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  2. One of the reasons I got an automatic and the stuff like adaptive cruise and memory seats was so my wife would feel comfortable driving the Mustang on road trips. Unfortunately, she was scared to death of it. You would have thought I brought a loaded AR15 into the house. Eventually, after some cajoling, I got her to drive it. She was super cautious and drove it very gently. Finally, I got her to pull onto a lightly traveled county blacktop road and asked her to stop, set the exhaust to "track," the drive mode to "dragstrip," and to punch it. She did. Her eyes got as big as silver dollars and her response was, "You need to get me a helmet so I can drive when we go to the strip."
  3. If my wife took it in complaining that it was too loud, I doubt if they would put on a new resonator under warranty. 😁
  4. Akirby perfectly clarified the difference between "voiding the warranty" and denying coverage for a specific failure due to a modification. I see this terminology confused constantly on the Mustang forums and on Facebook. I have had aftermarket tunes on 3 different vehicles. Between the 3, warranty has covered caliper brackets/ brake pads, transmission range sensor, new instrument cluster, new power seat module and an update to my telematics communication unit. The only car I haven't tuned is my current Mustang. All I have done so far is a resonator delete but it will be getting an E85 tune in the spring.
  5. I don't claim to speak for all of the straight liners. However, in chatting with guys at my local drag strips, I think most guys prefer to mod their cars rather than just buy a drag special. It is not all financial either. I see guys with modified Mustangs who I KNOW have the resources to buy Hellcats, GT500s, Corvettes or whatever. It is really more about the pride of having something special that they...or their money....created. As others have said, it is mostly the internet or magazine racers who complain about this or that.
  6. Yeah, the straight line guys have plenty of options.
  7. From C & D Ford says the GT500 will do zero to 60 in the mid-three-second range, which we think might be a bit conservative (an automatic ZL1 will do a 3.4). The company further claims a quarter-mile run of less than 11 seconds, a good half-second quicker than the ZL1. In both performance parameters, the GT500 should trounce the Hellcat. Yes, even the 797-hp Hellcat Redeye Widebody. Advantage: Ford.
  8. Hmmm......If someone wants to buy me the car, I will take it but I will need to whack off that wing and rip off the white stripes along the rocker panel. I love the mechanical aspects of it, the interior and even the front end (to a degree) but that wing and side stripes are a bit much for my delicate tastes.
  9. I am not sure that I can think of a time in history when Ford was more competitive in terms of performance. Certainly the so called "total performance" days of the 60s saw Ford winning races but it didn't really carry over to the street.
  10. I could go either way on the shifter but I would like to see them use a rotary dial for the drive modes instead of a toggle.....or at least make the toggle bi-directional.
  11. That displacement disadvantage is more than made up for by the DOHC 4 valve per cylinder configuration compared to the pushrod 2 valve competition. Camaro SS owners learn that when they line up against a 2018+ 10A Mustang GT.
  12. I don't understand the desire for a manual in this car. I totally understand and agree with the fun factor of a manual. Thankfully, one is available on a GT350 or regular Mustang. However, the GT500 is the all-out performance model. Replacing the DCT with a manual would dilute that performance. I love the car but it will be too rich for my blood.
  13. That level of power would seem to be adequate. 😀
  14. Those Internet/Motor Trend/C&D racers might just have their cake and eat it, too. The GT500 is not a one trick pony but I suspect it will be one QUICK pony.
  15. Looks to be a magnificent well rounded package. Answers the Camaro ZL1 in a big way.