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  1. theDuff

    Possible PTU Issue in my Fusion

    There was never really a pattern of catastrophic failure with that style PTU. Your most likely dealing with an intermediate shaft seal leak if I had to guess.
  2. theDuff

    2017 Fusion Hybrid Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

    I believe bearing hubs are covered under the 5/60,000 powertrain warranty.
  3. I pack the hub bearings with grease using a bearing packer. Nothing crazy like a front bearing. It takes a long time for fluid to reach the hubs on a floater axle. Some guys will jack up one side of the truck to get fluid out there. I just prefer to pack them.
  4. theDuff

    2020 Explorer

    Taking Western Digital hard drives nomenclature? They may have had grounds for a lawsuit.
  5. It's way more then 3. There have been 3 complaints to the NHTSA, yes, but that isn't every failure. Our service department has fixed several. I've seen other reports on Ford technician forums. This is a way bigger problem then .00036%.
  6. I would try a different flash drive.
  7. Do they use other bed lengths at KCAP? I've been wondering that.
  8. Whoever it is, they aren't doing a good job. Would not recommend for a do-it-yourselfer right now.
  9. theDuff

    F53 Chassis with V10 and 5,324 miles

    It really is. He's blaming the manufacturer on the alleged incompetent towing.
  10. theDuff

    Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera Package

    Be warned! The TPMS sensors are only compatible with wheels that have .452" valve stems. The trailer I just tried installing this accessory on had .625" valve stems. It seems (through my limited research) that the majority of trailers use this oversize stem. We are currently looking for a work-around. There is nothing in the pre-sales literature about this requirement. We have contacted Ford through several avenues and the answer is the same: .625" valve stems are not supported.
  11. First, you should use an Apple cable. Second, unplug the battery for five minutes and try again. Master reset rarely helps. PM me if you still have problems.
  12. theDuff

    2014 C-Max energi Frame Rust

    I work in the Midwest. This is what our cars look like regardless of manufacturer.
  13. What, as soon as its out of warranty fleets stop coming to the dealer for service? I beg to differ. Dealers service high mileage fleet vehicles all the time! What is your source for all these bearing revisions? How can you be so sure that these "revisions" came about because of high failure rates? The head gasket issue was a minor oil leak coming from the rear of the bank one cylinder head. This was across all vehicles, not just trucks.
  14. I have some anecdotal evidence as well. I have been a Ford mechanic since shortly after the mods were introduced in trucks. They never had bottom end issues. In other words, our service department hasn't replaced engines for spun rod bearings that couldn't be blamed on lack of maintenance.