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  1. Ford hasn't been very consistent with the branding and look. The Vignale grille on Kuga and Edge is used on Titanium in China (there is no Vignale in China), and the Vignale Mondeo grille was used on Fusion Platinum here last year, and currently on Fusion Titanium. But Vignale does feature better looking (and probably better quality materials too) interior that is missing in the US counterpart (although they do appear in Chinese Titanium more or less).
  2. bzcat

    Ranger sales estimate

    Definitely fleet. Ranger was selling very little to retail towards the end. Retail customers were steered towards Sporttrac.
  3. bzcat

    Ranger sales estimate

    Just pointing out that if tested today, Ranger likely won't receive a 2 star like Wrangler, even without auto brake assist. The frontal, offset, and side impact standards hasn't changed since 2016. Ranger had good occupant crash protection. What's new since 2016 is the weighting places on the safety assist component, of which auto brake assist is one feature. But even there, I will point out Ranger scored more points than Wrangler. Anyway, this is somewhat off topic... feel free to continue discussion in the thread in competitor product area.
  4. The next big sort will happen in China. Not all the car companies there will survive, and not all the foreign companies will make it there either. If the auto industry was really open to foreign competition in China, all the foreign companies will buy out their JV and quite a few Chinese companies will probably be crippled without the JVs.
  5. bzcat

    Ranger sales estimate

    Ford Ranger was last tested in 2012 and it received a 5 star and reaffirmed in a review (but not full test) in 2016. The new one hasn't been tested. https://www.euroncap.com/en/results/ford/ranger/10926 Wrangler's poor rating is largely due to the poor occupant crash protection, not the lack of auto brake assist. With brake assist, it would have scored a 2 star... still by far the worst rating amoungst mid size SUVs (almost all the new ones are 5 star like Ford Edge). The driver and front passenger in Wrangler has significant risk of severe injury in a frontal and offset crash. A big bowl of not good. https://www.euroncap.com/en/results/jeep/wrangler/34192
  6. You know, you can actually look up what other vehicles got a 1 star NCAP score in 2018. It's in the link I provided in the first post. Hint, there is none. Something brand new shouldn't get 1 star. Jeep Compass received 5 star last year so it's not like FCA doesn't know what it is doing... I think they just choose to mail it in. FCA also has the honor of receiving a 0 star this year - Fiat Panda received a minor update this year and was tested... and received a ZERO star. To be fair, the car is several years old and very cheap. Wrangler is brand new and very expensive... there is no excuses.
  7. It's primarily a crash test so really no need to play semantics word games. Looks at the link I provided... JL has really poor crash protection for driver and front passenger - something that should not happen in a clean sheet design. The only other vehicles getting 1 or 2 stars are either ancient or really cheap 3rd world deathtraps. In the frontal offset test, it scored 3.9 out of 8. The IIHS would have rated it poor.
  8. How do you design a *brand new* vehicle and score 1 star in any published crash tests? Would have been 2 stars if JL had come with Automatic Emergency Braking. But 2 stars is still pretty pathetic. https://www.euroncap.com/en/results/jeep/wrangler/34192
  9. bzcat

    2020 Silverado HD

    I didn't make this... I just found it on the internet. Improvement? Maybe? 🤣
  10. VW has two MQB plants and one MLB plant in North America: Chattanooga (Passat, Atlas, upcoming Crosslbue coupe and Tanoak pickup) and Puebla (Jetta, Tiguan) are MQB and Audi's San José Chiapa plant is MLB (Q5). Their plan for after 2021 is to convert one of the MQB plant to MEB to make electric cars. The odds on favor is Puebla, which means VW will have to eventually move Jetta or Tiguan or both to somewhere else. Also, VW has been on the record that they are evaluating entering US "commercial" vehicle markets. If they do, they will probably need to build Amarok and a van or two in the US, Canada, or Mexico to avoid chicken tax.
  11. Weird... we can't edit old posts anymore? I updated my guess: 1. Los Angeles - Nov 2018: Escape + Aviator [done] 2. Detroit - Jan 2019: GT500 + Explorer [confirmed] 3. CES Las Vegas - Jan 2019: MACH E concept 3. Chicago - Feb 2019: Transit + Escape 4. Geneva - March 2019: n/a Focus ST 5. New York - April 2019: Bronco + Autonomous fleet vehicle 6. Shanghai - April 2019: Corsair 7. Frankfurt - Sept 2019: Baby Bronco 8. State Fair of Texas - Sept 2019: F-150 10. Tokyo - Nov 2019: n/a 11. Los Angeles - Nov 2019: F-150 hybrid MACH E production
  12. Yes, I think the 10" vertical screen and whatever version of SYNC the Chinese Kuga is running will be rolled out to the US next year. Obviously on all new models, it will be better integrated... the Kuga situation is weird because Ford is really desperate to stop the sales free fall in China so they rushed this out to market with an retrofit.
  13. It's not aftermarket. Kuga is the first Ford worldwide to receive the 10" vertical screen. Ford China made a big deal about it being the first in the world to have this feature that will roll out in other Ford regions. The 10" screen is standard on their version of SEL and Titanium. Their version of SE still has the 8" horizontal screen. https://www.ford.com.cn/suvs/kuga/features/smart/ https://www.ford.com.cn/suvs/kuga/gallery/#
  14. Why would they care about which badge is on the grille if they get to keep working? I don't think VW is really going to come in and take over managing the plant. It will still be a Ford factory and UAW shop. And most likely they will be building Ford version of the same vehicle anyway - i.e. if rumor is right that VW will basically rebadge Ford light commercial vehicles, Ford will just be building VW version of Amarok and Transit in its US factories.
  15. Vertical display like the 2019 Kuga in China?