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  1. tucker_bmd

    2020 Transit Production Information

    Every Transit (and E-series prior) that Quigley modifies is money lost by Ford. Whatever Quigley pay's Ford (if any) would probably less than they would make by selling their own 4x4 Transit. I had a 2001 E150 that died and would have like to get another Ford product, but I needed (yes I really do need) AWD. So I had to buy a GMC, which is really a good vehicle. Ford lost a sale based on their business decisions.
  2. tucker_bmd

    Why no crew cab long bed?

    I guess I wasn't clear, let me rephrase. Does anyone know why Ford chose not to build this configuration when their competition does?
  3. tucker_bmd

    Why no crew cab long bed?

    GM and Toyota offer crew cab long beds. Does anyone know why you can't get a Ranger in this configuration? I know it's personal preference but to me I don't like the look of the crew cab with the short bed. Seems out of proportion.
  4. tucker_bmd

    2020 Explorer Order Guide

    I owned a 2011 Explorer and now drive a 2017 and will probably get another. But looking at this order guide I'm disappointed. Who makes the manufacturing option package decisions? Why must I get 20" wheels if I want the moon roof? Why can't I get the 2nd row bench (dog vehicle requirement) in the XLT? And of course, why can't I get a V6 NA or V6 turbo in the XLT? For mpg, if the hybrid can go 500+ miles on it's 19.3 gallon tank then it's getting 25.9 mpg.
  5. tucker_bmd

    2015 Transit Order Guide

    I am extremely disappointed that Ford is not offering AWD in the states. My 2002 E150 is in need of replacement and I was so looking forward to this van if it came with AWD like in Europe. Over the years we have determined that AWD is a must on our next weekend/vacation dog vehicle. I don't want to buy a GM product but I guess I'm forced too (I'm not dishing out big bucks for a 4x4 conversion). I might as well throw in a minor complaint about the transit connect wagon not having AWD as well but that beef is not as valid. I don't want to buy a Sienna either. Ford is missing a small niche dog show market. I'm not a bean counter nor a manufacturing engineer so with my limited knowledge I don't see the down side to offering AWD.
  6. tucker_bmd

    Issues after GPS TSB 13-4-20 was performed??

    I'm no big supporter of MFT but can you be specific here. When what you describe occurs has your system acquired GPS? It's not fair to slam MFT/Nav if it has not acquired GPS. If you have not acquired GPS then the MFT/Nav is only guessing at your current location. Do you have a GPS lettered icon with a red X through it on the left side of the map screen? This symbol means you haven't acquired GPS yet. I didn't write the software and Ford has not disclosed the details so I speculating, MFT is probably using the last known location, compass heading, speed and the map to "guess" where you are located. This is my main pet peeve with the Ford's Nav. I like how my old Garmin does it, it does not show an updating moving map until in knows for sure (IE it has acquired GPS). In my opinion Ford should have put up the map with a big pop message saying "waiting for GPS acquisition before showing you where you are" or something to that affect.
  7. tucker_bmd

    Transit tid-bits

    No AWD is a mistake IMO also. I've even written them and asked them to reconsider. Here is a response I received on May 30 2013. From:"BAC M.P. HQ - CSFORD" <csford@ford.com> To: "xxx xxx" <xxx@xxx.com> Dear Jeffrey, Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company. We appreciate the time you have taken to write to us regarding the availability of all wheel drive on the 2015 Ford Transit. We would like to thank you for you years of support and loyalty to the Ford Motor Company. We are very excited about the introduction of the Ford Transit to our North American market. The release date for the Ford Transit is currently the summer of 2014 for the 2015 model year. At the present time, there are no confirmed plans for an AWD version of the Ford Transit. However, we are anxious to hear from our family members about the features that would be welcome for this vehicle. You may share your suggestions with the rest of the Ford family at social.ford.com. You must register on the site and agree to the terms and conditions thereof. The 2015 Ford Transit will feature 3 available roof heights, 3 available wheel bases and not only an available 3.5L EcoBoost engine, but also a 3.2L I-5 Power Stroke Diesel. This vehicle will be available in both van and wagon configurations to fulfill the many needs of our full-size van customers. Our Marketing Program Headquarters can make it easier to purchase your 2015 Ford Transit by informing you of all the current incentives available. We can also send out a new vehicle brochure for any vehicle(s) that may interest you. Our number is 1-800-334-4375 and we are here Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm EST to assist you. When you call, we can also set up a demonstration drive at a time and dealership of your choice to experience the Transit first hand. Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company Sincerely, Joshua Marketing Program Headquarters Ford Motor Company
  8. tucker_bmd

    New Escape vs MKC build questions

    Right, has anyone heard/know if the above can be added to an Escape? Insulation sounds like it might have a Ford Part # that I can order and have a tech intall.
  9. tucker_bmd

    New Escape vs MKC build questions

    Hey thanks, I don't doubt the engine is noisy by design, but am assuming in the Lincoln version Ford will have deadened the noise somehow. And I would be able to have the same thing done to my escape to deaden the noise.
  10. Please help me to remain a 3 Ford family. We just got a '13 Escape back in October, it's my wife's daily driver and she picked it out based on many criteria. It has the 2.0 Ecoboost and that is the reason I'm posting. It's been to two different dealers service bays for the tick, tick, tick noise my wife is hearing. Both dealers say the noise level is within normal operating parameters. The noise is the high compression injectors slamming shut (I think) and I can hear it from inside the cabin with the radio off while in park, just barely. But my wife's hearing is better than mine and she can hear it will driving back roads listening to audio books on her ipod. She admits she can't hear it at highway speed or with the radio playing. One tech said she was not the first person to complain about the noise from the 2.0 and she drove another 2.0 Escape briefly while waiting at the dealer, heard the noise, so did the salesperson, but said it was a little quieter than hers. Oh well. So my question, this engine is going into the Lincoln (actually already in the Lincoln), so what sound deadening material or noise canceling technology can be added to my wife's Escape? I'm pretty sure a Lincoln is not going to be noisy. Any help will be appreciated. Between this noise and the recurring MFT issues (she is of the type that believes things should just work as advertized, and when her phone or ipod don't behave the same with MFT all the time she gets annoyed that she must "reboot" or "reset" stuff) that she is second guessing the purchase.
  11. tucker_bmd

    First Oil Change - general concensus

    Put me in the camp of following the recommendation of the manufacturer. I don't see any reason not to do what the people who designed and built the engine recommend. Why would they recommend an interval that would be detrimental? Seriously, why? Educate me. I can understand dealers recommending an interval that is less than the manufacturer, because they get business IE money. Oil change intervals are like politics and religion. Here is some fuel for the fire. http://www.edmunds.com/car-care/stop-changing-your-oil.html
  12. This is from the explorer forum, where there is a Ford rep monitoring and answering questions. Ford deserves some credit for reaching out to forums and facebook. The reps can't answer everything, but are generally very helpful. She is referencing questions about MFT V3.5.1. Of course my immediate question, if I order a new nav card will it be free? "Hi, everyone! Here are a couple answers to the most popular questions you've all asked: When will this be available on SYNCMyRide.com? For those of you without NAV, it will be available for download in a couple weeks. Those of you with NAV, you'll be able to download the update and order a new SD card starting in early January. You may also visit your dealer if you don't wish to update your MFT on your own. What improvements does this new software deliver? This new software update, developed in partnership with Microsoft, delivers on our promise to continuously improve the system based on customer feedback. Software Version 3.5 features improvements, including: • Simplified Bluetooth® phone pairing: When pairing, the driver simply has to hit "OK" if the PIN on the phone and touch screen match each other • More natural voice recognition: Drivers can now simply say "Play " when requesting a specific artist, song, album or genre of music (i.e. "Play jazz" versus "Play genre jazz") • Improved voice recognition accuracy: The latest version of Nuance's speech software, VoCon® 3200 v4.2, improves overall voice recognition performance • Flattened audio command structure: At any time, drivers can say the station frequency, "AM 760," or the official name of the Sirius station, like "Hits 1," to tune in; drivers no longer need to say "Radio" or "Sirius" to indicate their desire to listen to those audio sources • Navigation controls simplified: The destination entry screen has been improved to help make it easier to enter an address. Please let me know what other questions you may have! Rebecca Ford In-Vehicle Technology Team: 800.392.FORD (Prompts 1 then 3)t: @FordService @Fordf: facebook.com/FordExplorer facebook.com/Ford"
  13. January 2013 edition. Was going to add this to the end of the CR thread but thought you guys would like a new thread to continue your debate. Maybe I'm trying to stir the pot, not a big poster, keep my opinions to myself, but enjoy your debates. But I have a 2012 Explorer and 2013 Escape (and a 2002 E150, 3 Ford family, had 1999 F250 before the van), both with MFT, both on V3.2.2, and both still have issues, nothing life threatening, but when one day on the same drive to work Nav takes 15+ minutes to acquire GPS when if normally takes (same time of day same weather conditions) 2 minutes, it can be annoying. Then the black screen preforming scheduled maintenance (reboot) and works fine (for a while). They are both going in for the V3.5.1 upgrade soon, so Ford is trying to improve and are improving, compared to earlier versions. But for the non-techie person, like my co-worker's 60ish year old brother who can't stand his MKX because of MFT, after owning many Lincolns, I can see where it can be frustrating and maybe a reason to switch brands. Oh, the ratings, 1-6, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Caddy/Hyundai tied, MFT.
  14. I installed this in my 2012 Explorer. The only thing besides the temperature I have noticed is in the prior version(s) if you have 911 assist set to off and the 911 assist reminder set to off the system would STILL pop up a message on the screen WITH an audio bong noise to grab your attention to pop up (that said 911 assist is set to off). With the new version the pop up is way smaller, stays on the screen for a much shorter amount of time and thankfully there is no audio bong noise. Much more pleasant every time I start the car. For those of you without MFT and curious, if you have 911 assist set to off and the 911 assist reminder set to on, then every time you get in the car (with your bluetooth cell phone) the sync lady will yell at you that 911 assist is set to off and ask you if you want to set it to on, with a pop up that you had to select yes or no to make it go away. As for a change log, the Explorer forum has been asking about it since day one and have not gotten anything. There are actually two official Ford reps monitoring the forum to provide assistance and answer questions, they are generally helpful, but one has to understand they have strict marching orders from Ford what they can and cannot say. The two reps have "ignored" the change log request for a month now, so my guess is Ford is not ready to let us know.
  15. tucker_bmd

    Called Customer Service about MyFord Touch

    Last night we picked up our new 2013 Escape SEL, while the salesman was showing all the features to us, MFT crashed. Awesome! I have a 2012 Explorer with MFT and am quite aware of the issues, but it took 3 days for my Explorer to crash and give me "scheduled maintanence" reboot screen. The Escape beat easily beat that, wasn't even off the lot.