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  1. I can't access the Ford Performance site. It asks me to sign up.....even though I'm already signed in and able to access the other sites!
  2. bobbyd

    Daytona Twin 150's

    Awesome move with the help of Blaney! Brad's penalty was a disappointment. I was hoping for an interview with Kyle Busch after his "contact" with Johnson! Associated Press: "Tell him I don't want to hear it. Tell him to use his eyeballs. That's twice in two races he's done the same thing," Busch said, using expletives to note that Johnson also caused a 16-car accident Sunday.
  3. I wonder what everyone thinks about Johnson winning the clash that only 3 cars survived the damage! According to Johnson, he said: "I'm not sure what caused Menard's car to WOBBLE...... " I have a good idea who caused the wreck...along with Darrel Waltrip.....however, I noticed Jeffrey Gordon (Rick's adopted son) repeating that Menard clearly came down which collected the Johnson and created the crash! .
  4. bobbyd

    NASCAR Awards

    Ooops! It's Thursday November 29th!!!! My apologies!!!
  5. bobbyd

    NASCAR Awards

    FYI....don't forget to watch the NASCAR Awards on Thursday evening (Nov 30th).
  6. bobbyd

    Congratulations to Ford and Joey

    I'm just reflecting on a persistent issue about Martin Truex that bothers me somewhat. I watched the replay of the Homestead race and the pre race interviews with the various drivers. When they interviewed Truex, he clearly stated the #22 was his target. This was weeks after his childish threats when Joey out-raced him to the finish at Martinsville and his infamous thumbs down and bellowing he's going to make sure Logano doesn't win the championship! Adding to all his negative attacks, I noticed during the actual race when there were about 60 laps remaining.....Joey and Truex were racing almost evenly on the backstretch, when Truex suddenly moves up and into Joey's left rear quarter panel (a common Kyle Busch tactic). Joey came on the radio telling his guys he was hit and to check for serious damage. At that point they replayed the hit ,which obviously appeared as deliberate and even Dale Jr commented by saying he "didn't understand" that move! Okay....the season is over and us Ford guys are happy. I'm still pondering why did Truex carry such animosity against Joey......claiming he's the target.....he will make sure Joey doesn't win.....the late hit on the back stretch.....and finally refusing to congratulate Joey after the race! It must be deeply personal....since the Martinsville race still left him with plenty of points to make the finals. I hope he moves on from this! It's not healthy! Sorry, I'm just reflecting....
  7. bobbyd

    Congratulations to Ford and Joey

    Here is a 195 second recap!!! https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/motorsports/logano-spoils-big-three-party-to-win-nascar-title/ar-BBPR0jO?ocid=AMZN
  8. bobbyd

    Harvick penalty

    Dude, you did get the prediction correct about Busch "hits the wall!" Unfortunately , it was during Saturday practice!
  9. bobbyd

    Harvick penalty

    More bad news...Denny Hamlin gave Kyle Busch the #1 Pit to help gain advantage in the race!!! I'd put my hopes on Logano as a potential to replace Harvick 's struggling team...but Joey/Penske isn't anywhere near as strong as those 2 Toyotas!!! Its going to take either an accident or engine failure to stop them!! Bummer!
  10. bobbyd

    Harvick penalty

    The Harvick team appears to have a big challenge for Sunday's race....especially after the Toyota finalists are running up front, strong and happy. Harvick could use his crew chief, as well as a better performing car this Sunday ! The odds look like another Toyota Championship...! I hope I'm wrong!
  11. bobbyd

    Harvick penalty

    I understand inspections, but after reading how ONE inspector visually spotted the unusual spoiler after a whole gaggle of others missed it , made me share this comment from one of race fan blogs.... "Hmmm...let me see if I've got this straight. "It was offset to the right. ...let's say between 200 and 300 thousandths." (Of an inch, I assume?) "...there was something that one of the inspectors saw that kind of made them a little bit suspicious." Really? You're telling us an inspector just happened to spot something that was 200 to 300 THOUSANDTHS OF AN INCH out of place, and that's why you decided to inspect it further? If you've got tech inspectors with that kind of eyesight, why the hell are you wasting money on lasers?"
  12. bobbyd

    Harvick penalty

    I wonder if they only checked the winner for this spoiler issue? He passed post inspection....but they apparently did intense inspections after that, which I wonder if that was a standard after this race or due to the impact on winning a final spot for the championship?
  13. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/florida-highway-patrol-cruiser-hits-142-mph-in-pursuit-catches-on-fire
  14. The hero was the officer's partner! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/11/graphic-video-lapd-releases-video-officer-being-shot-at-point-blank-range-during-traffic-stop.html
  15. "Get him Shep!". Another criminal is captured by Shep! https://conservativedailypost.com/k9-shep-takes-down-suspected-car-thief/