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  1. Platinum and ST are priced high but they also have very little direct competition from the main stream brands. What is more concerning is limited pricing which is higher than most competitors that start at that equipment level in the mid to high $40k range.
  2. hahnk37

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Pricing appears competitive at the lower end base and xlt but the upper end limited does not seem competitive when compared to other 3 row SUVs such as Telluride that was just released.
  3. They should provide the lead foot color front the se f150. Great color!
  4. hahnk37

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Disappointed to see the sport appearance package go. Hopefully it makes a return.
  5. hahnk37

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I really like the design. It’s simple and keeps the elements that are great in the current design. Not over styled like most new vehicles. the 10” screen doesn’t bother me. How do you better integrate a screen that tall? Either the dash gets really high and reduces visibility or the screen ends up really low and hard to see.
  6. hahnk37

    2020 Explorer Spied

    I the press release for the Jan 9 reveal Ford specifically mentions this explorer as “most advanced and adventure-ready version ever”. I’m thinking maybe this is where the timberline trim is utilized to create something slightly more off road capable. Not bronco level but maybe Grand Cherokee level. The drivetrain change has me curious as to options available. Thoughts?
  7. I could be wrong but it feels like there is more to come. If/when they add Raptor a higher output engine will also come. Currently they stop the trims at Lariat. Seems like there is room for a platinum version with a 2.7 liter ecoboost. I guess well see.
  8. I agree, I hope this is not it. Was really considering a ranger but now shifting back to F150.
  9. hahnk37

    2019 Chevy Silverado

    Definitely not a fan of the disjointed side character line. It willl be interesting to see the standard chrome and body color versions of the front. To me it might be too busy on the front. Hopefully this will push ford to get rid of standard halogens a lower models. Obviously Chevy will continue with hid and led.
  10. hahnk37

    '18 F150 First Drive

    It's the special edition package available on XLT and lariat
  11. hahnk37

    2018 F-150 Revealed

    Actually the only items I couldn't get on the XLT was power folding mirrors, leather and led lights. Just disappointing when you can get compact cars with led and the base Silverado with HID and led and the XLT has halogens on $50,000 truck. Guess I'll wait for a used one.
  12. hahnk37

    2018 F-150 Revealed

    The one item I was hoping would change is adding LED lights as standard equipment. Still looks to be only Lariat and higher trims.
  13. hahnk37

    Wards calls out Ecoboost

    The comparison of the 3.5 EB to the 5.0 is not exactly apples to apples either. If I recall correctly the 3.5 is a more powerful engine, more in line with the 6.2. If mileage is compared to the 6.2 the mileage should favor the EB.
  14. hahnk37

    2015 F-150 Order Guide

    Any idea if leather seating will be available with XLT?