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  1. Kumar is the man
  2. Anything? Escape? Hello?
  3. Maybe the Continental name lives on in the form of something else. Maybe the form of an... ev, perhaps
  4. Just noticed the rear wiper is hidden at the top of the rear windshield. Standards!!!!
  5. Torrey61

    So the Continental isn't dead?

    Are u sure they didnt whip that up right before the presentation? The bottom one especially looks like it was done in ten minutes with that scraggly ass line across the back...
  6. This may be nothing but throughout the promotional video, only ford vehicles are shown driving in the streets then towards the end this weird car is shown next to a fusion... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. zooming in- looks to be the voice command button?
  8. Not sold on the kink in the headlamps- why?? Otherwise,very well done.
  9. Hmmmm... I did see a Chinese market Taurus driving down Southfield road this evening. Coincidence?
  10. Torrey61

    '19 Focus Camo Spied

    I agree, looks big n ugly.
  11. Torrey61

    2019 Lincoln MKX renamed Nautilus

    First of all, Lincoln's website is a mess. There is no future vehicle page for the new MKC, the link just brings you to a media release page; and there's no comprehensive gallery or detailing on the Black Label Nautilus, which begs the question- do non-Black Label Nautilus' (Nautilii?) get side badging or no? also, those revel speaker grilles are NOT pleasant...
  12. Torrey61

    2019 Lincoln MKX renamed Nautilus

    The nautilus also has ties to the golden ratio or divine proportion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Torrey61

    2019 MKC first look

    interested in this Rialto green interior... a little annoying that all of the press material highlights that option yet there are no pictures of it