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  1. Very much agree. I'm not wild about crossovers/SUVs, but this looks good enough to make me actually want one. Although I'm not a fan of this trend to black-painted wheels. Unfortunately, Honda and Acura are doing this, too.
  2. grbeck

    2020 HD Silverado

    I couldn't initially place my finger on it, but I felt like I'd seen that front before. Then I remembered - the "Mammoth Car" from the old Speed Racer cartoons.
  3. The Honda Civic and Accord are also commonly traded in for Teslas.
  4. grbeck

    2020 GMC Sierra HD teased

    There's a place for that approach to design, particularly with full-size trucks. The problem is that the Chevrolet front is, in its own way, over-the-top. Plus, the Chevrolet is genuinely unattractive. GM is apparently intent on cornering the market for the bombastic approach to design.
  5. grbeck

    2020 GMC Sierra HD teased

    It's the 1959 Cadillac of truck grilles.
  6. grbeck

    Reuss on Cadillac: "One Last Chance"

    An ambitious repositioning of a floundering division that will require superb engineering, top-notch marketing and intensive public relations efforts - all led by GM management. What could possibly go wrong...?
  7. It reminds people that Lincoln exists. Cadillac and Lincoln face different challenges. Cadillac has to overcome almost three decades of marketing misfires (Cimarron, too-small DeVilles and Eldorados of the 1980s, Catera) and disastrous powertrains, starting with the variable displacement V-8 of 1981 on through the NorthStar. Lincoln has to remind people that it still is around. If you ask people about Lincoln, they either remember the Town Car, or say "He was the President during the Civil War." The Town Car is still respected for its durability, but few people pine for the car that took them from the first-class hotel to the airport.
  8. The XT6 has most likely been rushed to market in order to placate dealers screaming for a crossover of this size.
  9. Yes, but those were rear-wheel-drive Cadillacs. According to internet car enthusiasts, those rear-wheel-drive ersatz BMWs should have sold faster than the factory could build them.
  10. This identity crisis is well into its third decade.
  11. This will pass for GM. No matter what Trump says, most politicians understand that GM cannot keep plants open when there is no demand for the vehicles being produced in them. And with passenger cars sales sinking for virtually every manufacturer, this can't be solved by simply telling GM to make a better Cruze or CT6. I believe that the bigger challenge facing GM is the mixed reception its new pickups have received.
  12. grbeck

    GM Novenber 2018 Sales

    So much for the "bump" in passenger car sales that other manufacturers were going to experience in the wake of Ford's announcement. Over at Honda, Civic sales are down for the month (by almost 30 percent!), and while the Accord was up for the month (by a whopping 1.6 percent), it is still down for the year. These are two class-leading products. The CR-V is by far the best-selling Honda. I wish there were some way for Ford to keep the Fusion and Focus, but I can understand the reasons behind its move.
  13. The XT4 and XT5 look good - although, up close, some of the details show ragged edges on the XT5s I've seen - but I don't seem them as "game changers" for Cadillac. The new Aviator, on the other hand, will probably "conquest" a fair number of sales from other brands.
  14. Wow - I really like it. And I haven't been wild about crossovers. But this is exactly what the market wants.
  15. This type of story never seems to take into account a critical factor - namely, the vehicles each company is producing, or plans to produce. The Cadillac XT4 and new Silverado/Sierra have been received without much enthusiasm by reviewers, and one insider on another site has claimed that the interior of the Blazer is worse than that of the Silverado in terms of quality. GM's new vehicles have been - to me, anyway - somewhat underwhelming. And Cadillac is still a mess. (Whatever one can say about Lincoln, at least Ford has not spent barrels of money on it without much to show for it.) The Lincoln Aviator looks like a home run, and I'm guessing that the new Explorer will be, too. And the "Baby Bronco" looks like a winner. It's a more than a little premature to say that GM is winning the race.