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  1. Joe771476

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    Well I would assume they're being made in Turkey at least.
  2. Joe771476

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    Is the F-Max only available in tractor? Is the Cargo still being made? I assume yes. Two nice 2 minute videos. Disregard the "only 4 minutes" link above. Сила и мощь. Ford Trucks 4142D - YouTube Самосвалы Ford Trucks 3542D и 4142D - YouTube
  3. Joe771476

    Ford and VW partnership

    I thought Ford/Hackett has realized AV's aren't quite the future yet! Who wants to take a trip to Europe on a Boeing 737 MAX? I'll buy the tickets for ya!!
  4. Joe771476

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    Back when Ford was a powerhouse. Like I said before, now it's just an emaciated, emasculated entity. Right now, they should be the biggest mfr. of heavy trucks and farm tractors in the world! Ford should not have to tie up with the likes of VW. Anyway, notice the Ford backhoe. Why couldn't Ford buy up others? Why did they sell out? For shareholder value? You're kidding, right? Only 4 minutes. Ford Commercial Vehicle Range - 1968 - YouTube
  5. Joe771476

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    Could be a slight copyright infringement, unless it's a genuine Ford label down there in Brazil. No possible way to confuse them though. Not sure if the MAX name was a good choice for the Otosan F-Max with the Boeing 737 MAX fiasco. Again though, no confusion possible! Only 3 minutes. F-Maxx Torqshift Nº 28 ‹ Only Cars › - YouTube
  6. Joe771476

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    This truck takes the cake! Turns on a dime! Seems to me this concept would be great for long, single chassis aerial ladder fire apparatus. School buses too maybe. But I think just two steering axles would be enough! And I'm not sure if I've ever seen a set of DUAL wheels steering. Four axles on a fire truck would take away a lot of usable compartment space. It might require some driver training though! Yeah I know GM toyed with 4-wheel steering about 10 years ago I believe. I don't think most drivers could deal with the surprises. Tatra Kamyon 8x8 - YouTube
  7. Well, sadly, the software in the Boeing 737 Max didn't work well either. I won't go on one even when the FAA approves it! Let the pilots fly and the drivers drive.
  8. Joe771476

    Ford's fight to remain an icon

    good one wizard!
  9. I didn't want to start a new thread, but it deserves its own I think. This is a must-watch 8 minute video. Ford's Fight To Remain An American Icon - YouTube
  10. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Video is only 1:40 long. Check out oval emblem! Ford CL9000 Truck Walk Around - YouTube
  11. Gee, all they had to do was ask me and I would have told him AV's were a joke!
  12. Joe771476

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    I don't think those trucks were meant to be comfortable! They look like monsters!
  13. Joe771476

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    I think they had to license it from Ford, Budd held no ownership. But since you mentioned the Mack N series, check out these N-series Fords! Only 4 minutes. Ford N Series Trucks - YouTube
  14. Joe771476

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    Bob, did you check out what I'm guessing is a Mack in that Canadian fire dept video? I've seen some photos of Macks with the C-series Ford cab, but don't remember seeing those style door handles, wheel wells and grille.
  15. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Anybody seen this? Is that an Isuzu or a Mazda LCF? I didn't know a truck could blast through a jersey barrier like that!!!!!! LOL New Orange Vanilla Coke Coca-Cola Car Chase Commercial - YouTube