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  1. IMO Under current leadership I don't see GM sticking by Holden for long. It might be a deal to get new, low-end models from other carmakers while GM supplies the top models. Or GM will sell it the new company and walk from Australia and concentrate on NA and China.
  2. I had something mean to say, just didn't feel like it tonight, Sheriff......
  3. Something tells me the 7.3 isn't going to be inexpensive in which the 6.2 is sticking around, how much of the upgrade will it be over the 6.2?. Also for Ram a production 7.x gas engine option maybe in the works and for GMs 6.6 remember it's a 6.0 replacement not a 8100 replacement, in other words is a gas GM big block is in the works?.
  4. That's what I was thinking what Ford would do also, not to mention EU would have a car to step up from Fiesta/Focus and replace Mondeo. A rwd car for the EU?, the Sierra sold well back in the 80s
  5. Yes but Taurus/Mondeo is still available in Australia, Asia plus Mondeo in EU only. None of those markets are ready to go to a CUV only or a luxury brand they never heard of (Lincoln) expect China.
  6. Will there be a Ford version for the US and a Falcon replacement in Australia?.
  7. This been on the internet for at least a day, some sites say this engine is going into the Model E or some CD6 hybrid CUV/sedan, how true is it?.
  8. FWIW I dug up in addition to Challenger/Charger the V8 Viper replacement is still green for '22 also a midsize/rwd CUV and sedan is due that year, BOF Durango is coming and staying at Dodge, the Caravan still isn't Dead because of sales, IMO they should make a new Pacifica-based Caravan along with Pacifica . Chrysler will become "people movers" as the models you mentioned but don't expect the rwd 300 to die, it will be different from today also recently a Chrysler version of the upcoming Dodge rwd/midsize sedan maybe offered.
  9. So Cadillacs 3 sedans (CT4,5,6) and 4 Utes (XT4,5,6 Escl) vs Lincoln's 4 Utes only ( Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator, Nav) and Caddy is in trouble?.
  10. Fgts

    What!!, CT6 gets new life in US.

    That's the word, Oshawa is the only factory taking the demolition ball, D-Ham and L-town will get small CUVs and PHEV/EVs but don't expect which vehicle will go where until after the negotiation, however the Trax would probably be made in Ohio.
  11. https://www.autonews.com/manufacturing/cadillac-ct6-isnt-dead-us Car will continue over upcoming CT5, CT4, the production plant of CT6 will be negotiated over the UAW talks.
  12. Absolutely, bail on Europe there goes the small/fwd car portfolio for ROW. GM bailed because of massive losses on PGA in Europe.
  13. Man, at least the turbo 3.0 could be an option, better off getting an Enclave. OTOH XT5 and XT4 isn't setting the racetrack on fire for performance but sell like crazy, this probably would outsell Aviator.