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  1. The first Chrysler local to report voting results has voted NO by a margin of 65%-35%.
  2. fordd

    S.O.S. @ 228

    Is this true or just the usual contract rumor bs? What are the union guys saying about it?
  3. I don't know any details but I do know that letter in the link is a bs rumor.
  4. fordd

    Ford and IUAW want all health care in VEBA

    VEBA or not? I guess we will find out soon but this does not sound like it. http://www.autonews.com/article/20150906/OEM/309079971?template=mobile
  5. fordd

    Ford and IUAW want all health care in VEBA

    I am wondering if anyone has an alternative idea to what it is being proposed besides the usual vote no, strike or don't change anything? It seems to me the UAW is trying to make the best of a bad situation. Sure after a fight with the union they may agree to the demands but all that will do is accelerate the move to Mexico. Let's not be short sighted here. As far as the retiree VEBA, my dad retired with 42 years, has multiple ailments and has had a few surgeries since he retired and has hardly paid much out of pocket. Yes it was a little bit more than if his health insurance would not have changed but he is happy to have the coverage.
  6. fordd

    Ford Focus moved from MAP in 2018

    I don't think the issue is saving the Focus for MAP. That ship appears to have sailed. The issue seems to be what will now go into MAP. It is a huge bargaining chip for Ford if the UAW and its members do not want to see another plant mothballed in the U.S.
  7. Yes, it was pretty disappointing to say the least that the UAW was not mentioned as a union that was behind the efforts.
  8. This article shows how labor helped defeat the TPP, at least for the time being so maybe all unions are starting to wake up... http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/14/business/labors-might-seen-in-failure-of-trade-deal-as-unions-allied-to-thwart-it.html?_r=0
  9. fordd


    Its true that Sterling can be 100% entry level and have shed a lot of employees through transfers to Van Dyke but they just took on more than 100 master wage employees from Romeo that were going to be laid off.
  10. fordd

    Dues increase

    All I can say is that at the plant I work at, the people who got elected as delegates were all in favor of a dues increase. Everyone that voted knew it and they still got elected. The ones who were against it were clear about it as well. However, I did not speak to one person on the floor who was in favor of an increase. Perhaps name recognition played a part as it was all the same names that were in favor. Either way, majority ruled for my plant whether the people liked it or not.
  11. fordd

    2013 Profit Sharing

    When figuring out the eligible hours for profit sharing, do vacation/personal days and holidays get included or is it strictly hours worked?
  12. fordd


    Cmon now! You guys cannot really believe this is going to happen? There are alot of conspiracy theories on here that are somewhat plausible but this one is pretty out there. The union is not stupid enough to raise dues AND allow our wages to be brought down. It would be suicidal and a huge percentage would stop paying dues instead of the 15-20% (my opinion) that most likely will anyway. Is this just stirring the pot or do you have anything at all to base this one? Maybe I am a dreamer but I believe that in 2015 a plan will be hashed out to bring entry level up to master wages except maybe at the Sterling and Rawsonville plants.
  13. fordd


    Cool story bro but I heard $75,000 and a car voucher.
  14. fordd

    Michigan Assembly MAP C crew

    Well that answers my question...lol...
  15. fordd

    Michigan Assembly MAP C crew

    Will MAP go to a 3 shift 8 hour operation or a 2 shift operation?