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  1. pmooret

    It`s Gettin Close

    I'll vote yes when we get the same 33% raise they gave themselves. Of course as long as other plants have that archaic paper ballot voting system the union will continue stuffing the box to get the contract to pass.
  2. pmooret

    Retirement LIB

    Thanks for answers and questions, that sounds about right. So many don't understand the structure of our retirement and have no ideal what the Life Income Benefit is but I do know it has fallen behind on raises. The company always uses the divide and conquer method. When the two tier system started the next contracts concentrated on their retirement because it wasn't as good as ours. So over several contracts the 2nd tier has had raises or upgrades to their retirement so that they can catch up to us. But the way that they are catching up is due to legacy now getting any raises. Dayshift, don't forget when we gave up the cola raises the retirees lost their raise on the contracts that was gained by diverting our first cola to the retirees. Not only have future retirees not gotten a raise, past retirees haven't gotten a raise either.
  3. pmooret

    Retirement LIB

    Does anybody know the last time we got an increase in our retirement's Life Income Benefit? Decker? Anyone? Two, three contracts ago? How many?
  4. pmooret

    Let the BS Begin

    So did MAP vote yes or no on the last contract?
  5. pmooret

    Let the BS Begin

    Decker, at LAP and KTP we have voting machines. We usually vote first (go figure) and our plants always vote down the contracts too. At first I thought this was a good gauge of how the rest of the plants would vote but I've learned that isn't t so. Then I learned about the "ballot buckets". So my plant and your plant with voting machines voted down the contracts yet it passes in plants that have "ballot buckets". Perhaps the FBI can get these guys for voter fraud too.
  6. pmooret

    Let the BS Begin

    Decker, does CAP have voting machines or ballot boxes?
  7. Have our Unicare to pay from day one if you have outpatient surgery. I have hip replacement surgery scheduled and thanks to advancements in medicine/science the newer procedure is done on an outpatient basis but I will still be off for about two months. In the old days I would have been admitted to the hospital for the procedure and Unicare would pay from day one. Now that it is an outpatient procedure I believe that they don't pay until week two.
  8. A raise to our "LIFE INCOME BENEFIT"!!! We haven't had a raise to our retirement's "Life Income Benefit" for about 15-20 years. This is the dollar unit for every year that you work. It is somewhere just shy of $50 a unit so you multiply your years of service times the "Life Income Benefit" number. This has been the same dollar amount for too long now and doesn't even come close to keeping up with inflation. As a comparison Social Security gave a $60 a month raise on benefits this year.
  9. pmooret

    inspection cards

    I would try going through somebody you know at your home plant.
  10. pmooret

    inspection cards

    If you're referring to what is also called the "Travel Card" we don't use those anymore. All concerns are electronically entered into QLS.
  11. You all need to do something about those paper ballots. At LAP & KTP we have voting machines. If you think back you'll recall that we are usually one of the first plants to vote. That way they know how many extra ballots they need to stuff in the box. On the last contract we voted it down but then other plants passed it. You should bring this to the floor in your next union meeting and get voting machines before the contract. After everything that has recently come out about the union you need to take steps to ensure your vote tally is legit.
  12. Decker, Four Roses is in the same county where i live. On Friday nights after work I pass by there on the way down to my farm for the weekend. Each time I passed I slowed down, tooted the horn and waved. Same thing on the return trip. Hopefully since I was driving a F150 they gathered I was a union worker. Jim Beam Distillery is only a few miles on down the road and is where my late father was their Union President for many years. Many, many years back he was instrumental in negotiating a pension shortly before my grandfather retired. Years later my father was all set to retire on his 62nd birthday and passed away from a heart attach two months before his birthday in '94.
  13. Remember too that even though our labor cost for a vehicle is less than 10% they don't need to look elsewhere for a place to cut cost, IT HAS TO COME FROM THAT DAMN UNION WAGE. Hell, even Social Security gave recipients a 2.8% cost of living raise for 2019 yet Ford retirees haven't had a raise in forever and active legacy employees haven't had a raise to their pension "Life Income Benefit" for about 10-15 years. And don't forget the International got a 31% raise. Remember, they can only screw you if you vote for it.
  14. pmooret

    Announcement at LAP

    Straight from the committeeman's lips to my ears: Town Hall meeting for A-Crew on Thursday, B-Crew on Friday, and C-Crew on Saturday.
  15. pmooret

    Announcement at LAP

    Have you heard if that means we are going on 5 10's, anything like that? What about buyouts, will they be offered?