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  1. Is the order guide out? Thought maybe with the F-150 and others coming out on the day the order bank opened they would get the Navigator and Expedition out today.
  2. Flying68

    Exhaust Noise/Air Filter Change

    I stopped doing my oil changes years ago. I even had a conversation with a young coworker about his Lexus is350. We did the math and figured out that the dealer was basically charging only $10 for labor (if that) because the retail cost of buying the oil and filter was nearly as much as the dealer's price. I still change my air and cabin filters and I will do my own shocks, struts, and other easily accessible things, but if it involves fluids or getting under the vehicle, off to the dealer it goes.
  3. Flying68

    Aviator GT Order

    I haven't seen any (Explorers or Aviators) show up in Kansas either and it is not that far from Chicago.
  4. Flying68

    2000 Mile Road Trip In A Tesla Model 3

    Tesla went proprietary and Nobody else in the industry is willing to pay a licensing fee to use a proprietary connector. If they would have applied to make it an SAE standard free to use then maybe it would have been adopted, but they didn't and everyone is using one of the standard connectors. Standards are key to interoperability and widespread acceptance.
  5. Think of this like you would a Shelby Mustang (GT500KR or Super Snake) or a Roush or a Hennessy. Multimatic is an engineering, design, and manufacturer of components and parts. They also do small scale production (GT). Basically they are taking the normal GT that they build on contract for Ford and in a licensing agreement with Ford are adding race specific parts that they have developed and tuning the engine. Ford Performance probably shared the engineering work with Multimatic, but I would bet Multimatic had the majority of the development cost. Multimatic is acting like an upfitter, selling a race car, which happens to not be street legal anyway.
  6. Betting it will be a hybrid power train. Take the current 3.5L TT V6 and add an EM mated with the 7 spd DCT with total system output north of 800 hp and 1000 lb/ft of torque.
  7. Flying68

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    Just to expand on electric power, the EM's are rated torque and rated Hp, but the actual output is controlled by the amount of current you apply to the motor. So when they say the Aviator is 450+/600+ doesn't mean it will have a 50 hp / 200 lbft electric motor. It will probably be something higher than the Euro Explorer which is rated at 99 hp and probably somewhere around 210ish lbft on the torque rating (it wasn't specified in the materials I could find on it).
  8. Flying68

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    Huh?? You do know that many tugs pull airplanes with engines that only have 40 to 50 hp. At a rated 221 lbft, the EM would hit the rated 44hp at about 1000 rpm, the 3.3l will be barely above idle at that point. The electric motor is plenty sufficient to propel the Explorer in electric only mode, the problem will be that you will exhaust the battery fairly quickly.
  9. Flying68

    Canadian build&price is out

    It is the same way in the US. You have to have the GT II package to get dynamic handling (included in GT II, not a standalone option on the GT). You have to have GT I to add the luxury package.
  10. Flying68

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    No, from Ford.com specifications for the Explorer under capacities it has: Fuel capacity XLT / Limited ST / Platinum 17.9 U.S. gal 20.2 U.S. gal I realize this thread is about the Aviator, but the post I was responding too was in response to an Explorer ST. However Lincoln does list the Aviator with a 20.2 gallon tank. The EPA site also lists the 2.3L Explorer with a 19.2 gallon tank. My guess is that the EPA is listing total capacity (fuel lines, etc.) and Ford is listing the capacity from zero on the gauge or the point at which the fuel pump may start to cavitate.
  11. Flying68

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    The difference (curb weight to shipping weight) is probably fuel. A full tank (20.2 gallons) would be 121 lbs. Pretty sure Ford doesn't ship the vehicles with any more than a couple of gallons in the tanks.
  12. Wow, that is pricey. Our 2017 MkC 2.3T AWD fully loaded was in the ~$49k, paid invoice though.
  13. Flying68

    Aviator Demo

    My dealer just sent out an invitation for June 4th, unfortunately I am out of town 😢
  14. Flying68

    Questions for the Aviator

    It is the same basic 3.0L twin turbo design that is available in the Continental and MKZ and will be in the 2020 Explorer ST and Platinum. The only unknown at this point is if it will be 400 hp / 400 ft-lbs (of the Conti/MKZ) or if it will be the 400 hp / 415 ft-lbs (2020 Explorer ST). It will not be the 2020 Explorer Platinum configuration.
  15. Flying68

    Questions for the Aviator

    With regards to the suspension here are the options: Standard: Four-Wheel Independent Suspension Available on Reserve: Adaptive Suspension (requires AWD or 22” Wheel) — Noise Reduction Module — Sound Insulation Pack Optional Package: Dynamic Handling Package • Adaptive Steering • Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview • Air Glide Suspension with Dynamic Lower Entry Like @akirby already said, the adaptive suspension would be electronically controlled shocks. The Dynamic Handling would be the upgrade to the air ride and also adds the road preview. For the drive modes, all of the normal modes will give you some combination of ICE and EM. The normal modes are: Normal, Conserve, Excite, Slippery and Deep Condition. Conserve will be your best fuel economy outside of pure EV with short shift points and less responsive throttle. Normal will be allow more ICE engine rev range, a quicker throttle response and wider shift points. Excite will be quickest throttle response and most aggressive use of the EM's power and torque, shifts points will keep you in the peak power band of the ICE. It will also have the firmest suspension setting. Slippery and Deep Conditions are more about the traction control and suspension settings.