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  1. I'd called it a few post back either a Mex-built "Chinese" Escort or a Mex- built Euro Foucs since the rumored fastback rwd Fusion/Taurus replacement won't be cheap (think Charger priced) and will be shared with new Zephyr.
  2. I meant they would make the Escort in Mexico and offer it in N/A and (now I think about it) Cent/S. America.
  3. It's fine if Ford don't choose to compete in the US low-end sedan market although IMO they have the platform and factory ready in Mexico. As said IMO don't be too surprised when Mexican TC/Foucs pickup goes online Escort maybe offered.
  4. Where you keep getting this "$180k"?. It may cost up to $180k like the current C7 is up to $130k but still it's getting a $60s k base price.
  5. Who says Ford won't do another Chinese Escort on 19' ROW Focus?. Me personally I buy/lease new cars only as primary transportation now after years of used dealers, C.List and auto auction specials (I'll do that for a 2nd vehicle) and there's thousands of buyers that don't wanna used car period. For engines, the current 1.6 and 2.0 EBs won't pass emissions?, as for "massacre" the Versa/Sentra is on the low totem pole compared to the other compacts but sold by the bushel. I get why Ford may not go for entry-level sedans but it's it a solid "no" when a Mexican factory is already pumping out profitable vehicles on the same platform?.
  6. Why wouldn't Chinese Escort wouldn't pass US crash standards if it's a 13'-18' Focus underneath?, it wouldn't cost billions to convert. Honda have no choice but to offer an expensive Civic here because thier reputation and their money is made off Civic, CRV and Accord as Ford's baby is F-Series. Ford don't have to go toe-to-toe on Escort with the Asians but still offer a compelling offering, even if it have rear torsion beam. We know Ford can still make a great Focus from the 19' model but paper-thin margins isn't where it's at. Remember Fiesta and Ranger wasn't for N/A either.....
  7. That's good that a rwd hatch will replace Fusion/Taurus. What's missing is the compact car side of things. I wouldn't bet against a Mexican-made "Chinese" Escort being offered here since it's a decontented Foucs, TC and "Focus pickup" will be made there and US buyers proved they won't buy an expensive compact but it's detrimental not to offer one against the Asians. If Ford pulls the trigger don't be surprised GM and FCA respond with Mexican Cavalier and Neon.
  8. As much as I dislike the Vette, laying predetermined failure of it at MBs feet is far-fetched. This car is named "Zora" for a reason (the last name of the original Vette chief engineer that wanted it to go ME for the 1970s), also pre-BK GM green-lit a ME Vette in 06'-07' before the recession but the Vette program was saved only by sticking to FE for the current Sting-Ray, on a sidenote not many supercars will have the maintenance and ease of a LT V8. For price, many inside guys says only a $5k increase base price.
  9. Probably happens at fly-over state dealers, rust-belt buyers don't have money anymore..
  10. I wish, FWIW I heard a rumour 2 years ago Chevy is supposed to get a version of this to replace Impala/SS. It doesn't look too sharp as the CT6 do but absolutely not terrible either, definitely some JDN influence on the side profile as it reminds me of the Q50.
  11. What's the automatic thinking about a 4-door Mustang-based/theme car would be called "Mustang"?. Torino, Taurus, Fairlane other names can be used for this car which is probably the plan. IMO Ford will need 2 sedan/hatch from this point forward, a Foucs (sedan/hatch) and a CD6 "Taurus" (sedan/hatch).
  12. A 400hp-rwd/awd sports CUV is not for men or biased towards men?, I'd look at one over an XT6..
  13. Fgts

    7 months of corvettes sitting on lots

    Most likely a Hellcat powered, 2-seat Viper replacement is due in 22'-23'.
  14. Fgts

    GM Sales February 2019

    Silverado is still gaining traction as Sierra had better luck last month, look towards the summer before the final verdict of people isn't buying it because of looks (I remember fourms were saying the 2014 were "ugly" and flop but sold well).
  15. XT6 is an 7 passenger XT5, in other words it will sell to it's intended market (mid-class, soccer moms) well and out-sell Aviator (as Cadillacs out-sell other Lincoln utilities). Aviator is more for men.