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  1. Hackett is on the record as saying they're going to go after different sub-segments within the same size bracket.
  2. justins

    More Tesla Woes

    JLR are doing them now as well. The Velar has auto retracting handles. I think the right balance are the ones where you push in one end and the other end pops out. Still sit flush with bodywork, and mechanically simple enough with no electronics to stuff up...
  3. justins

    More Tesla Woes

    Surely if we're going to see these types of door handles moving forward (as I assume we are due to aerodynamics if nothing else) they'll have to mandate some sort of accessible emergency door release?
  4. The problem with Ford in Oz is their rubbish marketing and poor dealer satisfaction survey results... Focus transmission problems from a couple of years ago are still hurting as well, I'd imagine.
  5. Ford did a few years back (for a few years until 2007) when they sold Brazilian (I think) spec F250s and F350s here. Then they stopped. Lord knows why.
  6. I think we're seeing the beginnings of a 3 or 4 tiered Ford. Euro / ROW, US / Canada, Developing nations, and China. I for one don't mind the idea of Ford Oz getting the Euro models - they tend to handle, ride, drive more to Oz tastes than the US vehicles. If anything, they've always been a little underpowered though. Edge (Endura) is a waste of space here. Wrong engine and wrong seating capacity. A 7 seat Escape will sell much better if priced correctly with the right engine.
  7. This. But with Endura only being available with 2l diesel and 5 seats in Oz, (neither of which are where the market is) and other small / medium SUVs now being available with 7 seats (CRV, Tiguan etc), I'm thinking we'll see a short life for Endura, this 7 seat Kuga become available, and I still think we'll see Explorer as alternative to Kluger / Acadia eventually. Endura makes little to no sense whatsoever in Oz as it stands. A cynic would say they're simply trying to offload excess volume once destined for UK.
  8. https://www.afr.com/street-talk/uk-strategic-testdrives-options-for-gms-holden-20190206-h1awoy
  9. https://www.whichcar.com.au/car-news/holden-owner-general-motors-to-leave-australia I'm trying to find the "media article" mentioned in the article.
  10. Does this then mean we could be looking at an additional vehicle in the F Series lineup? An F-EV, as it may be called?
  11. The benefit here, for Ford, will be amortization of development costs. How large that benefit is will have to be seen. It's not new for VW to use other makers for their vans - the previous gen Crafter vans were built by Mercedes Benz.
  12. Do we not think Lincoln will get the platform from the Mach E?
  13. justins

    2020 Explorer Spied

    Damn they be some big ass wheel arches! Tell me they're putting 19s as standard, with 20 or 21s optional...
  14. Autoline made a good point that GM haven't said they're CLOSING the plants per se, merely shuttering them. Autoline made mention of the fact that GM have UAW negotiations looming, and could be using the free plants as bargaining tools to wrangle concessions from UAW in return for new vehicles being produced in these plants.