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  1. bobbyd

    Die Cast Model 2019 Rangers

    Here is a recent item for consideration.... https://www.diecastcompany.nl/article/mai31521
  2. bobbyd

    Cmax Oil Change

    I have Michelin tires and agree with everything you said about the wear. However, I clearly noticed the edges of the tires wearing while at 38 PSI for the past 9,000 miles (including a tire rotation). Now, at the higher PSI I will assume I can wear the center of the tire more than the edges which might extend its over life ,since its more of a balanced wear. ( I've definitely increased my MPG with the increased PSI. The Cmax is a heavy vehicle...and I love her!)
  3. bobbyd

    Cmax Oil Change

    After reading your advice I inflated my CMax tire pressure from 38 PSI to 45 PSI. The ride and gas mileage is noticeably better. Thanks for the tip!
  4. FYI....It's at night and he's calling out the speed! https://www.foxnews.com/auto/speeder-arrested-after-posting-youtube-livestream-as-he-drives-over-185-mph
  5. bobbyd

    Die Cast Model 2019 Rangers

    FYI...just talked to Kindra in sales and she will keep an eye on its availability. She said check back in a couple weeks and should have more information on the timing. I like the 1/24th scale....nice size!
  6. bobbyd

    Die Cast Model 2019 Rangers

    I'm not sure on the timing, but I found this information that might be helpful.you https://www.3000toys.com/mobi/detail.aspx?sku=MAISTO31521R
  7. bobbyd

    Brad Was Dominant/But What About Bud

    To confirm my concerns with what happened to Brad at Martinsville.....please read this article.... https://jalopnik.com/someone-chucked-a-drink-at-daniel-suarez-after-nascar-r-1833545374
  8. bobbyd

    Do F150 Tailgates Have Locks

    Great to hear that....and I assume that's not an option package!
  9. I recall a few years ago when there were a series of F150 tailgate thefts in my neighborhood ! I was wondering if it is still easy to steal F150 tailgates or did Ford resolve the problem?
  10. bobbyd

    Brad Was Dominant/But What About Bud

    I watched NASCAR Hub last night and they replayed the incident. It was thrown and bounced 3-4 ft off the pavement. The Blueish can rolled back and Brad turned around and drove over it with his left front tire while fluid/foam came out. Water or beer....it's not right!
  11. After Brad won the race at Martinsville, I noticed a Bud beer can possibly thrown on the track! It reminded me of the idiots that threw cans at Joey Logano after Kenseth crashed him a few years ago. None of the commentators mentioned it when Brad drove over the blue can after the victory! Did anyone notice it? Beer cans on racetracks are dangerous and violent fans should be held responsible!
  12. bobbyd

    Cmax Oil Change

    What do you set your tire pressure at? I'm set by the dealer recommended at 38 PSI!
  13. bobbyd

    Cmax Oil Change

    It's was $50 and didn't include the tire rotation. It's called Quik Lane here in Wisconsin! Just hybrid oil and filter.....any rotation or maintenance check is extra! I'm definitely going to extend the intervals longer than 5000 miles, since I'm not pulling my trailers or anything other than normal driving! It's a great car!!
  14. bobbyd

    Cmax Oil Change

    I've been getting my Cmax Oil changes completed at the dealer and really didn't notice the 'shop 'supplies' charge for $2.10! I was told the breakdown of charges were $5.33 for oil filter (FL-910S) ...$25.20 for the 0W20 oil ....labor $15.02....and the $2.10 for 'shop supplies' (towels or rags to wipe the installers hands! I never heard of that one before! I also noticed how I've been changing my oil every 4000-5000 miles. I decided to read more about the required interval on changing Cmax Hybrid oil. Surprised to discover I can have my oil changed every 7500-10000 miles under normal driving conditions!
  15. https://www.foxnews.com/us/arkansas-police-officer-fires-at-least-15-times-into-car-while-on-hood-in-deadly-shooting-caught-on-video