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  1. My brothers 2016 Ram has and 8 speed. And a dial shifter. The 2019 Ram 2500 with a 6.4 has an 8 speed and a dial shifter. Good luck finding your new 2018 6 speed, Ebay motors says "zero results".
  2. It was stated on Jalopnik: When a Camaro backs into a Pep Boys.
  3. Doesn't make any sense. Tremor S.Duty is crew cab only. Why would F150 Tremor be a regular cab short box which they don't even produce? An F150 Tremor would be a crew cab, possibly a Super cab. A mule that doesn't represent what you could actually sell doesn't make sense.
  4. MY93SHO

    R-134A phaseout

    My 2018 F150 has the yf refrigerant.
  5. They've been putting 5.0 Windsor motors in Miatas for years. I think that's moved to LS motors now.
  6. How is Bronco a sub-brand? A sub-brand of what?
  7. Orange man isn't aware of what day it is.
  8. MY93SHO

    TFL: Silverado 1500 diesel

    Was behind a chevy yesterday. The "CHEVROLET" so high up on the tailgate was just off-putting.
  9. MY93SHO

    Clay Bar Recommendations

    Used Mothers on the truck and both motorcycles. No problems.