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  1. I am thinking more... Highway to the....danger zone!
  2. These are also Mavericks:
  3. ausrutherford

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    Cargo is still made in Turkey and is also made in China for JMC.
  4. South Africa, Argentina, Thailand, and Vietnam (CKD).
  5. First I had heard of the Escape being made in Argentina, but since they are ending Focus production there, it makes sense. I don't even think it would be a question if its made in Argentina that it would be sold in Brazil as well.
  6. Ford those wondering, Ford sold over 277,000 units of the Ranger last year globally. That is with 0 units from the US or Canada...
  7. So F-Series alone outsold GM's entire truck line by over 9,000 units. Nothing to worry about folks...🤫
  8. Expedition has not been averaging 7,000 a month for a long time....
  9. ausrutherford

    New Ford Puma

    Not enough room at Louisville. Ford would be smart to offer both the EcoSport and the Puma in the US however.
  10. ausrutherford

    Explorer PHEV?

    Ford UK has to be mad they aren't getting the Explorer.
  11. This seemingly allows Ford to buy it back easily if it wants in the future. It also allows CAOA to source engineering to Ford Otosan.
  12. Never seen a live roll out of a vehicle as a teaser without showing the car lol