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  1. Yeah right... Most Camry drivers I see(and Toyota drivers in general) are the clueless morons going 2 mph under the limit in the left lane. Honda and Subaru drivers are about the same.
  2. How is that different than any other Camry driver??
  3. I miss Jay being on the Tonight Show. These days, late night TV just plain sucks.
  4. The Escape hybrid is available with AWD. The PHEV is FWD only.
  5. Yeah, I've been vocal about the dropping of cars, too...but if I ultimately decide to bite the bullet and get a CUV, it will have a blue oval. It sure as heck won't be a Toylet.
  6. ...yeah...like I already said 6 posts up...
  7. But it didn't go away, it's still a major player in medium and heavy duty trucks in the North American market.
  8. International, i.e. Navistar, is alive and well. But they stopped making light duty trucks in 1981. The tractor portion of International Harvestor is now part of Case IH. Incidentally, Case IH makes a four wheeler utility vehicle called the Scout. That shouldn't affect Ford's trademark application, however. https://www.caseih.com/northamerica/en-us/products/utv/case-ih-utility-vehicles
  9. There isn't going to be a fire sale of Tesla. If it falters, someone is going to to buy it. The buyer will either be an established automaker that's behind in EVs and wants to leapfrog the competition, or a company like Apple that has automotive aspirations.
  10. Nature abhors a vacuum; this will open the door for Cheap Chinese junk to finally enter the US market. And the owners of Korean Krap will finally have someone to look down on.
  11. Territory? How about no! Assuming there's a Lincoln "Mach E" Ford and Lincoln will have at least 10 CUVs by '22. Plus there will be at least 3 SUVs. That's plenty of utilities. If they want car buyers to come to Ford showrooms, they'll have to offer them cars.
  12. Anybody have any idea when this is going to be unveiled?
  13. For those who hate the renderings, sorry. The Mach E may not look exactly like them, but it will be similar. We've already been shown official renderings of the front and back, and it has leaked that the Mach E will be a crossover coupe.
  14. Yes, because angular styling is manly, aerodynamic styling is wimpy/feminine... I like this a lot, I might yet convert over to a CUV. I'm still leaning towards a Jetta or Golf, but this has eliminated any chances that I would buy a Mazda.