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  1. Trader 10

    New Escape

    The new Escape looks so bland to me - I wonder if buyers will be turned off by a model that is more expensive and conservatively styled than its predecessor. I know Ford will be counting on Maverick/Scout for those wanting something more exciting, but I'm sure that model will be even more expensive.
  2. I don't think so. Too much competition in this segment, even from Ford (Bronco Scout).
  3. Even using the optimistic side of sales leaves a lot of unused capacity considering the two plant capacities total roughly what - 700,000 units?
  4. Yes, but Transit Connect and the pick-up will leave a huge amount of excess capacity.
  5. To me the issue is the excess production capacity Ford will have with the 2 Mexican plants and the Edge/Flex plant once Fusion sedan ends. Will one of the plants be shuttered?
  6. What?? Looks to me like Ford will have plenty of excess capacity in the two Mexican plants going forward.
  7. Remember the Venza and Crosstour? That's wheat this rendering looks like to me. Those two are already dead and buried. I'm with Fuzzy - this won't sell well. I don't know why the small pick-up would have any bearing on the Fusion's schedule. It won't sell in any volume either.
  8. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/07/12/2020-ford-bronco-everest-suspension-spy-shots/
  9. Lots of bad publicity (well-deserved) in this story: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2019/07/11/ford-focus-fiesta-transmission-defect/1701433001/
  10. You're comparing a new generation Escape to the Fusion that's been around 7 years in its current form. The 2019 Escape starts at $24015 and is being offered with a 20% discount just like Fusion. The point is a new Fusion sedan would be able to command higher prices - just like the 2020 Escape vs the 2019 Escape. Plus the cost savings Ford has in building the Fusion in Mexico.No argument that a Baja type model (which I think would be good along with the sedan) would be able to be priced higher - I just don't think sales would reach 50k/year given all the competition just from other Ford CUV's. The sedan market is slowing, but is still a large market and Fusion sales are up this year. It must still be generating a reasonable return, otherwise Ford wouldn't have committed to keeping it to at least 2023.
  11. Amen. An Outback competitor with a Fusion nameplate would be fine, but a C2 or CD6 based sedan (whatever platform the NG Edge uses) would provide the volume Ford needs to cover a lot of the excess production capacity Ford looks like it will have. I believe a new Fusion sedan would be more profitable for Ford than the Escape, small pick-up, or Transit Connect.
  12. Trader 10

    New Ford Puma

    That’s for sure! I doubt the four models you mentioned will meet production capacity at one plant, much less two.
  13. Trader 10

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    I’m guessing that Ford (and all other auto makers) present their cars to testers in the best possible light. I bet the cars made available were broken in and well checked over mechanically before the testers got them.
  14. Trader 10

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    Good question - especially given the price premium. Car & Driver also grumbled about the hybrid’s lack of refinement.