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  1. bzcat

    Buick Enspire Spied

    Envision is Escape size. The outgoing Escape being one of the shortest one in the segment while Envision is middle of the pack length wise - longer than its stable mate Chevy Equinox but shorter than VW Tiguan or Nissan Rogue. I think Enspire is replacing Envision which won't be back any time soon due to the Trump tariffs. Not sure why that necessitates a name change but it's GM so don't ask logical questions. The concept car bearing the Enspire name was an EV but this one with long hood is clearly not an EV.
  2. And here is a photo of Ranger 2WD Hi-rider with 4WD ride height... similar to the US spec Ranger
  3. The ride height is the only significant difference between pickup trucks now and the 1980s. In the old days, 2WD pickup trucks didn't have the kind of suspension lift they do now. Things started to change in the early 2000s when fuel economy started to be footprint based so every car company started selling 2WD trucks with extra lift and suspension travel that were previously only fitted to 4WD. You can google images of overseas T6 Ranger 2WD with low suspension... it looks tiny compare to the US spec one which only comes with lifted suspension (low-rider suspension is standard on single cab, and hi-rider suspension is standard on double cab on rest of the world Ranger 2WD). Same thing with Tacoma... until 2015, you could get 2WD Tacoma with "normal" suspension. Now every Tacoma ships with lifts that were previously standard ride height on 4WD. I think Ford last offered a low riding 2WD F-150 in 2004? GM was the last one to offer a low riding fullsize. You could have bought a Silverado with short suspension as recent as 2010 I believe. edit: Ranger low-rider vs. hi-rider
  4. bzcat

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    Ford FCA combo would have dominated truck and van sales in the US and Canada so it would have a very difficult review by the Justice Department and whatever the Canadian Govt has to do. But it probably would have passed with some minor concession because the number of viable competitors remaining. And the combined company would be a force to be reckon with F-150 and Ram driving profits like no other, and Ford and Jeep SUV leading the segments. It's not a bad idea to kick the tires again now that Sergio (may he RIP) is no longer in the picture.
  5. Factual error in the article... it is not a "badge-engineered version of Ford's Chinese partner Jiangling's Yusheng S330 SUV." It is a badge-engineered version of Ford's Yusheng S330 SUV. The manufactuer is Jiangling Ford (not Jiangling), and the brand is Yusheng. Jiangling's brand is call Landwind and operates independently from Ford's brands which consist of Ford, Yusheng, and JMC.
  6. Ford probably has enough big hybrid police sedan fleet order to keep the lights on at Hermosilo so keeping retail sales going is an easy decision. The only question I have is what else is Ford planning to build at Hermosilo and how it can retool the plant without taking Fusion offline?
  7. FCA won't shut the Fiat plants in Italy. This is why the Renegade and 500X are build in Italy even though most of them are sold in North America. The only way to address low utilization of European plants is to produce more in Europe. I don't expect this to change with Renault-FCA merger. So naturally, the "synergies" will have to come from North and South America.
  8. No word on when the Korea plant will switch over to the new Tracker and Encore so we will continue to get the old Trax and Encore (in addition to the bigger Trailblazer and GX)
  9. bzcat

    Cadillac puts "truck engine" in CT4-V

    They already had V and V-Sport. They could have added something above V like AMG S or BMW's Competition Package if that's what they really wanted to do. Instead they downgraded the V to where V-Sport used to be. It's really a bunch of nonsense. No one will be complaining if CT4-V Sport had 320hp. That's about the ballpark for BMW M240i and Audi S3. But they are calling it CT4-V, which is a significant downgrade from the current ATS-V. Ditto CTS-V vs. CT5-V. It went from M5 slayer to barely able to keep up with mid trim Audi S4. Edit: also, CT4 is clearly just a facelift of ATS... talk about mailing it in.
  10. You deserve a medallion.
  11. The term "rebate" has a specific meaning. It is almost always means a reduction of sales price. If the rebate is a net reduction of sales price, it reduces the transaction price. In your example, the Camry ATP is 24,250 and the Fusion ATP is $23,000. If the incentives are applied after sales price, for example, trade in assistance towards down payment on new car, or lease credit towards cap reduction, it is not part of ATP. But those things are not called rebates. 0% interest also falls in this category of incentives that doesn't affect ATP.
  12. All the engineering development and validation were probably done in conjunction with Escape and Corsair so it won't need a separate mule testing phase. Some of the supposed Escape or Corsair mule could have very well been Scout mules... we just don't know because they are the same vehicles under the tophat. And of course Ford could test any Scout specific hardware with a new production Escape or Corsair body once those cars hit the dealer lot... so we really won't know at all if it is a Scout mule. I think what you meant to ask is the lack of Scout prototypes... which is the camouflaged test vehicle with Scout specific body panels. And it's too early to see prototypes yet. I think we will see some by late summer or fall.
  13. Ram Promaster is officially replacing the older Dodge C/V and Ford Windstar that USPS had in its fleet. They are primarily used for parcel delivery and not a replacement for the Grumman LLV.
  14. Regarding B-segment CUV... Here is what we know: Scout is not a B-segment CUV. The leaked photo showed dimensions roughly the same as Escape. It will probably end up being more expensive than Escape because Ford said so... "premium off road capable utility". Puma is a B-segment CUV based on prototype testing vehicle, roughly the same size as competitors. The only thing we know for sure is Ford will build it in Romania. EcoSport replacement is under development but India is likely going its own way with a Mahindra based platform while South America's EcoSport (if it survives Hackett's attempt to sell it to someone) will probably be paired with Ka. Here are the unknowns: How big is the South America EcoSport now that it is free of India's 4-meter constraint What will Ford do in China to plug the B-segment CUV hole What else is Ford planning to build at Cuautitlan... it is capable of 250k+ volume and MACH E will probably take up 10% of that initially, and maybe 25% of that in a few years
  15. The long supply chain can be overcome by adequate inventory - e.g. see EcoSport. However, the problem with Transit Connect is Ford couldn't offer that many build variation due to that long supply chain... (cost too much in inventory cost to stock every build combination) - something its fleet customers were not accustomed to. They had been spoiled in essence by the crazy assortment of build variations available on Ford's other commercial trucks and vans. But despite that, Ford still moved more than 50k in 2015 and was probably on pace to keep growing that business until the chicken tax lawsuit. Moving assembly to Mexico will help Ford expand the fleet business significantly and I'm sure volume will surge. Here is more detail on the lawsuit if you want to read it (from March 2019): https://www.autonews.com/automakers-suppliers/what-ford-van-tariff-engineering-case-could-mean-trade-war