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  1. Congratulations to the #22 Team! It was nice to see Ford win the 100th race! Sad to see Truex continue to whine and complain when he loses, especially to Joey! I think he suffers from the Martinsville Syndrome!
  2. bobbyd

    2020 Lincoln MKZ Order Guide

    Thanks for the info!
  3. bobbyd

    2020 Lincoln MKZ Order Guide

    Are Daytime LED running lights now standard on all MKZ models for 2020? I noticed the term "configurable DTRL " as standard !
  4. Stars Christian Bale and Matt Damon.....debuts in November! https://www.foxnews.com/auto/ford-wont-see-ford-v-ferrari
  5. I assume the 2020 Corsair replaces the MKC this year. Wow, the MKC had decent lease programs. Bummer!
  6. bobbyd

    Fusion Trans Recall

    I heard there is a Fusion recall for vehicles from 2013-2016 with the transmission. It covers about 250,000 Fusions! Is it a computer issue of more intensive. We have a 2013 Fusion with well over 130,000 miles and still going strong!
  7. bobbyd

    Die Cast Model 2019 Rangers

    Here is a recent item for consideration.... https://www.diecastcompany.nl/article/mai31521
  8. bobbyd

    Cmax Oil Change

    I have Michelin tires and agree with everything you said about the wear. However, I clearly noticed the edges of the tires wearing while at 38 PSI for the past 9,000 miles (including a tire rotation). Now, at the higher PSI I will assume I can wear the center of the tire more than the edges which might extend its over life ,since its more of a balanced wear. ( I've definitely increased my MPG with the increased PSI. The Cmax is a heavy vehicle...and I love her!)
  9. bobbyd

    Cmax Oil Change

    After reading your advice I inflated my CMax tire pressure from 38 PSI to 45 PSI. The ride and gas mileage is noticeably better. Thanks for the tip!
  10. FYI....It's at night and he's calling out the speed! https://www.foxnews.com/auto/speeder-arrested-after-posting-youtube-livestream-as-he-drives-over-185-mph
  11. bobbyd

    Die Cast Model 2019 Rangers

    FYI...just talked to Kindra in sales and she will keep an eye on its availability. She said check back in a couple weeks and should have more information on the timing. I like the 1/24th scale....nice size!
  12. bobbyd

    Die Cast Model 2019 Rangers

    I'm not sure on the timing, but I found this information that might be helpful.you https://www.3000toys.com/mobi/detail.aspx?sku=MAISTO31521R
  13. bobbyd

    Brad Was Dominant/But What About Bud

    To confirm my concerns with what happened to Brad at Martinsville.....please read this article.... https://jalopnik.com/someone-chucked-a-drink-at-daniel-suarez-after-nascar-r-1833545374
  14. bobbyd

    Do F150 Tailgates Have Locks

    Great to hear that....and I assume that's not an option package!
  15. I recall a few years ago when there were a series of F150 tailgate thefts in my neighborhood ! I was wondering if it is still easy to steal F150 tailgates or did Ford resolve the problem?