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  1. After being active on Lincoln and SHO forums for years and then getting involved with Mustang forums and clubs a couple of years ago, I see a HUGE difference in how the different types of buyers react to an issue. Not to paint with an overly broad brush but the Mustang group tends to be much more vocal, whiny and "herd mentality" than the others when it comes to complaining on social media. They also seem to believe more of what they hear or read without doing proper research. Just my observations.....
  2. I should do rev-matched downshifts and should be smooth. I have heard of a few cases where the engine rpm "hangs" briefly during downshifts causing a bit of a lurch as the rev-matching takes place. I thought that was more prevalent with the Ecoboost, though. I I have been extremely pleased with the way mine shifts. (knock on wood) If I didn't look at the gear position in the instrument cluster, I don't think I would even know it downshifts.
  3. There have also been complaints of harsh engagements and rough shifts with the A10 in Mustangs. PCM reflashes usually fix those issues. It seems that many Mustang owners complain loudly and often before actually taking their cars to the dealer for a fix.
  4. Oh yes, there is a tsb for the 10A. No Upshift Past Second Gear Fails To Achieve Third Gear Ratio – Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0757 And P2701 – 2018 Ford Mustang oemdtc June 22, 2018 Diagnostic Tips
  5. I have no doubt that driver abuse plays a role. There is a service bulletin on the 2018s, though. Since Ford issued service bulletins for the 2018 M6 shift forks as well as the engine ticks and rattles, the social media storm has subsided somewhat. It was brutal for awhile on Mustang forums and Facebook Mustang groups.
  6. I understand the point of styling changes to stimulate sales. Personally, I care more about upgrades under the skin but I am probably not typical. The 2018 Mustang was a pretty significant upgrade over previous models due to the 10 speed automatic, the configurable instrument cluster, the Gen 3 Coyote engine and a few other things. Sales would be stronger if not for all of the chatter about engine ticks and rattles as well as issues with the 6M shift forks. Mustang enthusiasts likely pay more attention to social media than buyers of automotive appliances. I am absolutely convinced that the endless complaints on of engine noises scared off some potential buyers.
  7. brucelinc

    Don’t buy a Ford

    I have found the sales team at North Country Ford/Lincoln in Coon Rapids to be excellent.
  8. brucelinc

    ceramic seats versus 401A option group

    I would have liked to see both ceramic and tan seats offered with 401A. However, Mustang already offers more options and combinations than any other Ford except the F150 so I guess there is a limit to what is practical from a production perspective. I doubt if ceramic or tan seats are particularly popular which is one reason that I like them. I had ceramic seats on my black 2016 and thought they looked great. When I decided to order a 2018, I knew I wanted the 401A package so I went with showstopper red seats.
  9. The owner's manuals for both my 2017 Lincoln and 2018 Mustang mention fuels under 87 octane in high altitude areas. They specifically say that those fuels are not recommended. The manual for our 2014 Taurus also calls out fuel under 87 in high altitude areas and do not recommend it for the SHO.
  10. I think their TV spots are excellent....promoting the active lifestyle people, showing off-roading, power-sliding through snow, etc. They show the terrain management system, locking differential, and bash plate. At the end of the spot, they say, (paraphrasing) "for going to the grocery store, any truck will do.....for those looking for adventure, there is only one choice - the Ford Ranger." It is almost as though they realize that for a daily driver, grocery getter, the Ranger may be lacking some features and ride quality. However, for those that use it as a fun truck, it is great.
  11. The only "live" TV I watch is the evening news and NASCAR races. There is a Ranger ad every night on Fox during the news hours. My dealer has 2 in stock and 14 in transit. There are several Ford dealers in the area that may have more.....or not.
  12. I don't know how they are selling in my area but the TV ads for them are shown frequently. There are also bill board ads. The TV spots are excellent, IMO. I see the following ad about every night:
  13. The current Ranger is a very competent entry into the market.....Oh wait.....This is not 2011! Never mind....
  14. Try doing a signal refresh. Sirius can do it for you or you can do it yourself online.
  15. brucelinc

    Please Explain How Turbos Function

    Like any other engine, turbo engines deliver best fuel economy with lighter throttle input and max power is achieved with heavy throttle. I sort of look at turbo engines like having 2 engines in one. Let's say you have a 3.0 liter V6 engine. Drive it reasonably, staying out of the boost and it delivers top fuel economy like a 3.0 V6 should. Drive it harder and it delivers power like a much larger engine...... but also uses more fuel like a much larger engine.