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  1. Well Ford Europe announced an all-new Import they will show in April. What it is? Who knows...
  2. ausrutherford

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    I was actually thinking about how many vehicles they sell in Mexico, but yes, Cuautitlan needs more product. It can build up to six vehicles...time to use its potential.
  3. ausrutherford

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    There is the baby-Ranger's crossover sibling in there too. Mach E as well. And the Corsair, baby-Lincoln crossover, and its electric.
  4. ausrutherford

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    Well their Mexican sales could use a boost.
  5. CY21 would make logical sense if Ford kept up with their 3 year and 3 year lifecycle. Switching the Edge and Nautilus to RWD would be smart for it would be easier to allow Oakville to become Explorer overfill as well.
  6. ausrutherford

    New light & medium duty news

    VW and Ford are not getting into bed when it comes to those trucks. VW nor Ford is in a position in the partnership to tell the other not to produce a product.
  7. ausrutherford

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    It is. Large sedans are popular there and Chinese imports are easy to do, so it makes sense to switch imports from US to China.
  8. ausrutherford

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    It was a joke... lol
  9. ausrutherford

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    Well I think they will start exports to the Middle East once Taurus stops in Chicago.
  10. ausrutherford

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    It needs more character. The current one is a snoozer.
  11. ausrutherford

    Ford mondeo

    Mondeo will survive for China.
  12. ausrutherford

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    Ford will be called Mach E... Lincoln will be called Mark E... 😅
  13. ausrutherford

    Fully Electric F-150 on the Way

    Tesla just announced another 7% reduction of employees today...
  14. Bronco Hybrid is already conformed, so how did we get into that when talking about an off-road Super Duty? Why would one complain about this?