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  1. Fgts

    GM to close Oshawa (Canada) plant

    Why would they still drop those 3 after the initial model drop, the case Regal it's literally a Malibu with a wagon/hatch awd and V6, since it's sales are up it would be ill advise to drop.. On a side note I hear the CT6 was dropped because the CT5 and Ct7/8 is similar in size not so much they have no interest in a fullsize Caddy sedan anymore. Don't know how much is true but we'll see.
  2. Fgts

    GM to close Oshawa (Canada) plant

    That's what its looking like, at least 2-3 plants still making cars while the rest is truck/C-SUVs. Malibu will continue, im sure Regal will move to the Malibu plant after the negotiations, Sonic continues solely because of it's EV plant location and several EVs are based on it. If GM may Detroit and Lordstown plants can do fleet cars and some UV products but at what cost?
  3. Fgts

    GM to close Oshawa (Canada) plant

    What a shocker!, OTOH this was predicted a year ago, Sonic, Regal Malibu will still be available for sedan buyers. Small word I'm hearing is CT6 will join the Alpha cars at LGR plant but nothing certain now after next year's union negotiations.
  4. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1119895_2020-ford-bronco-leaked-nope-its-baby-bronco-first Looks to have a 1960's retro theme to it..
  5. Fgts

    Camaro ECOPO

    https://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2018/oct/sema/1029-e-copo.html -an electric drag Camaro a THM 400 -4 175 lb battery packs -roughly 700hp -estimated to run 9 1/4s
  6. Many here talking in general about "why GMC isn't Chevies?" or "how come no turbo 6 isn't offered?", or "its so behind in tech", like the twins come standard with 4-speed-auto, throttle-body v8 and rear-only ABS. If I hated GM that much I wouldn't care why they can't match what Ford is offering.
  7. Yep 1 million GM guys are listing to you.....
  8. One bad review, yep all the GM guys will get F150s from this point forward..... Yes I know Ford Vs Chevy rivalry but in the end GM will satisfy plenty of customers. BTW why in the world Ford guys worry about GMC/Chevy twins?, GM and customers know it's the same truck and don't care what Ford guys think.
  9. I'm assuming VW can supply not smaller car parts but smaller car platforms like the Ka, 91' Escort and Aspire was a Fiat, Kia and Mazda underneath with Ford running-gear and interiors.
  10. Fgts

    Is Ford in trouble?

    Not hard to understand if VW, Toyota, Daimler, GM can still offer a comprehensive a line-up with thier trucks and Ford gives-up. That's fine if Ford made money on truck/SUVs only but it always nice if an manufacturer make extra money is added because of a sedan line. No argument about ROI and so if customers won't be back.. Well you don't have a financial consultant firm nor work for Ford finances so that make your opinion about my opinion just as void too, understand?. And as Ford being manufacturer experts I won't make excuses for how and what was supposed to come online if other domestic and foreign makes can pull-off miracles or look stupid.
  11. Fgts

    Is Ford in trouble?

    Read slower, the ideal is since Ford won't do anything in the $15-$20k region anymore just start with a decently loaded sedan (minus optional larger engines) for $25k and go from there.
  12. Fgts

    Is Ford in trouble?

    Just like you don't understand supply and demand?, can't force something on someone what they don't want, they'll go elsewhere and it's back to square-one with needing new buyers. The same formula can be added to truck/SUVs also, surely the majority of the F-Series don't leave lots without an incentive deal. Just as ridiculous as "everyone wants a truck/SUV at top price". Ford should kill the Mustang and not do any sport cars if it was only about high ATPs only. You keep thinking "Fusion", I'm saying replace Fusion/Focus/Taurus with one sedan that's shared with the Explorer and company, yes it will be lower sales but in-return higher ATPs and Ford would not lose that many sedan customers, Ford still can't make money off that they need to fire their accountants (or CEO).
  13. Fgts

    Is Ford in trouble?

    No, there'll buy Civics now, the Tesla point is there's many people that don't wanna truck and still pay money for one. How's a car starting at $25k not be profitable on a shared platform?, if that's the case they need to rethink the Escape also. But there're primarily Ford sedans underneath. Since Ford don't have to push SEs anymore push out "Platinum" and "Titanium" as the lower-priced sedan.
  14. Fgts

    Is Ford in trouble?

    I guess not in your city, not where im at otherwise there's no need for BMWs, funny how many SUVs nearly fliped trying to out-corner me on off ramps... Surprised the buffalo will still won't handle as well as a sedan would?.
  15. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/10/concept-fascia-on-2019-camaro-ss-sema-car-said-to-be-expedited-for-production/ The "SEMA" front-end Camaro is said to be "fast-tracked for production" as the emblem is moved from the bumper the the grille.