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  1. Fordowner

    bought a new car yesterday

    Better if you said..... made the mistake of getting a Camry and came back ....... Anyway how does the Fusion compare to the Camry? Does it have the full Nav/Sync screen? Or do all Fusions have that these days?
  2. What about people who already sold the cars and took a lower trade in from Ford due to the diminished market value caused by the dual clutch transmission
  3. I would be more worried about leaving a package that is visible to someone who might break the window in my car. But if you have a trunk or a covered hatch back area which I believe all the CUV's/SUV's have (?) its a great idea. Especially for someone who leaves their car at a train station or parking facility all day.
  4. Having a soft spot for the Focus and not wanting it to be discontinued here I like this Escape. The original Escapes were like small SUV's and that was good. The current Focus sort of looked like a compromise, and not something a Focus buyer would want. This Focus based Escape seems to be a good example of a White Space Vehicle. Will have to see it in person but it in the pictures it looks agile which is a good thing.
  5. The video visually is very good. And the guys voice and presentation style is good, he also matched his clothes to the interior well.......guess that's not hard just wear black and silver. He made a good point about ST's roots and reason for its following and why this looks Edge ST looks more like a product of the Marketing department than the ST people (which I always had the impression - true or not - was a small group semi independent from Ford). But as he said many of the ST features are good, just the price is high. But perhaps they are giving good discounts off the 50k.
  6. Interesting so this thread started over 3 years ago and thus the article is from 3 years ago. Is Hau Thai Tang still being groomed for something? https://www.autonews.com/article/20181126/OEM02/181129939/hau-thai-tang And after Ford used this Gorilla Glass hybrid on the 2017 GT Porsche used it on the 911 http://www.thedrive.com/news/22835/porsche-is-the-first-automaker-to-use-gorilla-glass-windows but using it on roll up windows can be a problem since it is so thin it can flex at high speeds.
  7. You know building a good truck engine isn't rocket science.
  8. I have never owned a truck, so for what it's worth when I saw it last friday in person at the Ford Dealer I thought it looked good and unlike the Fiesta's 10+ year old interior, it did not look dated. Makes sense to not spend a lot of time re-doing the sheet metal on this placeholder vehicle since most have not seen this truck before. Particularly for urban and suburban areas it certainly is a much more manageable size for finding places to park.
  9. it looks good and yes interesting lights, would be nice for these "whitespace" vehicles to have unique features, such as headlamps and grills.
  10. Fordowner

    2020 Super Duty Spied

    The Grill looks huge in that camo
  11. I don't care what anyone says hybrids are the fulfillment of the Soros agenda to take my coal and open the borders!!! Seriously though, I can imagine the huge benefits from a stop or low speeds that electric could apply. I have noticed a lot of Fusions hybrids, you have to look, that's probably a good introduction.
  12. I agree the shifter and drive condition knobs on the center console seem to take up to much room especially considering the driving condition knob i have to think rarely gets used. Our 2018 Mustang uses a toggle switch, which I like, though I rarely use it. As to places to use the phone, is that slot that is in front of and connected to the cup holders a for a cell phone? If its wide enough that would be a good spot - though if not designed right drink spills could be a problem.
  13. I don't know but since before August the selection of Foci has been very limited - so not surprised they are down to 12,000, more surprised they still have 12,000.
  14. In Fairness to Bloomberg I probably should have mentioned that it was labeled as an editorial by Chris Bryant who is not a reporter but a "opinion columnist." Anyway, i hope Ford doesn't have to shut a factory especially with Trump in the White House. As others said GM appears to have too much capacity.
  15. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2018-11-27/ford-gets-left-at-the-lights-by-general-motors Story ends with: "Ford could use some of Barra’s decisiveness." I had been thinking that Ford really dodged a bullet by right sizing before and making the shift from sedans to other types of vehicles by re-purposing existing plants rather than closing them. But the author seems to think Ford is behind. I don't know, Is Ford ahead or behind GM in this effort? To be fair to Ford and GM both weren't expecting to be victims of a trade war with a 1 billion dollar hit to their bottom line and the uncertainties tariff battles raise.