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  1. Has it been confirmed that the C-Max is coming out this year? I know Ford originally announced that, but now the website just says "coming in the future".
  2. MaybeaFocus

    2011 & 2012 Fusion Timetable

    Is this timetable still accurate? Has the 2012 order guide been released?
  3. MaybeaFocus

    2012 Focus scheduled yet?

    That is the fuel door.
  4. That's interesting. I didn't know that is how legroom is calculated. That also explains why the Fusion, despite just having 1" more rear legroom than the current Focus, feels much much bigger.
  5. That's just it. The 2012 is BIGGER than the 2011 but actually has significantly less rear legroom (3" is quite a bit when talking about legroom). I don't expect a small car to have more rear legroom than a Lincoln Town Car, but it is a bit disappointing when the new Focus is bigger than the old one yet has much less legroom.
  6. Here is the rear leg room for a few more compact sedans: Civic 34.6 Corolla 36.3 Mazda 3 36.3 BMW 3 Series 34.6 So it looks like the 2012 Focus lags all of its competitors. That really bums me out; it sounds like it will be an otherwise great car, but it will be completely impractical for people with young families. It is a challenge to fit many car seats in the 2011 Focus; I can only imagine how it will be in the 2012 with 3" less legroom.
  7. MaybeaFocus

    2012 Focus Complete Info

    The media website must be incorrect. 43.7 inches is significantly larger than the rear legroom in the Fusion, Taurus, Edge, and Explorer. I highly doubt the Focus has more rear legroom than all of those vehicles. The 2012 Focus home page lists the rear legroom at 33.2" http://www.ford.com/cars/focus/2012/specifications/view-all/ Also, the total interior volume of the 2012 is 90.7 cu ft. 93.4 cu ft for the 2011. Considering that the 2012 is 4 inches wider than the 2011 (though about an inch shorter), I believe the 33.2" legroom number is correct and explains why the 2012 has less interior space even though it is wider.
  8. MaybeaFocus

    2012 Focus Complete Info

    Yeah, that's what worries me. My kid will be kicking me through the back of the seat.
  9. MaybeaFocus

    2012 Focus Complete Info

    And 3 inches less rear legroom compared to the 2011 Focus. 33.2" vs. 36.1"