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  1. Don't feed the troll...
  2. Maybe they didn't mention a new Continental because perhaps it will be one of the new EVs. I don't know, have no insider information, just speculating. The next Jaguar XJ6 is widely rumored to be EV only. Edit: about the same time that the thread about a new RWD Lincoln sedan and coupe appeared here, MT said that they were dead. Unrelated to your post, with each factory allotment being announced, it appears that the new Focus will never be sold here, so I'll be buying my next vehicle elsewhere. Well, unless I decide to get a CUV, but right now it's about a 5% chance of that.
  3. The Shanghai Auto Show is coming up in April as well, one of the Escape/Corsair duo could debut there and have its US intro at a standalone event.
  4. AGR

    Bronco mule

    I haven't seen a mule this cobbled together since the first C8 Corvette one. That used a Holden Ute hood and front cabin, IIRC.
  5. AGR

    FCA opening new assembly plant?

    All of the Grand Cherokees, as well as the XJ Cherokee/Wagoneer are unibodies, but the suspensions and running gear are light truck grade. So they're a bit of a hybrid. I consider them to be SUVs. But the forthcoming version will clearly be a CUV.
  6. I read Peter D on a regular basis. He has for the most part graduated to curmudgeon status, but sometimes still gets it right.
  7. I agree with Delorenzo, Hackett isn't up to the job. While Mulally went from building jet airliners to making cars, Hackett ran a furniture company...
  8. AGR

    FCA opening new assembly plant?

    Dodge will live on. According to the FCA plan, Dodge will be the only car brand. There will be the Charger, Challenger, and a smaller car, plus the Durango(2-row CUV). Chrysler will have the Pacifica, an EV van, a CUV to replace the Dodge Journey, and a 3-row CUV to replace the 300. All of the aforementioned CUVs will be more conventional or carlike as opposed to the more "rugged" Jeep CUVs. Of course, this is FCA, where 5 year plans are written on whiteboards, so this could change tomorrow...or even later today.
  9. AGR

    FCA opening new assembly plant?

    IIRC, the new Grand Cherokee will be based on the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio. This will make it a CUV instead of an SUV.
  10. AGR

    7 months of corvettes sitting on lots

    Maybe it's something as simple as they built up inventory in advance of the changeover to the C8.(?)
  11. Yeah, there was a Karma Revero in with the exotics (Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, etc) at the Chicago Auto Show. I saw a Fisker Karma in 2014 while taking the tour at Paramount Studios. It no doubt belonged to a movie star.
  12. Fisker will supposedly be coming back soon, so you can't put them on the list just yet.
  13. They've been rumored to be bringing back the Rover brand to generate some volume for JLR. But the brand has been inactive for a dozen years, would buyers return?
  14. I sat in one at the Chicago Auto Show. It is a candidate for my next vehicle, but only if I decide to get a camper as well. The Super Cab was a non-starter, it had little rear seat room(not that I was expecting any), the SuperCrew(?) was better.
  15. AGR

    Chicago Auto Show

    I went to the Chicago Auto Show on Saturday. Ford had a GT out front(barricaded off), and that was the most popular display at Ford. Second sadly was the stand giving out free tote bags. There were people crawling over the pickups and Mustangs and they were mostly ignoring the rest of the cars. The level of interest in the crossovers was in between. Lincoln had the Aviator and coach/suicide door Continental and those, along with the Navigator, drew most of the attention at Lincoln. As for the competition, the crossovers all look similar with few standing out, and pickups are all trying to out-grill each other. Mazda had a nice display for the 30th anniversary Miata, and the 3 hatchback looks decent in person. Also liked the Jetta GLI. Nissan had a pop-top camper version(aftermarket conversion) of their NV small van. Ford should try something similar with the Transit Connect. Jeep had a decent crowd. The Gladiator looked good, even though it's not my cup of tea. There was a barricaded off display of exotics that drew a big crowd to see Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, McLarens, and a Bugatti. As for Cadillac, aside from the Escalades, the were more people ogling a '59 Eldorado than the current models combined.