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  1. OldZX5er

    Software issues

    Well, it wasn't long before I got the shutting system down message again. Took it to the dealer yesterday. They found the audio control module was drawing power even when the car was off. The paperwork referenced this SSM. SSM46411 Some 2017 MKC vehicles equipped with all audio systems and 2017 Escape vehicles with a Sony audio system built on or before 23-Dec-2016 may exhibit a discharged battery. A repetitive cycling noise similar to a CD ejecting noise may also be present. If excessive battery drain is present and eliminated with the radio battery power fuse removed, reprogram the audio control module (ACM) to the latest calibration using the Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) release 104.02 or higher. Make sure you are connected to the internet when entering module programming to obtain the latest updates. Calibration files may also be obtained at www.motorcraftservice.com. For claiming, use causal part 18C869 and applicable labor operations in section 10 of the SLTS manual I never had the CD ejecting noise. I hope this is the end of my issues. The factory warranty runs out in June!
  2. OldZX5er

    Software issues

    Just to update, today (1/12) the dealer replaced the battery that was replaced November 30th. They said it failed horribly. About a week ago, I got the shutting system down to save battery message again. This was less than fifteen minutes after I had taken the car off the battery tender showing a full charge. Testing the battery with my own tester a few days later after charging it fully said it had a 30% charge, 0% state of health and "replace". They dealer said if I still have issues next time they'd keep my car for a few days and give me a loaner.
  3. OldZX5er

    Software issues

    Thanks for the replies. All seems well now except for the occasional three chimes after restart from auto start/stop. If anything comes of that, I'll post it.
  4. OldZX5er

    Software issues

    My 2017 Escape has been nearly flawless since I purchased it in June of 2016. I have had a few issues lately. A few months ago, right after restarting the engine from auto start/stop, I'd get three chimes. Didn't happen every time. I'd guess maybe 10% of the time, at any time of the day. This wasn't enough to get me to go to the dealer. A while later we were out for the night and about a half mile after leaving home I had a message on the screen saying it was shutting system down to save battery and I should shut off and restart the engine. I restarted it at the next stop light. About twenty minutes later after going into auto start/stop I had another screen message saying I should put the car into park and start it. After this , I made an appointment with the dealer and started using my battery tender more often. I don't use the car everyday (I just passed 10,000 miles) so it probably makes some sense that the battery was low. When I got to the dealer they told me about a bulletin on the auto start-stop system, SSM 47084 - 2017 Escape - Auto stop/start - No auto restart after an auto stop event - Built on or before 01-Feb- 2017. They did some reprogramming and gave me a new battery. No more screen messages but I still get the occasional three chimes on a restart. I don't think I'm going to worry too much about it. I just thought I'd let anyone who's interested know about it.
  5. OldZX5er

    Ambient Lighting

    Thanks for the reply. Turns out it was user error. I didn't think I had hardly anything in that pocket but after I cleared it out it seems to be working. I'm the dummy this time and the Escape is so far flawless.
  6. OldZX5er

    Ambient Lighting

    I just noticed on my 2017 Escape Titanium I have ambient lighting in the passenger side front door packet but not in the driver's side door pocket. If I hadn't had to wait for an extended period of time in a drive-thru I may have never noticed it. Is this normal or have I found my first defect?
  7. OldZX5er

    Winter rims and tires

    Whether you buy from them or not, the Tire Rack website can show you a lot of the options available for your car. I bought a set of 17" Bridgestone Blizzak WS80's for my 17 Escape from them last year. Steel wheels were available but aluminum wheels started at around $35 more each. I figured I'd want to buy some kind of wheel covers for the steel wheels anyway (and they never look very good) so going the extra $35 per wheel seemed worth it to me. I put them on for the second time last week. Put on the set of WS70's that I got for my wife's 2012 Fusion some time ago the same day. I think I've bought five winter packages from Tire Rack since 1992 and I've been happy with all of them.
  8. OldZX5er

    2017 Escape reversing camera problem

    I got my 2017 Escape in June. Just checked it today, I don't have the issue.
  9. OldZX5er

    Tire pressure for 17" Blizzaks

    The sticker for the 19's that came on the car says 36lbs. I believe 35 would be fine for 17's. I was just curious what Ford's recommendation for this size is. I liked it better when the sticker showed all sizes that might have come with the car, or at least listed it in the owners manual.
  10. Just put on a set of 235/55R17 Blizzaks on my 2017 Escape. My door sticker only lists pressure for 19" wheels (and the spare). The tires came with about 35lbs. air pressure, which I'm sure can't be far off the mark, but since Ford uses this same size tire on S and SE models, I'd be interested to know what they recommend. I don't see it in the owner's manual and Google didn't help either.
  11. I haven't noticed voice prompts being late. It did seem that the radio was overpowering the nav voice. The solution was simpler than I expected. Just raise the volume while nav was speaking.
  12. OldZX5er

    2005 Focus ZX4 Rear Brakes

    I had the dealer check my rear brake shoes on my 2002 ZX5 the last time I got new front pads. They were fine. At 164,000 miles the front pads and rotors have been replaced twice. It kind of amazes me the original rear shoes are still going strong. I'd kind of like to get a new car (probably an Escape) but I doubt I could get anything that would be so nearly trouble free. As an example, My experience in the past has convinced me that A/C was the most trouble prone system in any car. The only problem I've had with the A/C was this year - a leak in the condenser.
  13. OldZX5er

    Sat in a Titanuim today

    I'm 6'3". I sat in a 2012 Focus at the auto show earlier this year. I was surprised that it seemed a little snug compared to my 2002 ZX5.
  14. OldZX5er

    07 chrome lug nuts falling off (not a joke)

    When the lug nut covers started falling off on my 2002 Focus ZX5, I just bought an aftermarket set of one-piece chromed lugnuts (Gorilla brand, I think). They were relatively cheap and solved the problem for good.