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  1. The all-new Ford Escape Hearse... for all those ready to escape life.
  2. That is a very nice looking car! If I had a family and needed the rear doors, this would probably be my dream sedan.
  3. That is.... Not THAT much better than my Bronco 🤣
  4. probowler

    Ranger sales estimate

    Seriously, there's gotta be a way to make the roof removeable if they designed it that way from the start. Incorporate some nice, strong roll bars. Hide them or make them look presentable. Put the third taillight onto the tire carrier, or a combination, one on the outer roof, one one on the roll bar... and i think that's it for requirements? It just has to be able to hold up to those crash scores then. Which is probably harder than i make it sound... but this is what those design boys are paid for! If convertibles can be made today with no solid roof, why the heck can't modern day jeeps and broncos stay the convertible course?
  5. probowler

    Electric 1967 Mustang

    Too bad it's a fastback.... I always preferred the regular sedan and vert. That interior would be choice though, so much nicer than stock.
  6. Imagine being such a tool, that you get mad at people for wishing they could afford something, and wishing that someone could make said commodity at an affordable price 🤷‍♂️
  7. Pretty cool, crazy expensive though.... They should definitely consider a more budget friendly model, something you wouldn't be afraid to actually wheel.
  8. probowler

    JL Wrangler scores 1 star in Euro NCAP

    Which is all fine and dandy, but it' shouldn't be the governments job to do that. If Subaru or Mercedes want to sell cars based on safety, more power to them, but it shouldn't be blanket mandated by G-men. I'm not denying the effectiveness of these technologies, just simply stating that it should be up to us as the consumer whether or not we want these technologies.
  9. probowler

    JL Wrangler scores 1 star in Euro NCAP

    I get that it's cool to rag on jeeps, but Government crash tests and regs are bogus. A 1-star score makes this thing sound like a death trap, but I'm sure it's leap years safer than anything produced 10, or 15 years ago... It would be nice too, if we weren't forced into paying for 30 extra airbags or automatic breaking just because manufacturers felt compelled to obtain the latest 5-star rating.
  10. probowler

    Ranger sales estimate

    Ford probably doesn't want to damage their truck reputation. It's a good start, as mentioned above, just wish and hope Ford applies this careful approach to all their future vehicles. If you're going to build something, build it right. Build something you can be proud of.
  11. I really don't like what Chevy has done with the camaro ever since they launched it as the Transformer mobile... It was ugly then, it's slightly less ugly now, and it just looks cheap. Chevy should just bury it and maybe make the Corvette a GMC. I guess GMC could take the Camaro too if they think they can make something that won't be a trailer park queen.
  12. Step 1: Pull the fire alarm Step 2: Release the Drones Step 3: Find the Bronco
  13. Wonder if this will have a blue interior option ala the Continental? That blue concept interior was magical. Not sure how it would age, but it looked fantastic.
  14. I like it! I miss the old flaresides.
  15. I can't get the image of cheap sneakers out of my head when I think Puma. It makes Maverick sound good lol. But It would probably work well overseas