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  1. cyberdman

    2019 Ford Mustang GT Premium

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing and enjoy.
  2. cyberdman

    2019 FORD RAPTOR Tracking request

    In Transit - Received - (Adcock Northeast Auto Transport Inc ) Ramp 73, Markham Yard, IL Nov-12-2018, 14:40 CT ETA Nov-25-2018
  3. cyberdman

    2019 Edge Titanium

    In Production - Produced - Ford Oakville Assembly, ON Nov-07-2018, 00:00 EST. ETA Nov-28-2018.
  4. In Transit - Received - LA493 (Norfolk Southern Corp ) Ramp 2R, Buechel Locatio, KY Nov-07-2018, 14:15 ET. ETA Nov-25-2018.
  5. cyberdman

    2019 Mustang GT Premium

    That is excellent. If I could I'd order one exactly like it. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!
  6. cyberdman

    2019 Mustang CS/GT Ordered

    You can ask again on 12/3 per the rules.
  7. cyberdman

    tracking request

    You had a VIN and you are just now giving it to me? Seriously? Why do all you folks keep trying to make this harder. An order number could include any number of vehicles, a VIN is 1 vehicle - yours. I don't do speculation, I just give you the latest status. Your vehicle was produced on October 4th, that is it, that is the latest status. Maybe they haven't been shipping them yet. IDK
  8. You are worrying about this way too much for no reason. It will get there eventually. Remember what the 'E' in ETA is for? In Transit - Received - 1I007 (Hansen And Adkins Auto Transport ) Ramp 34, Mesquite, TX Nov-06-2018, 20:06 CT. ETA Nov-12-2018.
  9. cyberdman

    2019 Lincoln Nautilis

    Scheduled to Day (2018-11-22)
  10. cyberdman

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    It has been produced, but no updates or movement since. In Production - Produced - Ford Oakville Assembly, ON Oct-23-2018, 00:00 EDT. ETA Nov-15-2018.
  11. cyberdman

    2019 Ford Ranger 4x4 Crew Cab

    2019 Ranger - VIN 1FTER4FH8KLA02483 Scheduled to Day (Dec-17-2018)
  12. cyberdman

    2019 FORD RAPTOR Tracking request

    Ok got it. 2019 F-150 - VIN 1FTEX1RG8KFA09469 Scheduled to Day (Nov-05-2018)
  13. cyberdman

    2019 Edge Titanium

    Scheduled to Day (Nov-06-2018)
  14. cyberdman

    2019 Mustang GT Premium

    AWESOME, thanks for sharing.