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  1. SoonerLS

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    My Coyote threw a "misfire in first 1,000 revolutions" error that went away and didn't come back. Then again, it had over 102K miles on the clock when that happened, so I guess it's due some coils anyway.
  2. SoonerLS

    The Grand Tour

    Clarkson's buffoonery is one of the best things about the show.
  3. SoonerLS

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    Waze doesn't. When I was in BFE Texas with lousy cell reception late last year, I couldn't change my destination, because she had no clue about anything other than the route she'd calculated when I had coverage.
  4. SoonerLS

    The Grand Tour

    I forgot to mention it, but they also addressed the shrinking market for mid-sized sedans and some of the reasons behind it. It deals more directly with the causes in the UK, but some of the reasons translate to elsewhere.
  5. The point was that level 4 or 5 autonomous operation would be a lot easier in aircraft, which already incorporate a great deal of automation and operate in much more controlled environments, yet it's nowhere close to implementation there--and largely for the reasons you state. Aviation does, I think, have the prototype for the mid-term future of autonomy in cars, though: the autopilot. Basically, the boundary conditions are the hardest part (takeoffs and landings), so humans do that, while the autopilot handles the drudgery of cruising straight and level, following navigational beacons. In cars, that would have people driving the surface streets and the autonomous systems taking over on the highways.
  6. The last episode of this season of The Grand Tour dropped this week, and it was almost entirely about the Ford Cortina and Sierra RS Cosworth in the wake of rumors that Ford would be discontinuing the Mondeo. Lots of fawning over Ford's midsized UK saloons, as well as the Hamster swinging implements of destruction at non-Fords. If you have Amazon Prime, check it out.
  7. With the 2014 redesign of the Sierrado, Ram came very close to overtaking Chebbie, and I think they may even have done it for a month or two that year. Those things were selling like poop sandwiches when GM was trying to sell them without dumping piles of cash on the hood.
  8. Sounds like it had a tight gap. Could you see daylight around it?
  9. I'm surprised I couldn't find it mentioned here, but I just got around to watching The 24hr War, about Ford going to Europe and beating the Europeans at their own game at Le Mans in the '60s. I'm not sure if it's based on AJ Baime's excellent book, Go Like Hell!, but he is in the film, and it covers the same topic, albeit in an abbreviated form. It's cool to see the interviews with the surviving drivers, as well as Henry II's son and grandson (though I think that washed-up old has-been Nader is better suited to being the face on the cutting room floor). If you're a Blue Oval (or just auto racing) fan and haven't seen it, do yourself a favor. I know it's on Amazon Prime. And don't forget to read the even-better book Go Like Hell! while you're at it.
  10. SoonerLS

    GT500 powered Raptor

    Every last one that they build. In terms of the F150, not a lot, but that's still quite a few. I don't know current production numbers, but for the 12th Gen, the 6.2 was about 5% of production, and that was across all F-150 variants, so I'd guess they were selling no more than 20K or so per year.
  11. SoonerLS

    GT500 powered Raptor

    Eh, those mills are going into limited-production versions of limited-production vehicles, so they'll probably be OK on the supply side. They're doing OK with the current GT EB35HO.
  12. Yeah, but neither Mach E nor Maverick are horse-related. I mean other than the possibility that you'd ride a horse to go round up mavericks... ETA: OMG, this new editor that came with the site upgrade is truly awful.
  13. Thank you, horrendously awful, terrible editor. Ugh. It's almost as bad as the search on vBulletin forums...
  14. It might look similar, but they didn't use the same cab at all in '09. It was completely redesigned to meet the new Federal rollover standards. That's the reason the windows disappeared from the B-pillars on the regular cab trucks.
  15. SoonerLS

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I don't know about the newer vehicles, but it cost me just over $200 to add the Ford Remote Start to my F-150. And most of that cost was the two "integrated keyhead transmitters" with the engine start button. (I already had the adapter and laptop to connect Forscan to the truck to enable it.) Everything you need is already built into the vehicle--on the newer Fords, the only difference between a key start and a pushbutton start is having to stick the key in the slot; the computer does the actual starting. The Remote Start Kit from Ford for my truck was literally two keys, an antenna, and some zip ties--and the antenna is only needed to boost the range. The weather wasn't great when I installed mine, so it was about a week before I installed the antenna.