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  1. I am so done with Wall Street Analyst. STFU!!! This isn't Silicon Valley where you talk, talk, talk, talk, about products 5-10 years away that will bring you profitability (looking at you Uber). This is why I wouldn't be good in a PR role. I probably would have a made some smart ass comments. The reason Ford gets slammed is two fold. They are viewed as an old stodgy, stale company by Wall Street and they are family controlled so they can't be manipulated as much as other companies.
  2. jcartwright99

    East Bound and Down!

    True but most people buying those cars have no use for trucks. They want a CUV. This commercial is not for them. Also as a sidenote, anyone who buys a Toyota Full Size truck is either A. a complete fanboy for Toyota or B. knows absolutely nothing about trucks or C. combo of A and B.
  3. jcartwright99

    2020 Mustang Shelby gt500

    I can understand to degree. So much work went into the front end of the GT350, why not build off of that and let money be spent elsewhere.
  4. jcartwright99

    2020 Mustang Shelby gt500

  5. jcartwright99

    2020 Mustang Shelby gt500

    Pretty clear Ford Performance is rudderless ship right now with the exodus of performance minded folks. This should of been out this year. I am losing faith in FP right now. Hoping this doesn't come out DOA with ADM's attached.
  6. The Lincoln PHEV will be the fastest SUV/CUV that Ford has ever built.
  7. jcartwright99

    Ford Did Think of an Edge RS

    I would have to look and see which specific articles I read (probably 4-5 sources). The main gripe I would say, if you are going to add a brake package, coolers and such then why not go just a little more stiff on the suspension to combat the body roll (it is improved over regular model) and also relax the or make defeatable the TC/Stability system. It's not that it is bad but it's a step in the right direction from the regular model but still tuned for comfort.
  8. jcartwright99

    Ford Did Think of an Edge RS

    I've read a few first drives. Not exactly disappointed but not overly excited. This is like a hair more effort than a Fusion Sport. In the US, the ST has had a bit more handling substance which I would of liked to have seen here. Not that anyone sane would take it to the track (although it would be funto watch). For a loaded one at 50K I wish they would have put the Focus RS AWD system in there, made handling one notch up, and a more relaxed traction control/stability system. Power is fine as that platform is about maxed out.
  9. jcartwright99

    Honda CRV Engine issues

  10. jcartwright99

    150 MPH Cop Explorer

    True...however, it would give you an easy and cheap opportunity to supercharge using the coyote. That would be insanely fast
  11. jcartwright99

    150 MPH Cop Explorer

    Edit: I got the joke...delayed!
  12. Well it's already been tested in the Explorer for police testing so you can get an idea of performance metrics.
  13. jcartwright99

    Cadillac Moving Headquarters Back to Detroit

    When I see Cadillac, I see a BMW chaser performance wise and roughly the same Cadi design language for almost 20 years. They make great performance cars, no doubt about that. However, they aren't my cup of tea. I think the thing people fail to realize is that despite being on a 20 year turn around, Cadillac doesn't sell much more than Lincoln. I almost think they have dumped at least 10 times the amount Lincoln has as well. I am sure the bankruptcy helped GM forget about that. They focused way too much on cars when SUV/CUV market was booming. I think they bought into the hype that ring times sell luxury cars.
  14. jcartwright99

    Edge ST races Focus ST & Fiesta ST

    I am reserving judgement till we see a production version put through it's paces and I can drive one myself. However, if this thing can handle similarly to an X5 and have similar performance I call it a win.
  15. From the way I read it, Ford gets most steel from US. US steel companies have raised their prices too, to take advantage of the tarriff offset. I am sure they are still cheaper than foreign steel but prices have gone up. I think since Wall Street is most critical of Ford, they air their dirty laundry as to not to surprise investors. I bet other car companies are hurting to. We'll find out soon enough.