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  1. To the average customer, that is a distinction without a difference. They are based on the same platform. At the end of the day, what matters to paying customers (95+ percent of whom do not follow automotive blogs or websites) is that Corsair looks and feels different than the Escape. It looks very different from an Escape, and I'm sure that its "feel" is different, too.
  2. Autoblog is technically correct...but customers don't care, as long as their friends and co-workers can't see the resemblance. Lincoln has nothing to worry about on that score with this crossover. The new Cadillac CT5 is built on a Cadillac-exclusive platform, and does not look particularly distinctive or even luxurious. An exclusive platform is not a panacea.
  3. grbeck

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    This will be interesting...the Corvette offers terrific performance, but some of the interior trim comes off as chintzy. But the price (compared to many rivals) and performance made that easier to accept. If GM moves the Corvette up dramatically in price, there could be considerable resistance, as there has been with the some Cadillacs.
  4. Reading this makes me happy on a Monday morning. I was concerned that Ford was going to jettison its European operations.
  5. As others have noted, the bailout essentially short-circuited any cultural change at GM or the UAW. Selling Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar may have been the equivalent of picking the low-hanging fruit, but GM didn't unload its money-losing acquisitions until it was forced to do so during the bailout/bankruptcy. At least Ford did get rid of them before they became even more of a long-term drain on the bottom line.
  6. Perhaps the question was, "Can a manufacturer make a vehicle uglier than the late, unlamented Pontiac Aztek?" Toyota's answer is, "Yes, look at this."
  7. By 2004, Honda dealers could no longer hold out for full sticker on the passenger cars. There was too much competition, and Honda itself was no longer facing manufacturing constraints when it came to cars. They most likely could have held out for full sticker on the CR-V. But, you're right, the deals were better on the Focus than on the Civic. It worked out for us, because her Focus turned out to be a very good car. We kept it for 12 years and 239,000 miles. The only major repair was an alternator replacement at about 150,000 miles. It finally needed some major repairs, which is one reason we traded it for an off-lease 2014 Escape SE.
  8. It would depend on the trade. If you bring in, say, a 1999 Taurus or 2002 Focus, I doubt that the dealer will give you much for it no matter what. Most people just want the dealer to take it off their hands. Before we were married, my wife had a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier with over 100,000 miles on the odometer, serious engine problems and a non-working air conditioner. This was the fall of 2004. The local Honda offered her a whopping $100 for it if she traded on a new Civic. The Ford dealer gave her a decent trade-in allowance (I believe it was $1,000) on a brand-new 2005 Focus SE sedan, which turned out to be an excellent car. But I'm sure there the dealer made it up somewhere else. That $1,000 was most likely designed to make her feel better about the total deal.
  9. grbeck

    Huge rebates on Chevy 1500s

    I don't know about other states, but in Pennsylvania, the higher trim levels of the F-150 have become what the Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Continental sedan were in the 1970s.
  10. The XT6 seems more like a rush job in response to dealers clamoring for a crossover of that size and price. The CT5 shows more evidence of the cost-cutters' handiwork. This car leaves me scratching my head...the sedan segment has been declining for years now. This entry, which strikes me as a half-hearted effort, isn't going to get anyone out of an Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz or Tesla. So why bother...?
  11. And that approach has obviously been failing for well over a decade now...
  12. Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell are rolling over in their graves right now... That C-pillar area and rear window look very untidy. Overall, as others have noted, it does not look like a premium sedan.
  13. So Cadillac is using a method to measure torque not commonly used in this country, and the resulting nomenclature doesn't even accurately reflect the powertrain's torque. This will turn out well...
  14. I don't care for the EcoSport either, but they appear to be more in tune with current market demands than the Fiesta, judging by the sale figures and what people are willing to pay for one.
  15. According to the sales chart, the EcoSport is close to matching the Fiesta in sales. If the sticker prices of the ones stocked by our local dealer are any indication, those EcoSports are selling for much higher prices than the Fiestas are.