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  1. The Del Rio Ranch Wagon was only made from 1957-58 and did not stick around long enough for it to make an impact as a recognizable product name.
  2. It's not about revisiting the past. It's about using a rugged name that is already associated with Ford. There is already presidence for using the name on Australian and European SUVs including a rebadged version of the Ford Escape. This "mini-Bronco" will likely be sold globally as well in markets already familiar with the Maverick name previously being offered on an SUV. If you cannot disassociate yourself from an economy compacts of many decades ago then you have an awfully small mind. There was never any backlash from Ford repurposing the Ranger name from the Edsel line.
  3. The Maverick came first (April 1969 as a 1970 model) and the Pinto (September 1970 as a 1971 model)) hasten been described as favoring the Maverick though it was not at all based on it. What you are saying is the same as saying the 1970 1/2 Camaro looks like a big 1971 Vega. The Maverick name was used in Europe and Australia for a series of Nissan based SUVs. For Europe the Nissan based Maverick was replaced by the Escape rebadged as a Maverick, so there is already presidence for using the Maverick name on an SUV. It's a rugged Western kind of name that will never be used on a passenger sedan again so they may as well get some use out of it. Years ago I personally rebadged my Ford Escape as a Maverick just for fun to confuse the fornication out of people.
  4. The 1984 Mustang SVO premiered 16" wheels on a Mustang...
  5. StangBang

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    And IDGAF that YDGAF about GM.
  6. StangBang

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    Well you're not much of a car guy if you don't know the Toronado was the only front wheel drive Oldsmobile with a longitudal V8, after all it's been around since 1966 and it was a significant piece of automotive history.
  7. StangBang

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    That would be an Olds Toronado 1979-85. They started with an Olds 35O V8 for 1979 then bumped down to an Olds 307 V8 from 80-85. There was also the dreadful Olds 350 Diesel engine from 80-85. Then an unpopular Buick 4.1 V6 from 80-85 with hardly any takers. 305 was a Chevy engine and Olds never used them nor the Chevy 350 in the Toronado.
  8. StangBang

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    Where in the hell did I say it was a single chassis? Modular platform = modular architecture.
  9. StangBang

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    Not with the name Mach 1 attached.
  10. StangBang

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    My immediate relating of the nameplate Mach 1 is that version of the Mustang and the series of show cars with the same name. Using Mach1 as a name, I expect a sports car "faster than the speed of sound" or at least be among the fastest Fords in existence. It can be gas or electric, hybrid whatever but if it shows up looking like a crossover transporting families then Mach1 is a big fking no!
  11. StangBang

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    I didn't say anything about CD6 having shortcomings being a versatile platform. However, I don't believe an Explorer is ever going to have the same high performance targets as the best Mustang so certainly the Mustang version of the platform is going to be tweaked to meet it's target and I am simply curious how it will be different. I never said it can't be done. It's a lot more complex than just shortening the platform.
  12. StangBang

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    Seriously people need to stop dreaming for their favorite discontinued nameplates to come back. This is not Ford Motor Company of 20 or more years ago.
  13. StangBang

    2021 Mustang on CD6

    If CD6 is used for the Mustang it will be interesting to see how they differentiate it to meet the performance targets expected of a Mustang.