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  1. Working for an exchange in an office environment, there are very few people that are into cars/trucks. Most are badge snobs in my office. The millennials that live in the city don't have cars and just Uber for the most part. I overheard a conversation between 2 guys in our kitchen, that made me laugh. I really had to keep my mouth shut. One guy was talking about some of the work he had to do over the weekend (landscaping). They topic of the guys truck comes up and he said. "I have an 18 Tundra and got a really good deal on it. I would never buy an American truck, they just don't know how to make good reliable trucks." At that point, I almost spit out my coffee. Then they continue, they other guy agrees saying that he stopped buying American cars in the 90's and only buys Lexus's now because they are nicer versions of Toyota. I didn't want to rain and that guys parade and tell him what a hunk of reliable garbage that he had. It just goes to show most people are just using preconceived notions when buying a car/truck. If he did any research, he would know that the Toyota is basically 15 years old and completely out of date compared to Ram, Chevy, and Ford. The only truck worse would be the Titan, last I checked. ** Side note, both of these guys make serious coin and most likely haven't done anything that would come close to serious labor. After listening to the conversation, the one with a truck is trying to find things to justify to his wife why he bought a truck.
  2. I think they only thing left to understand is where it will lie on the performance/FE spectrum. The Aviator GT appears (on paper at least) to be more performance biased over FE. We won't know until for sure until people can start getting behind the wheel. Job 1 has to be coming up soon ish.
  3. Yes, no doubt there are some people that may have legitimate problems. Whether it be a manufacturing issue or something happened (accident, run over something, etc) that could be contributing to it. I find it hard to believe more aren't complaining if this truly is an issue. All it took was a national story about that Texas PD who refused to use them, for the ambulance chasing attorney and their clients (as well as the paranoid folks) to really fan the flames on this. Also I trust the equipment that Ford is testing with better than a cheap 10 dollar detector that some folks are saying is going off. Sensationalism sells or gets clicks in this instance.
  4. I don’t get this. The PI units makes sense because of all the aftermarket parts being installed. However the regular Explorers I don’t. I don’t doubt that some of these cases are real and could be a manufacturing defect but would Ford investigate this multiple times and ignore it if it were a problem? I just don’t see them doing that.
  5. If it performs and doesn''t cost over 80k, nobody will care about the weight or horsepower. Although the bench racers have gotten all bent out of shape over the 180mph limiter, which only 1% sold (or less) will ever hit the limiter. Guaranteed there will be idiots that try it on public roads.
  6. Finally release the GT500 specs? Power/weight/cost?
  7. It’s a good problem to have. In Chicago, I see way more Navigators than I do Expeditions. Now, it’s probably a 60/40 split livery/personal.
  8. jcartwright99

    Possible PTU Issue in my Fusion

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner. They assured me after they cracked it open that it had plenty of fluid. The service writer said I was lucky to catch it that fast. He said most folks don't pay attention or don't notice. Should be finished tomorrow. Let's hope this was just a scare and I don't have anymore issues.
  9. Like most reviews...take it with a grain of salt and drive one yourself. Since it was a refresh, not much else changed which has been discussed a lot on here before. I don't understand why he complained about the 8 speed though. Sure it's a thoroughly reworked version of the 6 speed but it still has 8 gears and acts like an 8 speed. He also failed to mention the AWD system is different.
  10. jcartwright99

    C8 Corvette allegedly too powerful for its frame

    Is it me or does this on again off again mid engine vette program sound like a total train wreck. I'll wait to truly pass judgement when it comes out but they everything I've read just sound like the keep moving the goal posts. If you ripping up your frame then it was designed with lower power levels in mind. The pricing conversation keeps being brought up too. I can't see GM designing a mid engine Vette and keep the price around 60 for supercars levels of performance. Well, I can if it has this amount of frame twist, the iron duke as the base engine, or GM wants to lose money on every one sold.
  11. jcartwright99

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Any ideas on whether the ST will be tuned a bit sportier than the Fusion Sport or Edge ST? Just thinking with RWD and new platform it may be a better handler.
  12. jcartwright99

    2020 Ford Explorer

    So for a base XLT 4wd it’s a hair under 40! Wow. I thought the 360 was going to be standard? I see it’s a 750 option.
  13. I think the new Escape looks like a blander and slightly lifted Focus Active. If you say the NG Edge will look like the new Escape, then you have convinced me to buy the current generation Edge ST before the NG Edge comes out.
  14. jcartwright99

    Bronco mule

    When do you think we'll see this testing at Silver Lake? I'll be there in May.
  15. So you are telling me I should by an ST before production ends, so I don't have to buy a blandly styled but on steroids version of the focus. Thanks Fuzzy! I just needed an excuse.