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  1. SoonerLS

    Spring rates

    I don't know what the differences are between the spring rates or shocks, but my folks' '17 Flex rides nicely, IMHO. They have an SEL (IIRC) with 20" wheels, FWIW. Can't say I've ever compared it to my F-150, though.
  2. SoonerLS

    EXACT build date from VIN

    My Lincoln dealer got me an "after warranty adjustment" when the EGR on my LS crapped out. The service advisor said they have a pool of money they can use to cover some repairs for good customers. The fact that this was the second LS I bought from them, combined with the fact that I and my family have been buying Fords from their Ford store since the early '80s, had a lot to do with that.
  3. I remember riding in my grandma's '67 T-Bird Town Landau with its suicide doors, and thinking how cool that car was. I damn near bought a '64 Continental at a junkyard about 20 years ago for $300 (the body was in incredibly good shape), but I had the thought of restoring Grandma's T-Bird, so I passed on it. Turned out that my uncle sold the T-Bird, so I should've bought the Conti...
  4. They probably figured out how to make it not have one DRL out, but it turned out they'd just shifted it to the taillights...
  5. SoonerLS

    2020 Silverado HD

    I saw a new Silverado today. Holy hell, that thing looks even worse in person, so I didn't look closely enough to see if it was an HD or not.
  6. SoonerLS

    Electric 1967 Mustang

    See? He can be taught! Back in the day, I remember the early Mustangs being categorized about like you mentioned. Of course, "back in the day," you just had the early Mustangs, the Mustang II, and a few years of the Fox bodies, so the separation of the early Mustangs made more sense. I think the current breakdown of the generations has more to do with the 50+ years of Mustang history than with anything else; when you have the early Mustangs, Mustang II, Fox bodies, SN95, SN197, SN550, and upcoming CD6, it doesn't make sense to separate out the early Mustangs.
  7. I'm sure it's the best they can do under the current FMVSS, but suicide doors just ain't the same with a B-pillar... Still and all, it's pretty cool that they're bringing them back.
  8. SoonerLS

    Part number assistance

    FYI, I'm pretty sure FordTechMakuloco has covered the 6R80 lead frame replacement on his YouTube channel, and he usually puts the part numbers (and sometimes even links to buy them) in the description under the video. ETA: When my brother was doing the timing set on the F-150 he bought, we used the FordTechMakuloco videos a lot, and one of them had all of the parts numbers for all of the parts and tools, right down to the cam lock and the Melling oil pump. He even included the torque specs and sequence.
  9. It's probably those Flying Nun wings next the the headlights...
  10. SoonerLS

    2020 Silverado HD

    It's actually kind of amazing. Most vehicles usually have one or two angles where they don't look great. The Silverado HD has one or two angles where it doesn't look bad...
  11. The last time Ford tried to sell Lincoln in Europe was when they exported the LS, and it didn't go very well. I don't think Ford or Lincoln are in any hurry to try it again.
  12. SoonerLS

    Ranger sales estimate

    The same thing happened with Hau Thai-Tang after the launch of SN197.
  13. SoonerLS

    Ranger sales estimate

    Ford didn't really do that with the '80s Mustang. They switched from carbs to EFI, and they took a gamble on a fairly major styling jump in '87 (which made C&D's Top 10 list that year). Not to mention the turbo 4-banger Mustang SVO that could actually go around corners.