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  1. pmooret

    History Channel/F150 Weekend

    I misspoke when I threw all my siblings under the bus, remembered brothers son choose an Expedition for his last company vehicle.
  2. pmooret

    History Channel/F150 Weekend

    I have four siblings and none of them have ever used my a plan. One brother buys a fleet for his employees, not Fords.
  3. pmooret

    History Channel/F150 Weekend

    Because I sent pic from cell and didn't have grandson around to show me how to crop it, lol !!!
  4. pmooret

    History Channel/F150 Weekend

    Got pic today
  5. http://fordauthority.com/2018/11/ford-history-channel-team-up-for-six-hour-truck-week-in-america-television-event/ I just found out today that my nephew participated in the off road challenge in the first episode "Truck Night in American" that airs on Saturday. His truck "Good Times" is a '79 F150 that he has totally rebuilt for off road.
  6. pmooret

    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    Following orders is just a bullshit excuse. They had the option to resign/step aside from their position and go back to the line. Guess "Get a haircut and get a real job" doesn't apply to them.
  7. pmooret

    Pension questions

    Cecilmeyer, I looked at mine and it would run 422 a month for 100% spousal benefits. Better take another look more carefully so that you don't get surprised.
  8. pmooret

    Pension questions

    Do other companies reduce your retirement for spousal benefits or is Ford the only assholes who do that?
  9. pmooret

    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    I never have been one to rant and threaten to quit paying union dues as I just don't believe in doing that but KY is now a right to work state and I'm seriously thinking about doing it. Maybe if enough people stop paying dues they might get the message. Hell we can't even get a cost of living raise.
  10. pmooret

    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    If we don't get a 31% raise on our next contract then we should all vote no until either we get it or they renounce their raise and bring it in line with ours. This time we need to picket the union, no yes votes as long as these selfish bastards are the ones negotiating the contract. I can do this with a clear conscious. This bullshit needs to stop. All of these folks need to go. If you think about it this is actually embarrassing. I sure would like to be a fly on the wall (cloud) when these folks get to the Pearly Gates.
  11. My brother, a veteran who use to jump out of perfectly good airplanes, is in DC for a wedding and visited this memorial. He dedicated a poppy in honor of our uncle who died in the Battle of Saipan. You can dedicate a poppy online. https://communities.usaa.com/t5/Deployment-Blog/Show-Your-Support-This-Memorial-Day-by-Dedicating-a-Poppy/ba-p/121648 A little history about the exhibit: https://www.npr.org/2018/05/26/614703098/a-wall-of-poppies-honors-fallen-soldiers-on-the-national-mall The Poppy Lady http://video.foxnews.com/v/5790037559001/?#sp=show-clips Freedom is not free. Thanks to all of the Veterans!
  12. pmooret


    Most of the fees you mentioned are usually paid by the buyer and that may be why the attorney could not handle your transaction. Title search is required by the lender thus is charged to the buyer as part of their loan fees. I think, it's been a while, that the closing fee charged by the servicing company/attorney is split between the buyer and seller. Customary practices change over time so who knows who pays for what now. The one thing we know for sure is that Ford will squirm out of paying for anything that they can.
  13. pmooret


    Laws pertaining to real estate closings changed some years back and I would imagine Ford is trying to keep legal services at a minimum. Closings are no longer required by law to be done by an attorney, instead they are done by a servicing company. As a former real estate agent I can tell you I do not agree with this. I have sat in on several closings, two times it was my personal property, where the documents were not in order and corrections had to be made. If an attorney is closing the deal most of the time their office can handle what needs to be done to make the correction which one time included an additional title search for an adjoining piece of ground that they forgot to include in the transaction although the sales contract specifically spelled out that it was a part of the sale. I've caught errors in settlement statements. Now that I work for Ford and getting a day off is like pulling teeth it doesn't settle very well with me if I have to take an additional day off because the "servicing company" has to send their paperwork back to an attorney for corrections. Purchase agreements can be found in any office supply store or you can probably download one from the web if you have a printer. They pretty much cover everything and all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Regarding title checks, most lending institutions have an approved list of attorneys who they will accept a title search from and they don't go outside of that list. Closing and title search are done by the same attorney. No attorney will close a deal using a title search from another attorney. Correction, no attorney will draw up the paperwork and send it to a "serving company" for a closing with a title search done by a different office.
  14. pmooret

    IUAW Pre Occuplied ....

    Actually our labor cost accounts for less than 10% of the price of a vehicle. This is what was told to us by the company (complete with pie charts!) years ago when we still had a decent salary. However, since the concessions started some time back these pie charts have disappeared and are no longer a part of presentations.
  15. pmooret

    Referrals up to Three per Employee

    When you pay bananas you get monkeys!