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  1. Similar to Transit, Transit Connect, and Transit Custom....
  2. twintornados

    Rivian pickup walk around

    Maybe they'll rename it the Ford R-100
  3. Holy shit!!!!! mlhm5.....where you been??? welcome back!!!!!!
  4. All true...the better half has auto start/stop in her 2018 Escape....wishing I had it on my 2017 MKC...
  5. twintornados

    Johan de Nysschen Interview

    Sez the guy that got "the boot"....
  6. twintornados

    2020 Corsair

    ...and then this. https://www.carlyle.com/media-room/news-release-archive/carlyle-group-names-daniel-akerson-vice-chairman-and-special
  7. This is what you'll get for a 50 mile range BEV...(actually listed as 45 mile range, but you get my point)
  8. My point exactly...With Bronco competing with Wrangler and Bronco Scout competing with Cherokee, what will compete with Renegade? That is presuming Ford has a "Compete with every Jeep mantra."
  9. Ok, so what is going to compete with Renegade which is slotted in under Cherokee?
  10. If you look at the Jeep line up....Bronco will compete with Wrangler...that leaves Cherokee and Renegade. Bronco Scout can compete with Renegade, but Escape and Cherokee are aimed at two different demographics....an Escape based Maverick with more aggressive "square shouldered" styling would compete directly with Cherokee...Since Grand Cherokee is styled more like Explorer, no variant would be needed...again...all of this is sheer speculation on my part based on nothing other than consumer observations...
  11. Can't fix the incorrect word, edit time expired... I personally believe that there will also be a "square shouldered" version of Escape and that will have "Bronco-esque" styling with the Maverick name...
  12. I am predicting to distinct vehicles...
  13. .....just sheer speculation on my part and I would agree with Bronco Scout and Maverick "flip-flopping" in my original post...Maverick nameplate would make for a good Cherokee competitor...and Bronco Scout being akin to a small reconnaissance vehicle. I'll go back and fix my post to reflect that..oops, never mind..too late to edit it.
  14. Bronco to compete with this.. Bronco Scout to compete with this.. Maverick to compete with this.. Not based on anything other than my own personal opinion of Ford building a lineup of vehicles to directly compete with Jeep.
  15. twintornados

    ahhh sweet bliss

    Question... I was wondering if there is a way to use ForScan to add a button on the main screen that gives you the ability to turn off the screen like you can if you get into the settings and turn it off....at night, while driving, I have found it nice that I can turn off the infotainment screen in the dash by getting to the settings, but would love that there could be a "short cut" button on the main screen to turn it off without having to wade through the settings menu.
  16. So, by "affordable nameplate" do they mean a new Ford branded vehicle or a vehicle under another moniker and sold through Ford dealers? JMC Yusheng 330 comes to mind...cheap, CUV design, made in China via joint venture between Ford and JMC for domestic Chinese market.
  17. twintornados

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    JMC Heavy Duty Vehicles is part of JMC and builds Ford based trucks for the Chinese market under their own label. Interesting to see that JMC also builds E-Series Ford van for the Chinese market.... http://auto-che.com/v/jx/jx5040xxypsh-171-ford-e-series.html
  18. In my market, there was a local Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership and in the next town over there was two Ford dealerships and a Lincoln/Mercury dealership. The two Ford dealerships got into a bidding war to get the Lincoln/Mercury dealership lines when the L/M dealer decided to call it quits and the owner retired...One Ford dealership prevailed over the other so the dealer that did not get the line instead came into my market and bought the F/L/M dealership in my hometown because they wanted Lincoln....when the recession hit and Ford first shuttered Mercury, then they decided that two Lincoln dealers within 12 miles of each other was too much for this market and revoked the Lincoln line at the Ford store in my home town, the big dealer that bought shut down the Ford store since it made zero sense to them to have two Ford dealerships in their chain within 12 miles of each other competing for the same sale. The Ford store in my hometown is now a Mitsubishi dealership when the Auto Group that owned the property dumped it after pouring about a million dollars into renovations...my guess is, that is the likely reason why the "local" auto group was later bought out by Lithia....
  19. twintornados

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    Since Audi is 99.64% owned by Volkwagen and vehicles like the Q3 are based on Tiguan, A3 is based on VW's MQB chassis (which underpins a LOT of VW corporate vehicles from SEAT, Skoda, and others) and their upcoming EV units are based on Volkwagens MEB chassis....my statement stands. Audi is nothing but a VW rebrand....see? makes a lot of people upset, but those same people think nothing of deriding a Lincoln as nothing but a rebrand of a Ford. We all know Audi is not merely a rebrand of VW, so why is it so hard to believe that Lincoln is not merely a rebrand of Ford?
  20. twintornados

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    Several cars that share the same architecture and come down the same lines (its called "flexible" assembly lines) and are not considered "badge jobs" only if there is a Ford Oval on the factory door. Even your supplied link shows that they are not merely a "badge job".
  21. twintornados

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    But, the point is, they are not doing it now and haven't been for a long time, yet still people try to trivialize a Lincoln by referring it as a badge job....it isn't.