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  1. MY93SHO

    TFL mpg test

    Remember: your results may vary.
  2. Did you watch the video above? Said the 6.2 was available in the F600.
  3. The half ton 10 speed is very close in length and weight to the 6 speed it replaces and that handles 510 ft/lbs in the Raptor/ Limited and 650 ft/lbs in the Camaro ZL1.
  4. MY93SHO

    RAM Multifunction Tailgate

    No it wasn't.
  5. No, it's an 8 speed hydromatic. Ford had nothing to do with it. The half tons have the same problem. At one time we couldn't get the special Mobil 1 atf fluid for it because of the demand.
  6. Found this late last night. Sound high to me but who knows. Thinks he's full of it? Discuss.
  7. Just watched a TFL video where the owner says his second gen Raptor does 2 mpg better towing than his 1 st gen. More hp/tq and better mpg.
  8. MY93SHO

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Short video of the 7.3 at Windsor.
  9. To bad chevy isn't around, you were always braver when you hid behind him.
  10. Because it looks like they took a sawzall to an Odessey Van. It looks worse than the first generation. It is a capable vehicle, kudos to anyone that wants one. I'll never have one.
  11. MY93SHO

    F150 Electric Spied

    The chevy HD has the block heater plug in the bumper in that area. Hope Ford integrates theirs like that.