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  1. probowler

    Kumar Galhotra on Bronco DNA

    I will. It's really not hard. Hopefully Ford brings back the power window too.
  2. Rich versus the rich, and the little guy pays the price lol. Obviously franchisers deserve some protection but not that much
  3. Honestly it would be cool if platforms were modular enough that you just could swap entire top hats. Imagine maintaining your car, the powertrain and drivetrain... then in 5 years when you get bored of one body style, boom you swap it for another . Maybe you get a nice credit if your body is in good shape so the shop can trade/sell it to the next guy, and you pay mostly just labor for the body swap. Kind of like fullsize Xmods
  4. It annoys me when automakers do this... they fundamentally alter a cars design, then build a whole new model that looks like the old one.... why?? Just make the new model the new "white space" Maverick becomes the old escape Patriot becomes the old cherokee Shit is weird.
  5. That's stupid. They wouldn't have a job or business if ford wasn't building cars for them to sell. Isn't it awesome when government red tape rewards and protects bad business over good business? Thanks government 🙂
  6. As long as it comes with the porn red interior; I'd buy that for a dollar!
  7. Yes, yes it was. The truck I saw was a 90s cab with an 80s bed, not the 90s version. This is the bed, notice the taillights and badass Ford stamp: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1986-ford-f-150/ Now imagine the black bed attached to the front of the red truck (painted to match of course) It was unusual but very cool
  8. What part of my post implied that I wanted the Troller to come to America? They should let it die and sell the Bronco down south, or anywhere people need a tough 4x4.
  9. Is FCA outclassing Ford again? If the Jeep can be competitive and profitable world wide, why not the Bronco? I doubt the Wrangler will get neutered just to cater to euro tastes. Seems like Ford is wasting a quick and easy way to cash in on the old One Ford concept. Not sure why ford needs a Bronco, AND Troller, AND Everest, Etc etc
  10. Those people worship government crash ratings and drive crossovers... who cares what they think?
  11. Cool, there's still time for me to buy more ford stock then. Hopefully one day they will eventually figure out their act.
  12. Looks like a almost cool minivan but without the utility of sliding doors
  13. I'm just curious, but what is an "Uncivlized" Land Rover? The old Defender? Every Land Rover I've seen looks like a pretty typical rich man's family hauler.