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  1. The Mondeo has the 8 speed for 2019. Not sure how much that would cost other than EPA testing to get it in there. It would help performance and FE. I agree the design needs updating but they did a slight refresh for 2019 and I don't understand why they didn't include the 8 speed. Especially since they did for Mondeo. The whole Ford rot on the vine strikes again. Doesn't matter why, it just does.
  2. I don't get this one at all. If they are going to keep the Fusion in the rotation till 2023, can they please put the 8 speed in there? At the very least,that is what they could do. It would lessen the blow that exterior/interior hasn't changed that much. This is like history repeating itself with the Fusion's predecessor the Taurus.
  3. jcartwright99

    GM Debuts New Electrical Platform

    From a technical perspective it's all fluff. It's just going to be their automated platform which will have do a crap ton of on board processing of data from the various sensors to support autonomous driving. Talk to me when they are doing Petabyte processing.
  4. Maybe but that would be neglecting what they have been doing in the past few years. It does take time to erase the sins of the past out of consumers mind. Let's just say that starting with the Continental and through the Corsair, Lincoln has really made an effort for true luxury. The true all stars appear to be the Navigator, Aviator (on paper), and Corsair (on paper).Sure they may share the same bones with Ford products, but styling, dynamics, and luxury quality highly differentiate them from the Ford products. Acura and I will lump Infinity in there as well, tend to be the "try hards" of Japanese Luxury automakers. Both are trying to be sporty luxury (chasing BMW) but I would contend they are kinda sporty but not much luxury. I don't think these are aspirational brands (maybe for a few). With Acura, their main selling point it's Honda engineering and reliability. Having driven the Pilot and MDX. I'll take a Pilot all day long. SH AWD doesn't really benefit most people in normal daily driving. Infinity gets by with low prices/lease rates and on paper specs. Their technology UX are horrible. I would say both are for thousand-aires who don't want to be seen in more plebeian vehicle. It wouldn't matter if the Honda/Nissan was better, they would always chose the better perceived badge. Neither are setting the sales charts on fire.
  5. Let's not forget on how important margin is. Nissan is crumbling in their push for sales with little (1-2%) to no margin in the US. My intuition says they will be killing the Altima and Maxima in the next few years. It's a balancing act with sales vs margin but 8% margin across the board gives you some breathing room.
  6. RDX is fringe luxury. Actually most Acura’s are. No doubt Corsair should be better and definitely more luxurious. 62k will get you a BL Nautilus with 2.7 and AWD.
  7. Where is that stupid bear cage ad?
  8. jcartwright99


    This is why I will never work in the auto industry. They are too cyclical with cuts/layoffs. My company does the churn and burn with the bottom 20% performers and the most costly employees (excluding mid/senior management).They will generally rehire at a much lower cost. It's pretty much expected at the end of January and September. For anyone who gets canned/layed off today, it's sucks but not the end of the world. Take a few days to regroup and then get after it finding a new job.
  9. jcartwright99

    Powershift transmission law suits

    Shocker! And in other news, water is wet. I think we all knew this would happen. In fact, I think 99.9% of us on here were trying to understand Fords logic on this issue. My only question, did this already go through a class action lawsuit before? Not sure how that all works but egg of Ford's face for not putting in the 6 speed from that was attached to the ecoboost Focus and calling it a day. Nope, doubled down on this one.
  10. jcartwright99

    Aviator GT only has 20 miles pure electric range

    I see. It's insane to think they that there are CUV's that are quicker than premium sports cars from a decade or so ago. It sounds like a loaded PHEV Explorer would have been what you are looking for. However, since you are in the US, you are out of luck for at least the first model year. What's your floor on the electric range?
  11. I saw a nice FX4 Ranger today. I felt like I was in a low rider in my Fusion compared to it. I'm not a truck guy per se but I could see myself in one of those. Definitely could see myself camping and biking more if I got one.
  12. jcartwright99

    Aviator GT only has 20 miles pure electric range

    It's always possible it could be a miss. The market will dictate that. I think it will be a success but there are a lot of variables. Also, if you think 50hp and 200 torque is a little extra, what do you think is a lot? It also includes some addition options on the ICE reserve as standard. My prediction is this will easily out accelerate the ICE version to 60 by 1 second. Yes, that would put it in the really f'ing quick territory. Not Tesla quick but getting there. That's just my guess based on current what we know so far. We'll find out soon enough as Chicago production has just started for Explorer/Aviator. Just think for a moment based on what we have currently. The FWD biased current (heavier, 6 speed and torque managed) Explorer Sport accelerates to 60 in 6 seconds flat (roughly). Add 35hp and 50lb/ft torque, plus rwd bias, and robust 10 speed to lighter platform and that could shave 4-5 tenths off. Now add another 50hp and 200lb torque. It's entirely possible that the GT breaks into the 4's. That's pretty fast for a 3 row SUV for a whopping 68k. Now what does this all mean? Nothing really but it just goes to show that the Aviator GT has the potential to have performance to back up that 10k uptick in price, all while giving you some of the benefits of a PHEV. I think that sounds like a win.
  13. jcartwright99

    Aviator GT only has 20 miles pure electric range

    There are some here who probably know but until we hear it from Lincoln, I am not buying it. My opinion based on what we have heard so far is that this will be a performance hybrid. All of the good stuff with more power but with none of the FE penalty. That's my take. It will be an added bonus if this thing can do 30 miles or more on electric but I don't think that was a target for this vehicle. In a nutshell, more powerful, have roughly 20 mile all electric range, and get at least the same FE as the ICE version for a few k more. For a luxury vehicle, that doesn't sound like a bad proposition.
  14. I think the thing with hybrids up to this point, it has been performance or economy. Nobody has really hit the sweet spot off performance, price, minimum/no comprises, and economy. If all you care about is FE, then a Prius is nice I guess. It's an ugly penalty box to drive and reminds you of it when driving. Lexus and Acura have had performance hybrids but cost/comprises and not much FE benefit have been a reason they aren't setting the world on fire.
  15. You beat me to the punch!