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  1. Put them in a RAID array if your board supports it.
  2. jcartwright99

    "Most Reliable" ad pulled

    It seems like they carefully crafted their surveys to include/exclude certain things about reliability to skew the results in their favor. GM gets called on their BS. I wonder how many millions they dumped into that one for about 2 weeks worth of play?
  3. jcartwright99

    Fully Electric F-150 on the Way

    I would expect that to be on the horizon eventually.
  4. jcartwright99

    Fully Electric F-150 on the Way

    I was just thinking that a fully electric F100 would make the most sense. Especially for commercial fleets. I would expect the performance/payload probably being better than the V6 anyway.
  5. You mean the 3 sedans that they are most likely turning into 1 after investing a few billion in them?
  6. I was more referring to the idea that it won't beat a ZL1 1LE around the track or beat a Demon (mixed it up with the Redeye) at the strip. I am not saying I agree with any of it but the internet trolling would make you think it's DOA. In all seriousness, any one have any estimates on what it weighs? Again, hearing rumors that it weighs more than 4200lbs but I don't buy it.
  7. It's a double edge sword. I don't care how many 'itanium/Vignale badges they put on it, Ford isn't a Luxury car. Unless they are fine just being as nice as Buick and that's it. Ford Trucks can get away with over the top packages/prices and do well. I don't think that will translate the same with SUV/CUV's. There are too many true luxury brands that are close in that price range. I honestly think Ford has the right formula for Lincoln now (2-3 years) but leaving them without a BEV is a sure death sentence.
  8. I mean let's be real here. Unless they want to kill Lincoln or watch it die, they at least need to have a full cutting edge electric in the next few years. PHEV is great for the next 5 years (maybe longer) but the writing the writing is on the wall for ICE engines.
  9. Wait...I get what you are inferring but is there evidence of this? A simple yes or no will do.
  10. The biggest gripe is what it always is with any Ford performance related product. They are painfully slowly releasing the specs, which creates a lot of guessing and speculation. That generally turns negative pretty fast as rumors spread that may or may not be true. Add to it, it should have been released in 2018 which infuriated people even more. Then add internet trolls (think GM and Chrysler) fanning the flames and this is what you get, a lot of pissing and moaning. Now the GT500 has become a year or so late with only 700hp, dct (no manual), weighs 4500lbs, cost close to 100k plus ADM, cant match the ZL1 around track, can’t beat Redeye at strip and will surely have engine and build quality problems. Did I miss anything? LOL I don’t believe that but Ford certainly has a bad habit of doing this. It’s possible that it could be a stinker but doubt it.
  11. Yes, hell has frozen over. Actually, most on here have been calling this for some time now. It’s seems the automotive media are late to the party. The cars were great performers. However, interiors were pretty bland. The only luxury cars that sell are the Germans, because of the badge. Nobody is going to pay that for Cadillac no matter how it performs. Lincoln still has a ways to go and have had their missteps (MKT) but they have been on the right path for a few years now. Cadillac is just grasping at straws. It reminds me of the tortoise and hare. Slow and steady.
  12. I’m glad it got the DCT. There were some rumblings that the A10 was going to be used due to cost. Numbers be reported are 755/700.
  13. It's Trucks! The Amarok is a tough truck. Not sure what this all means but I can wait till Tuesday.
  14. jcartwright99

    Reuters: Cadillac moving to electric

    How many billions can GM just waste on Cadillac? It's infuriating that over the last decade and a half they have spent billions trying to chase the Germans (erasing a lot of debt in their bankruptcy). They are finally wising up, realizing that it doesn't matter how good your sedan is, it may even perform better than a BMW or Merc, but nobody is going to buy it because it's missing that badge. Plus the people who would buy a Cadillac, would rather have have an CUV, which until recently had few options. The SRX/XT5/XT4 are all really just OK. It looks like their next CUV, which debuts next week, is expected to be very meh as well. So now this is what they throw at the wall. SMH! If they would have just not made the Bolt look like a 90's hatchback and actually styled it better, maybe there would be more buzz. However, this seems more like a cry for help for Cadillac, than any indicator of how good/bad the Bolt is doing.
  15. That's not that much if that saves them time and gives them data the data that helps with the business. Knowledge acquisition.