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    How many manuals Vs. Autos produced for 2018?

    Looks like nobody cares.....
  2. When you wish to open a door for a client on a conventional four door sedan, they have to step toward the rear of the car to enter the vehicle...problematic especially for valet parking and retrieval whereas with a "coach door" set up, you step to the center of the vehicle to enter.
  3. According to Wikipedia (take that as you will), C1 has been succeeded by what is now referred to a Global C chassis..
  4. The only issue with that is then you'd have to open the front door first to then be able to open the rear doors...Can the B-Max even open the rear sliders without opening the front doors? Both doors, when closed, make up the "B" pillar for side impact protection due to re-enforcement of the rear edge of the front door and front edge of the rear slider and latches in the roof and floor.
  5. twintornados

    Part number assistance

  6. twintornados

    Electric 1967 Mustang

    One year older than my 1995 F150....love that old gal too...straight 6, 5 speed stick, XL trim....
  7. What people seem to forget is that Escape IS based on a Focus chassis...
  8. twintornados

    Electric 1967 Mustang

    Well, there it is then...Since I an a Ford fan....I normally don't google Ford stuff...preferring to come here for info instead....learned something new today.
  9. twintornados

    Electric 1967 Mustang

    Until today, I have never heard of 65-73 referred that way ever. Each subsequent body style change was referred to separately.
  10. twintornados

    Electric 1967 Mustang

    I disagree with this part.....a 1965 had little in common with the 1967 model that replaced it and the 1971-1973 model was so far different from the original that other that the short deck and long hood where completely different cars.....I still contend that 1964 1/2 - through 1966 were "Gen 1"....1967-1968 "Gen 2" 1969-1970 "Gen 3" and 1971-1973 as "Gen 4"...these years were very different from each other and not just cosmetic changes....
  11. twintornados

    Electric 1967 Mustang

    Someone needs to tell the Ruskies that the 1967 model was the SECOND generation of that iconic classic....
  12. twintornados

    Ideas to save the Continental

    That made me chuckle...
  13. Didn't the way fuel economy numbers were generated change a few years back that negatively impacted the test numbers?
  14. twintornados

    2020 Super Duty Spied

    Any more word on this new Windsor built V8 Medium Duty truck engine?
  15. twintornados

    Elon Musk admits Tesla nearly died

    I watched the 60 minutes segment with Elon last night...the guy is dancing along the thin line of genius and "bat-shit crazy".....but I gotta hand it to him....he is this generations closest thing to Henry Ford anyone has ever seen.... PS: Henry Ford was also described as both genius and "bat-shit crazy" in his time as well.
  16. twintornados

    Ideas to save the Continental

    Ahhh....revisionist writing at its finest....nice how you edited out the part of your comment that I underlined....c'mon guy.....the fact is, sedans are a dying breed, like station wagons before them. I can agree with your suggestions, but in reality, Continental will survive, just not as a sedan...
  17. twintornados

    Ideas to save the Continental

    That says it all....
  18. twintornados

    Ken Miles Letter to A.C. Cars: 01 October 1963

    Now THAT would be cool....
  19. twintornados

    FCA opening new assembly plant?

    While I am not an FCA fan boy, I am glad they are doing well enough to build / renovate a plant in Detroit creating more jobs....that is great news for the American working class in that area.
  20. Interesting indeed....
  21. twintornados

    Ken Miles Letter to A.C. Cars: 01 October 1963

    That was a really cool read.....