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  1. MadManMoon

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    We take for granted the advances in production tooling...even in a Ford promotional shot, look at the awful alignment of the driver's door lower cladding!
  2. MadManMoon

    FCA US November 2018 Sales Rise 17 Percent

    I wonder if the same families that bought the four Avengers this year also bought the four Patriots this month...
  3. MadManMoon

    2019 Shelby GT Mustang

    I love the Shelby legacy and am glad the company is still around and doing well...that said, it's absurd what they're charging for these cars. A few Ford Racing parts and labor to install, and a couple of appearance mods...for $20K+? I think not. Not when Ford offers the amazing GT350 for the same price, with far more performance and value.
  4. MadManMoon

    GM takes another bailout

    See akirby's post above.
  5. MadManMoon

    GM takes another bailout

    I'm sure our resident GM Apologist will be along shortly to explain why this is actually a good thing and demonstrates GM's commanding knowledge of the market and their brilliant business decisions.
  6. Boy am I glad we bought our Fiesta STs when we did. I too feel this is incredibly short-sighted...and only hope they've designed the newest Fiesta/Focus/Fusion to be easily Federalized. Otherwise they'll be in a world of hurt when gas prices inevitably rise.
  7. MadManMoon

    2019 Mustang Bullitt

    No other Mustangs to date have prompted me to consider selling my 2007 GT500...but this Bullitt is the first, all the more so once the final horsepower/torque numbers and price are announced. The allure of an independent rear suspension and modern infotainment is strong.
  8. If this doesn't have significant handling improvements and model-unique performance enhancements, it's a pathetic cheapening of the ST marque. This seems like a step backwards for Ford Performance.
  9. Good point. Upon closer inspection, it looks most like the current Focus ST. Now I have no idea!
  10. The teaser image looks most like the Fusion to me...with the ST on the lower portion of the trunk lid below the crease (the badges are above the crease in all Fusion models currently). I'd love to see a Fusion ST with the 2.7L EcoBoost, a better suspension, and a six-speed stick.
  11. MadManMoon

    Ford December 2017 Sales results

    I'm gonna be honest, if I were in the market for a sedan right now, the Accord with the 2.0L turbo and the 6-speed manual would be too tempting to pass up. Can't get a trim above Sport, so no leather, but at least it has Android Auto/Apple CarPlay support. I realize it won't be a popular option combination, but kudos to Honda for offering something for enthusiasts!
  12. Also, you can cancel it anytime and get a prorated refund, if you end up trading in the lease.
  13. Not sure, never leased a car - but if you're definitely going to keep it, it's worth buying! The price goes up after the first 12 months or 12,000 miles, and must be purchased before the 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty runs out.
  14. I can vouch for this - lowest prices available, with 0% financing on top if you want to spread it out. I believe Ford has far and away the best manufacturer-backed extended warranty in the business, and I never hesitate to get the ESP on my vehicles. Highly recommended!
  15. Enjoy it! And as a fellow FiST owner with the black wheels...they will never be that clean again!