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  1. Every company screws up from time to time for they are made of people. Yet, people thinks companies should be infallible for some reason...
  2. Magna makes certain vehicles for a host of companies. I don't see them branded as Magna...
  3. I'm looking at it this way. The Ford brand is so strong that it can command a over $1m price tag.
  4. Ford is selling a car for $1.2 million...let that sink in for a moment!
  5. Have a 2013 Focus with 92,000 miles. Had the clutch replaced once...took two hours. All costs covered by Ford No other trouble. Guess I might be one of the lucky ones...
  6. ausrutherford

    New Ford Puma

    I can't for the life of me figure out why this isn't coming here.
  7. Also a bit of a misnomer: Its technically JMC-Ford. JMC-Ford is a Ford-Changan-JMCG JV (and some publicly traded shares) with Ford being the largest shareholder. The company makes some Ford vehicles and JMC-branded vehicles. Landwind (brand) is a JV between JMCG and Changan. Yusheng is basically a sub brand of JMC. JMCG also has a JV with Isuzu called JIM and another JV with Changan called JMEV, which is a EV-only brand. JMCG did have a brand solely under their ownership, JMCGL, but it was sold to Dorcen recently.
  8. ausrutherford

    Fiat Chrysler puts merger offer to Renault board

    So your going to have the French government deciding layoffs from US plants... ...great...
  9. ausrutherford

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    Does this still belong in "competing products"?
  10. ausrutherford

    Fiat Chrysler puts merger offer to Renault board

    I see what you did there...
  11. ausrutherford

    Cadillac puts "truck engine" in CT4-V

    So you can get an MkZ with more hp than CTS-V. Let that sink in...
  12. I am thinking more... Highway to the....danger zone!
  13. These are also Mavericks:
  14. ausrutherford

    Ford Otosan-Commercial Vehicles

    Cargo is still made in Turkey and is also made in China for JMC.