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  1. Fgts

    Camaro may go on hiatus.

    Now there's news the Camaro only been delayed one MY instead of axed.
  2. Fgts

    Camaro may go on hiatus.

    What do ya think l put cancelled in quote marks?. This could be the same case for Camaro if the story's accurate.
  3. Fgts

    Camaro may go on hiatus.

    Shouldn't you fellas be buying the bar now that Chevy is bowing out?.... I'd wait for more solid info before spreading it. It could have been stopped for a new design, a sedan or an performance CUV variant added. l highly doubtful the less profitable Corvette survived and the Camaro didn't. Remember, the Mustang was "cancelled" last year too....
  4. I'd knew this had to happen due to A. the ME Vette B. I'd be pissed if a Mustang (GT500) made more power then my 6 figured car from the same manufacturer.
  5. GM just started production of the lower trim T1s and HD just this past month. Didn't GM have this type of issue before when switching from GMT900 the K2?. I'm sure truck sales will increase unless someone has proof they won't at all. As for engines the Duramax blows the doors off the Ram in actual towing test despite having less advertised tq, as for the 6.6 remember it only replaced the 6.0, not a BB replacement.
  6. Absolutely, one affordable sedan is what I think Ford is doing for those reasons. IMO a 2.3 6 speed MT / 8-10 AT Fusion sport replacement would get me out my Foucs ST, not an heavy Edge ST and surely not a $56k Explorer ST. I don't think you'll see a compact Ford car other than Fiesta in the States anymore unless they'll import Focus ST/RS for a price.
  7. I'm surprised there's a 2020 Fusion. Maybe prime motivators are dealers complained that some Ford buyers don't want SUVs, nothing inexpensive to sell (as someone mentioned the Focus was expensive to make in the US and same with the Taurus with an old platform) and FCA, GM still continues Malibu and Charger. Will it be a redesign soon?.
  8. It's a diesel and there similar engine outputs from GM and Ram, still don't take from the fact Germans underrated their engine outputs in their luxury cars these days.
  9. The Benz CLS with it's 4500lbs hit 60 in 4.7 seconds and "362 HP" ; https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a22794077/2019-mercedes-benz-cls-new-engine/ Not going even give the laughable BMW and Audi numbers out of their totally underrated tt6 cly numbers but one is the Supra's 3.8 and 4.4 60 mph run C/D and M/T have with the "335 HP" BMW mill. We know the Caddy 3.0tt can hit 400+HP but maybe they aligning hp numbers with the competition so on paper you have to have over 400hp to outgun a German sedan will "320" HP or so.
  10. Guess I'd eat my words, apparently the redesigned Tracker is still US bound but didn't expect Trailblazer to be offered here. Fwiw the older encore will be offered along with the Encore GX and Tracker/Trailblazer will be Chevy's versions.
  11. Not quite for long... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.autoblog.com/amp/2019/06/01/cadillac-ct4-ct5-v-series-prototypes-teased/ Apparently the V cars shown on Thursday were the "lite" V cars and not the real Vs teased in Detroit today. Another rumor is the 335 HP in the CT5 3.0tt is "335 HP", in other words it's underated or it's probably still making 400 HP as it once did in the CT6.
  12. Fgts

    Chevy Bolt "EUV" (crossover) Spied

    Yet it's still the 2nd bestseller. If wasn't for the Model 3 it would be #1 like it was before the Tesla showed up, plus who knows?, the Bolt might become "sexy" in it's 2nd generation.
  13. Had an 89 GT turbo, one of the best cars I've owned ever. Wondering will the Mach E be a gas car with an E/V variant or a pure electric only?.
  14. Fgts

    Chevy Bolt "EUV" (crossover) Spied

    Again, where's Ford's effort now after Focus EV and C-Max?, don't think that the Bolt/Volt tech is strictly for the US only with China and Buick. I'm highly doubtful the Mach 1 will be in-line in price for Bolt, hopefully they aiming at Tesla.
  15. Fgts

    Chevy Bolt "EUV" (crossover) Spied

    That link might as well been from 1978, Bolt sales are still 2nd from Model 3 as of last month.