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  1. I think we need to do something to help our retirees. After all, they are the ones that fought to get us what we have today. We have been ignoring them over for years, and that's just not right. I also believe that our newer members have gotten a pretty raw deal, with not having retirement or medical when they retire. I know that's not going to change, but I feel that it should. We should never have accepted two tier wages and benefits. Unfortunately, at some point in the future, that decision may come back to bite all of us in the hind end.
  2. trailfndr

    Livonia Trans

    182, if you don't like the fact that senority is protected by the National Contract...fight to change it...By the way...Good Luck with that...cause its NEVER gonna happen. I have been to 5 plants. Welcome to the UAW. Stuff happens, Deal with it, or QUIT! You tried that same old tired line of bullshit 2 years ago before I came to Livonia...You lied to people then, and you telling the same lies today. Get over yourself. In the overall scheme of things, you are NOBODY! And as for your Question about welcoming people...I HAVE done it...3 times in my career when people came from other plants with more seniority than I had. I welcomed them as UAW Brothers and Sisters, Knowing that one day, I would have seniority because of the struggles of those that came before me.
  3. trailfndr

    Livonia Trans

    Almost everyone starts out in assembly, but there are opportunities to move into better positions. 182 tried to keep people from coming here 2 years ago, and failed. There is shopping allowed for OT, so no one is completely blocked at 40 hours. Some areas are working 10 hour days, and some work weekends. Come on and join us. Many of us that came from other plants will welcome you with open arms, as Union Brothers and Sisters should. Perhaps one day, 182 will grow up and learn what a Union is. Remember, we are all ONE FORD regardless of where we come from, and one UAW.
  4. trailfndr

    Contract books

    They are now available. At Livonia, we are given a choice of hard copy books, or a Flash Drive with all of the books on it. Got mine today
  5. trailfndr

    Livonia Transmission vs. MAP

    Decker, This was simply the first volley. It WILL eventually get done...Regardless of what the Sheep want. Since those arriving at the plant will soon outnumber those that were here...I would say that the days of doing things they "Way they always did" are numbered
  6. trailfndr

    Livonia Transmission vs. MAP

    So now that the vote is over and so many are happy that nothing changes...we are about to become a local with a FULL TIME vice President, a FULL TIME Recording Secretary, and a PART TIME President, and PART TIME Chairman... makes absolutely no sense to me. One person can not in any way devote FULL TIME to two different jobs.. But its what these folks want...so now they have to accept the fact that things would be much better with two FULL TIME positions than they would be under current PART TIME positions, Can ANYONE tell me how the proposed change would adversely effect all of the retirees that were brought in to FIX the vote? I would think that they would be better served by a FULL TIME president serving their needs, while a FULL TIME Chairman serves the needs of the PLANT The argument that "we've always done it this way" simply refuses to recognize that change is needed to fight off the constant attacks on our UAW rights' If anyone is silly enough to even think that our current part time president was responsible for bringing the work into the plant, they had best wake up, and understand that FORD does what FORD wants and WHERE they want to do it. The work was brought to Livonia because it benefits FORD, not to benefit workers.
  7. trailfndr

    Livonia Transmission vs. MAP

    Caustic, you obviously do NOT enjoy your job. Otherwise, you would not be on here bitching about what others do. If you truly enjoy your job so much, it wouldn't matter one bit what someone else does. Your own remarks tell everyone how much you hate your job and want a better one. But you can lie to yourself all you want. Your own words speak louder than you think. And they show you for the Self Centered ASS that you are.
  8. trailfndr

    Livonia Transmission vs. MAP

    Caustic and 182. Just a couple of young ass PUNKS that have to work the line and don't like it. GO AWAY kids. The ADULTS in the room don't want or need your whiney ass crap. You are not even old enough, nor intelligent enough to see how things work in the real world. You go ahead and retire in your early 50's if you so desire, but everyone with a lick of common sense knows that you won't do that, as your life will change over the years, and IF you should last lo0ng enough, you will see and maybe begin to understand what EXPERIENCED people have tried to explain to you, when you were to young, and STUPID to listen. Retiring at a young age SOUNDS real nice, but its not reality. Why in hell would anyone retire from a good job at a young age, and still have years left in them when they feel good, are in good health, and retiring would cost them money that they earned in Social Security bennies? we can be sure that when you reach that stage in life, that all your dreams and wishes that you have today, will have changed and you will have a different outlook on life. Unfortunately for you, by the time that happens, you and people like you will have destroyed the Union and then can be tossed out in the cold at the whim of Ford, and then go take a greeters job at Wal-Mart, while you struggle to make ends meet and pay your medical bills that only mount higher as you age. Good luck to you....You will need it. I work with a guy with 38 years, he is 70 years young, and you young ass PUNKS could not hold a candle to him, nor could you even hope to keep up with the pace he sets for himself. You simply don't have a fucking clue!
  9. trailfndr

    what will we gain in 2019?

    By 2019 we will see a lot more Temps in the workplace on a daily basis, since they now have the right to use them whenever and however they want. We will see people opting out due to the IUAW not protecting the membership, We will see massive layoffs as fuel prices increase, and all the cars will be built in Mexico, leaving nothing in America but trucks and SUVs that won't sell due to higher fuel costs. We will possibly see the company and IUAW opening the contract due to declines in sales and profits, and will be told they can't afford to honor the 8 year progression agreement and still remain competitive. Because of the "Living Agreement" we will very likely see a health care Co-Op that Williams wants so badly, and none of us want. Yes, the future looks bleak. Car sales have been going up for many years, and as history shows us, it is due for a massive drop , and when it does, we will all be screwed. The IUAW gave away the farm, and we the membership will suffer for it. So to answer your question, we will NOT gain in 2019. We will lose even more. The Middleclass way of life is going away, and we are helping it happen by voting the wrong people into Government, and not demanding with a loud voice that things change. If we want a strong middleclass, we had better start getting mad and showing our government and big business that we won't take this shit anymore. But I don't s that happening, not until we are to the point of starvation while working full time. Unfortunately, it will be far too late to do anything at that point.
  10. trailfndr

    Livonia Trans

    Its because the postings are for future jobs. Livonia is expanding, and while the new lines are being built, they have to get more people set to come here to man them. Those postings, don't effect the next couple weeks, they will happen somewhere down the road (month or more). Livonia has deadlines to begin production on the new transmissions, and you have to have people in place to fill those slots.
  11. trailfndr

    Livonia Trans

    Some people will bitch no matter what. Simple reality...DON'T blame the members that came to Livonia...Blame the Thousands that did not, that voted yes to contracts that gave us the language that was used to make it happen. A Contract is there to insure that certain rules are followed by both the company, and membership. Don't bitch when that same contract bites you in the ass, as long as it was followed. You don't have the right to bitch..PERIOD. As long as the language in place at the time is followed, NO ONE has the right to bitch, so shut up and DEAL WITH IT! Fucking crybabies
  12. trailfndr

    Livonia Trans

    I left map for Livonia for one reason only....To get closer to home and shorten my drive. Might not seem like a lot of distance, but over time it adds up. Yeah, I am high seniority, I don't deny it, nor will I apologize for it. The moves made went by the Ford UAW contract. AS IT SHOULD. We may or may not like or agree with the contract, however, it was voted in, and we all must abide by it. Don't have hard feelings,, don't get mad because people took advantage of opportunities offered. You know yourself that you would have done the same damned thing. Don't come on here preaching how high people should have stayed and let lower people come to Livonia to protect YOUR status. If you were under the same circumstances, you would have done the same thing. I get really tired of hearing low seniority bitch and moan about high seniority, when I know for a fact that in a few years, those same low people would do the exact same thing and not think twice about it. You are not better than we are, nor are we better than you, We are ALL UAW FORD. and we all carry our time based on when we got hired. We all live by a contract, that many of us don't always agree with, but we still have to abide by. In other words...DEAL WITH IT!
  13. trailfndr

    Livonia Trans

    The Decision to spend money for Livonia, and Map were not made because one was doing well or not. It was made due to PROFITABILITY and CAPACITY. Livonia had ALOT of unused capacity for the past several years, and could have easily been closed had Ford wanted to. Map has a vehicle that makes little in profit, so Ford wants to send it to Mexico and pay slave wages. Gotta wonder how that will play out in a couple of years when gas prices jump, and trucks and SUVs aren't selling again. That will hurt EVERYONE As for changing things....Hell, LIFE is about change. Just because a proposal is put forth, doesn't mean much. It still has to be voted on, and win or lose, its the democratic process, and the correct process for changing things at the local level. Just because you have not done it, or seen it done, doesn't mean its a bad idea. Hell, who really knows, it MIGHT make a lot of sense in the long run. I have not had the opportunity to look at it all that closely. Plus, I don't see how if effects me doing my job in any way. What I really don't get, is all the WHINEY assed Livonia people crying because those that came from MAP followed the rules and got job bids, and now Livonia people are crying foul because they might have to go to a different shift. THAT my friend, is what Seniority is all about. As long as the rules set forth in the local agreement were followed, You don't have the right to bitch at all. After all...YOU voted in that agreement before any of us came to the plant. As such, you and I both, have to live within those rules. I have absolutely no problem with that, even if some of those rules seem stupid to me. Bottom line, we are all ONE FORD. and like it or not, we all have to live within the rules set forth. You don't have to like it, nor do I, BUT we do have to abide by them. And for what it might be worth...I DO NOT, and NEVER did want to go back. I like it here, even with the Whiney assed Livonia Prima donnas I have to work with
  14. trailfndr

    Livonia Trans

    transferred from MAP, I Like Livonia, there have been opportunities to get into better jobs, and many of us took advantage of that. I believe there will be many more opportunities over the next couple years as they grow and expand the workforce, with the new Transmission lines being built.
  15. trailfndr

    Didn't see this in the highlights

    Watch out...here comes the CO-OP that Williams wanted....