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  1. Well, it appears a lot of buyers are going elsewhere - Ford’s 2018 calender year car sales were off 17.7% and SUV sales were up just 0.1%.
  2. How about the Grand Marquis De Sade model they seemed to mention each new model year.
  3. It looks like a big improvement over the MKC. I wish Ford would adopt the dash mounted transmission controls to get rid of the rotary dial on the console.
  4. The dash has a similar theme to the Explorer and is a welcome change from the current model. Let’s hope the engines are a big improvement over the current offerings.
  5. As long as the 7.3 gets similar or better mileage compared to the 6.2 I would think Ford would discontinue the 6.2 in a year or two as the 7.3 has to be considerably cheaper to produce.
  6. I’m guessing Ford would rather keep supplies tight to cut down on incentives and keep from eating into F150 sales.
  7. There wasn’t much science and engineering involved here - just a bad business decision on a questionable at best concept. The mobility business is a big money pit of losses. Ford is foolishly chasing this with funds needed for future product development. One reason investors are concerned about the company.
  8. Trader 10

    2020 Ford Explorer

    The Silverado 2.7 I-4 has gotten pretty good reviews. The 2.3 Eco would provide better performance and fuel economy than the 3.3 with similar numbers to the Ranger given the F150 isn’t much heavier.
  9. Trader 10

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 2.3 Eco (or maybe a slightly bigger version of it) replace the 3.3 as the base engine in the next generation F150.
  10. I would hope that the new Escape and Corsair are lighter. The 2.0 is overdue for a significant upgrade; hopefully that happens with the 2020 models. A 270 or so hp 2.0 should be enough for an Escape ST model.
  11. I always thought synthetic oil roughly doubles oil life as long as a premium quality filter was used.
  12. Running synthetic oil with a premium filter would mitigate some of the hassle as it should allow 10 to 15,000 miles between changes.
  13. Amen. The 2.0 gives away nothing to the 3.5. Apparently the 3.5 will be discontinued when the Flex and Taurus die.
  14. Trader 10

    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    I can’t see Ford offering this in the U.S. Ford is exiting business they can’t make a good return on and this thing would have to be priced so high to get a decent return that sales would likely be very low. Compared to the Fusion sales would likely be far less and at lower prices.
  15. I wouldn’t think Lincoln would offer anything less than the 2.7 in the Aviator. IMHO the 3.3 and 2.3 aren’t premium enough for this price point. I hope Lincoln offers just the 2 3.0 power plants in all versions.