have you read some of these "Hacket Huddle" things? This guy is so out of touch.... its like he thinks he`s Ward Cleaver and we all are the Beaver and Wally and he has to teach us all a lesson by telling everyone about one of his life experiences. I heard, they said - Hacket wants at least one of the financial officials to dress up like June Cleaver for every meeting…..
  15. Decker

    30 years of dedication finally pays off

    I got a itty bitty little tie tac pin that I had to ask for.... from my union after paying 40 years of dues... the pin said "25 years" they were out of all the others.