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  1. cyberdman

    2020 Explorer

    No that is fine. It started production this morning. No other updates than that.
  2. cyberdman

    2019 Ranger Lariat

    Nice. I hope it is a really good truck for you.
  3. cyberdman

    2019 F-150 Lariat

    In Transit - Arrived Rail - Railcar # TTGX965176 (Norfolk Southern Corp ) Ptwilming, DE May-17-2019, 06:15 ET. ETA May-25-2019
  4. cyberdman

    2019 Ranger Lariat

    That is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing and I really hope you enjoy it. Glad it finally came.
  5. cyberdman

    2019 Ranger Tracking

    You can ask again on Jun 10th per the rules.
  6. cyberdman

    2019 Ranger Lariat

    You know all the latest details, there is nothing else I can tell you. It takes as long as it takes. A lot of other Ranger orders are also waiting.
  7. cyberdman

    Super Duty Tracking

    Your day was moved up to 4/30! Awaiting Shipment - Released Ford Kentucky Truck Plant 2, KY May-01-2019, 00:00 EDT ETA May-26-2019.
  8. cyberdman

    2019 Mustang GT

    Excellent. Thanks for the picture. Looks great. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.
  9. cyberdman

    Status of my Mustang GT

    This marks the end of our tracking. It won't have anymore updates in the system because it is going somewhere else now. Good luck. Delivered - Final Delivered (United Road Service ) E9Z115 - Faps-foreign Auto Prep Service Newark, NJ May-02-2019, 14:47 ET.
  10. cyberdman

    2020 Explorer

    Scheduled to Day (2019-05-21)
  11. cyberdman

    2018 Ford Explorer 4X4 Sport

    You obviously have no idea why this forum is here. Beforehand you should have read the rules of this forum, posted directly at the top. I know you haven't otherwise we wouldn't be here right now. When you decide to order yourself a new vehicle, create a new thread for that and I'll track for you.
  12. cyberdman

    Status of my Mustang GT

    In Transit - Arrived at Intermediate Point (Csx Transportation ) Connellsv, PA Apr-29-2019, 22:53 ET. ETA May-09-2019
  13. cyberdman

    2019 Ranger Lariat

    In Transit - Received - 1 1 20 (United Road Service ) Ramp 5R, Twin Oaks, PA Apr-26-2019, 13:45 ET. ETA May-07-2019
  14. cyberdman

    Tracking my Nautilus

    Scheduled to Week (Week -of Jun-17-2019 )
  15. cyberdman

    Status of my Mustang GT

    Awaiting Shipment - Released - Ramp 51, Flat Rock, MI Apr-22-2019, 00:00 EDT