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  1. What a beautiful coupe! Hopefully the coupe is pillar-less like the pre-1973 Lincoln Continental models and the rear passenger windows are fully operational.
  2. hfauntroy3rd

    2017 Presidential Limo

    Thanks for the link to the NYT article. I hope Ford won the contract!
  3. hfauntroy3rd

    2017 Presidential Limo

    I prefer the styling of the Lincoln Continental Presidential limousines from the 1960's as well, and I agree with about the need for the "all-new style" of the successor to the MKS, or a brand new Lincoln Continental! I liked President Nixon's 1969 Lincoln Continental because it reminded me of my dad's 1969 Lincoln Continental sedan. I believe with Ford's class-leading innovation in truck platforms, Lincoln Motor Company should be able to build an excellent new generation of limousines for the President of the USA. I saw the inauguration of President George Herbert Walker Bush on youtube and his new 1989 Lincoln Town Car Presidential limousine looked pretty good. I hope Ford was awarded the job to produce the new limousine for the 45th President of the USA!
  4. hfauntroy3rd

    2017 Presidential Limo

    Does anyone know who got the job to produce the 2017 United States of America Presidential limousine? It would be appropriate for it to be the new 2017 Lincoln Continental sitting (for the safety of the new President) on the platform of the technologically advanced new Ford trucks with aluminum bodies and the upcoming 9/10 speed automatic transmissions. It's definitely about time for the Lincoln Motor Company to regain the title as the principal carrier of the President of the United States of America.