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  1. Motorweek said they are building the Coach Door for 2020. Didn't say how many.
  2. https://jalopnik.com/chevrolet-pulls-most-reliable-ad-after-being-challenged-1831800283 In a recent ad campaign, Chevrolet made the claim that their cars are “more reliable” than Honda, Toyota, and Ford. This claim is based on some very selective survey data that Chevy sponsored. Toyota has disputed Chevrolet’s claim—and now the ad’s been pulled from the rotation.
  3. MY93SHO

    TFL, Ranger at Moab

    I'd file that under: An exception, not the rule.
  4. MY93SHO

    TFL, Ranger at Moab

    What are you feeding your kids that their feces is burnt orange? CPS should come to your house. Amazing how every color someone doesn't like turn into "baby poop".
  5. Well, some people aren't happy if you hang them with a new rope.😀
  6. MY93SHO

    Atlis electric pickup

    Vaporware? A lot of amazing claims.
  7. MY93SHO

    "Real People" ads

    The group was then asked questions like do they own a Chevy (none of them did) and do they know what a J.D. Power award is (which none of them really knew). Then the walls began moving, revealing more cars as seen in the ads: The overall message is that these “Real People” ads are just two hours of crushing awkwardness and tricky mind games, where Chevy’s production crew recruits people off of the street for “market research”. https://jalopnik.com/somebody-from-chevys-dumb-real-people-ads-spoke-out-abo-1795489304
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-Ford-Ranger-XLT/202557917171?hash=item2f296487f3:g:bIoAAOSwTxJcMPB3:rk:1:pf:0&vxp=mtr Looks like they're trickling out to the rest of the country. If you look up 2019 Ranger on eBay you get 25 Tacoma ads.
  9. MY93SHO

    Atlis electric pickup

    Battery, it extends below the frame.
  10. You can tell the Taco is Japanese, 5500 rpm the whole way. Ranger was 41-4200 rpm.
  11. MY93SHO

    Ford Barra Straight-six successor

    Already out.
  12. And the coil springs are great for ride quality but they suck for towing. Ever see a late model Ram towing a boat with the headlights pointing at the moon?
  13. He was talking about a 2.7 until this hail damaged 3.5 appeared on his radar. Mr. Truck is kind of cheap.
  14. I read that, probably on Jalopnik because I remember people whining that they didn't want to put 95 in their crapwagon. How many manufacturers recommend 91? With all these turbo motors it would be nice to have access to the recommended fuel.
  15. I wish they would streamline fuel in this country: 87 and 93 only. no 89, 91, etc. Nearest 93 pump is an hour away and it's usually in the wrong direction. I know it won't happen but it would be easier.
  16. just pull them out of the way. https://jalopnik.com/aggrieved-tesla-owners-can-just-tow-trucks-blocking-the-1831430208
  17. It's not interesting, they are located in the Denver area.
  18. So far they've only drag raced a Tacoma.