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  1. I think it was some sort of adjustment, I received a check for $45, much less than the usual dividend check.
  2. DrX

    vandyke plant

  3. DrX

    vandyke plant

    I heard 53 second round in September, i guess the official announcement is Friday well see. What kills me is the 40 some odd temps with 2017 seniority get to stay and people with 2000 seniority go, how F-up is that. Thanks again 2280 great negotiations skills once again.
  4. DrX

    vandyke plant

    62 to sterling the first week of August 😀
  5. DrX

    vandyke plant

    last i heard was 100 to Romeo in august....
  6. DrX

    vandyke plant

    400 VD peeps to Sterling in August
  7. The small SUV is already here,its called the Eco Sport and its made in India. Its the first vehicle sold in the US that's made in India. A-Plan price for a fully loaded AWD titanium is around $26,000.
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    The Van Dyke way is to bring them in every 5 years and never hire anybody and screw everyone else for the next 30 years!!
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    I heard Van Dyke was doing this retroactively...
  10. DrX

    Van Dyke layoff

    All sorts of rumor's anyone know what's really going on?
  11. DrX

    Van Dyke

    I heard that people were needed to cover the summer FLMAs and vacations. That what I heard so you know how that goes.
  12. DrX

    Do yourself a favor!

    What kind of Interest rates is that fund paying these days? :shrug:
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    you should be thankfull Ford let's you come to work each day. Are all Ford plant filled with crybabies? :hysterical2: