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  1. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    I was happy to see about five Class 4 or 5 Ford tow trucks on the cover of Tow Times magazine with an F650/750 medium in the middle, all from the same towing outfit. But what lurked inside was ominous. International's new CV class 4 and 5 trucks are of course targeting Ford's leadership and the cabs are the size of Ford's mediums F650/750. But just thinking, they might LOOK more powerful and intimidating, but will the extra weight and size translate into less maneuverability and less fuel mileage? I told you: VW, International, GM......all of them want a piece of Ford's action! So now it's time to go after THEIR action and enter Class 8!!
  2. you mean Ford nor anybody hasn't already had some kind of dual port and direct injection long before?
  3. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Chevy truck is on a print media blitz. A Silverado appears on about 6 magazine COVERS this month including 3 sports mags. And if it's not on the cover, it's on the inside flap! Also, what happened to the Lego/Ford connection? I just saw a trailer for the movie sponsored by Chevy truck! When I was at Legoland in Florida they had an Explorer made of red Lego bricks and Ford had a driving school for kids. What happened? Everybody wants a piece of Ford's truck biz, including VW, as in that alliance that is going to do nothing but screw Ford!
  4. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    This just in: Full page ad in Sunday morning's Hartford Courant says "The Rams already lost!" Now at first I thought they meant the LA Rams, right? And well probably they will lose--sorry Ram fans , but you have to admit the Patriots have to be the greatest team in history! I think Bob from MA will, agree! I'm gonna get a lot of flack for that! Anyway looking further down, the ad was a GMC truck ad and they mean Dodge Rams because the rest of the ad says "and so didn't the F150's and Tundras!" Notice they didn't say Chevrolet! Then it shows that new 6 position tailgate that GMC (and strangely not Chevy--yet!) is touting. I'll give them credit, it is impressive, as long as it doesn't experience problems. Also, check out "Ford Big Rigs Worldwide" on Facebook. And Bob, try not to cry! Coincidently, an article in today's paper also lists the positives and negatives if the Patriots had relocated to Hartford as proposed between then-Gov. Rowland and Robert Kraft some 20 years ago. By the way, do you think that print ad is being shown on the west coast!!?? I doubt it!! One more thing. I don't understand why they have GMC and Chevrolet trucks. Were they too proud to drop the GMC nameplate? I mean they both sell the same products! They would have been better off dropping GMC and Buick and keeping the Pontiac brand with its iconic Smokey and the Bandit and Knight Rider Trans Ams.
  5. Does the Ford figure include trucks? Why aren't GM divisions broken down?
  6. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    Didn't know that 7M3..thanks for the info. Meanwhile Ford has its work cut out for them. I found out about this BMC heavy truck mfr. which supposedly is one of the largest Turkish mfrs.! You can type it into your browser and come up with all sorts of sites and videos. On a side note and off-topic, there's another video that is sad (and unfortunately funny at the same time). Ever hear of ticked off Vic? I've watched a few more than once and I'm still on the floor laughing. Animal crackers, candy canes, bacon; Santa Claus; and ED are hilarious. However he has a Ford "steering wheel could come loose" recall video that bothers me as it should any loyal Ford fan. You can type it in your browsers; I'm not going to paste all these links in.
  7. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    If Ford came out with an ALUMINUM cab Class 8 vocational truck, the DOT's across America would scoop them all up since the salt they're dispersing is not only destroying commercial trucks, but it's also destroying their own trucks as well!
  8. Joe771476

    Details on Ford/VW Alliance

    Automotive News reports Ford is getting the short end of the stick, as I knew! Ford already leads in those categories, why give it away!? And Wall Street hates it too! It's a lose-lose for Ford! FORD: BACK OUT OF IT NOW!
  9. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    You may be right, but remember: When Daimler bought the class 8 L-series in 1997 and rebadged it Sterling, the deal was Ford couldn't go into class 8 for 10 years! I don't trust those Germans as far as I can throw them!
  10. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    I see the latest Ford truck commercials are promoting the theme "Built Ford Proud." But do you want to see real pride? Check out all the Turkish Ford Otosan videos on Youtube.....videos with engineers and CEO's proud of the Cargo and new FMAX. You'll see videos of the research and development facilities, test tracks, cute quirky promotional videos....you name it! You don't see that here in USA. Of course without a Class 8 offering, how can you be proud if you don't make a class 8 chassis worthy of a heavy duty COMMERCIAL fire apparatus protecting your community and children?! Or a school bus bringing your kids back and forth to school?! Or a tri-axle dump truck helping to build your highways and bridges!? What does Ford have here in the USA to be proud of? Some rinky dink emasculated mediums? Sickening.
  11. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    I think you'll see down the road that VW will demand that Ford cut back on it's overseas expansion into heavy trucks in Europe and Asia with the Cargos and F-MAX's. VW's Scania and Man truck divisions don't like Ford expanding into their precious territory! And why in the heck would Ford want to let VW sell a rebadged Transit? It seems everybody wants to build trucks these days. Jeep is coming out with a pickup and I thought International and even Mercedes was contemplating a pickup. GM/Navistar is going full tilt into mediums. Hino is going into class 8. It's time for Ford to enter Class 8! Ford: Get off your keisters!
  12. Well say goodbye to Ford Motor Company my friends! Well they had a good run....formed in 1903? Gone by 2023!!
  13. Some sure-fire bets would be: farm tractors (we all need to eat), class 8 trucks (as in dump trucks/construction vehicles), trains and buses (if mass transit really takes off). Not scooters, bikes, shuttle services!!! Autonomous vehicles? If you can show me an AV navigating Connecticut's highway traffic standstills, potholes and all around moronic drivers, then I'll buy it. Otherwise forget it! They might work in Nebraska, but not in New England!
  14. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    I see Sprinter is doing a TV media blitz touting their van's "Made in America", gas and diesel options etc. Let's hope Ford's Transit leadership won't result in complacency like it did with L-series heavy truck, Taurus, Lincoln etc.
  15. jpd80.........Ford isn't big in Europe quite yet, but they won the IAA 2019 truck of the year with the F-Max tractor and VW and Daimler are not happy! Also read my post in the "VW using Ford capacity" thread.