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  1. PajamaGuy

    2020 Explorer ST

    I can't believe there is so little discussion about the ST...? Hasn't anyone taken delivery yet?
  2. PajamaGuy

    2020 Explorer ST

    Ok. Without asking for the purpose of bumping (seriously) , is it true what another Ford employee said, "...scheduling is only done on Thursday. " I've read every review and watched every YouTube video (the ones with full-throttle sound more than once)....please excuse my excitement and anticipation for my viagra replacement's arrival. I'm 70 and this ST is on my bucket list. Again, thanks so much for your help! PJ
  3. PajamaGuy

    2020 Explorer ST

    Thank you. May I ask, about how long before a VIN? PJ
  4. PajamaGuy

    2020 Explorer ST

    You are correct. I copied it wrong. Dealer code = F11459. Acton Ford, Massachusetts. Order= R016. Thank-you! PJ
  5. PajamaGuy

    Explorer in Sport Mode

    When's yours coming? PJ
  6. Dealer code = F12459. Order # = R016 I believe across all sub-topics I have more than 15 posts ('13, '14, and '17 Escapes) Please use the above to provide any status available. It is with deep appreciation that we Ford Freaks are able to avail ourselves of your services!
  7. PajamaGuy


  8. I've ordered my ST (yesterday) and am looking to find a forum specifically for the ST. Is there one?
  9. PajamaGuy

    Explorer ST First Drive Review

    Ordered my ST yesterday. With tech & performance. Appears to be one hot ride!
  10. If Charlie Arbeene is your sales guy and it's possible to get it w/o the bracket, he'll get it done. If he can't get it done - it ain't possible!
  11. Akirby, glad you're still active! Regarding the NAV – I did a MASTER RESET this morning. The good news is that after the reset, FAVORITES screen is not blank! The bad news is that NAV is squirrely. Driving into my town the 2 lanes break into 4 - 2-left, 1-straight, 1-straight or right. NAV waited until 400 ft. to tell me to turn left. Fortunately, I knew where I was going. Then it wanted me to take the first exit from a roundabout "...onto Main". The first exit (and I took it) was Broad St., the map, and the indicated route were correct, the voice prompt was not. Then, after following Broad St about 2 miles, the map indicated a right turn (at a 4-way intersection) – but neither the voice, nor the 2-tone bell sounded. But this trip did prompt me to turn onto home street, and at 1/4 mi. Yesterday it did not give me any audible turning instruction. Weird, huh? I've told my dealer, but they have no fix for it. I do find it abnormal that no other '17 owner has seen the issues.
  12. Thanks - I did a reset on 9/19 but via "POWER & SEEK-UP" buttons - I'll try another with Volume & Seek.
  13. Akirby - You don't list a 2017 - so it wouldn't compare. My '13 and '14 worked great. Borg - Android Auto already works - but it's a pain for short trips. ...and I'm glad the mute issue is known. Where do you find known issues? But thanks to both of you!
  14. The “next turn” voice notice is so late that it’s dangerous. I spent a few hours this morning driving around several New England towns, all of the time using the built-in Sync 3 navigation system in my 2017 Ford Escape Titanium. I’ve had voice-activated, built-in, OEM GPS navigation in my vehicles since 2001 and this is the first one that does not provide enough notice with its turn-by-turn instructions to safely navigate. Only once this morning did the system give me ¼ mi. warning even though 9 out of 10 turns were at least ½ mile (usually much more) apart. In-town speeds were 25 to 45 MPH. To compound the problem (and the danger), 1/10 mi. is 528 ft. and while watching the distance-to-turn measurement, none of the voice prompts started at .1 mi. Most started at 450 ft., and some started at 400 ft. And none of the prompts finished before 300 ft. – even at 25 MPH. Regardless, in most towns it’s almost impossible to safely move to the indicated turning lane within 500 ft. In all cases instructions should begin at the ¼ mile distance at a minimum. Additionally, the radio does not mute while the NAV is giving verbal instructions. I never had either of these issues with my 2013 or 2014 Escapes.
  15. I think the radio/music muting when a NAV prompt comes on should be improved. My past Escapes muted to very low, this ’17 doesn’t mute enough. I think the ’17 mutes to a predetermined level while the ’14 muted to a percentage relative to the volume level of the NAV prompts. In this ‘17, if the NAV prompt volume is low, the radio can actually be louder than the prompts. Thanks! PJ