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  1. If, and only If it is true that FCAU ceo ,Sergio Marchionne told his employees to keep the union officials "fat,dumb and happy" then its obvious that unethical business practices are expected and given the okay from the man at the very top of the corporation.The investigation into corruption is not closed by law enforcement and it will be interesting to see how far up in the IUAW it goes.You know,I mean no disrespect to the local union reps many of whom I have met are ethical and good union people.I understand there is only so much they can do.That one Chrysler executive who was found guilty had purchased a $37,000 pen?WTF is that?I must really be a Michibilly because I could look at that pen all day and not understand what is so great about it.Now take that $37,000 and instead,spend it on a UAW workers child to help him/her with their education and yeah I can say,now that is worth $37,000.Who sells their soul and goes to prison for a $37,000 pen?We got a contract coming up and issues like,temporary workers and retirees and healthcare are important and yes,buyouts too.Lots of good union people on this website and that is a moral boost!
  2. reads an article in the Detroit News on 11/6/2018.Human nature combined with unethical people is the root cause of corruption be it in the UAW or politics etc.Therefore rules and penalties need to be established in order to try and prevent corruption.When Gary W. from local 600 tried to pass a referendum that would require,that a vote on the UAW National Contract, to have the same safeguards in place,as a local vote for president it was refused.This tells me that the IUAW will not change.The only thing that will change will be the names of the people who get caught,next time.At Local 600, basically the old Rouge facility plus DTP,I saw a mitty-man walking around with a plastic bucket with a slot in the lid,handing out pieces of paper with YES or NO,asking if you wanted to vote and if you voted you checked YES or NO then dropped a slip of paper into the plastic bucket and your name was scratched off a list.I ask you,is this what you would consider a secure vote?Did I see any actual "funny business" occur?No.Was I there to witness the counting of those slips of paper?No.Am I sure that the vote was either legitimate or illegitimate?No.I was busy on that Factory Floor,the same one that all those IUAW fat cats are so fearful of ending up on.By the way I voted yes on the contract.What I am saying is that rules and procedures and penalties need to be in place and in force in order to prevent the temptation that naturally arises from our own human nature.WE are the union people,lets demand change!
  3. Fatso

    30 years of dedication finally pays off

    Take whatever you can get.You also get to pick a present from a catalogue and a framed certificate.Now all ya need is a BUYOUT
  4. Fatso

    Kanye West knows how to Save Ford

    Kanye would look good in a MAGA Cap while tearing up sands dunes in a Raptor!
  5. Fatso

    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    It seems like in the mid 90`s going into the millennium the local at the plant I worked at then,started,,,well an elected UAW official outright told me "We wont stand in the way of anyone making a "DEAL" and when I continued pressing him for representation and all I wanted was equal enforcement of the contract I was slammed by an elected UAW official "if they don't like you I cant help you".From that point on solidarity took a big step backwards.As a result,union employees see a benefit if they kiss-ass,cut the bosses lawn and throw each other under the bus and if they got a "DEAL" it is their "DEAL" that comes first not solidarity.When I first started out any special assignments were offered to the higher seniority employee first and if they cant do it,only then,would I understand giving the assignment to a lower seniority employee.I am currently at the best UAW local I have ever been at now.The rep is always available,the workers are more laid back and not trying to cut each others throat for a "DEAL".It is a much less hostile atmosphere than working in a "DEAL" shop.I read that the Feds are not finished investigating collusion and corruption between the IUAW and the big 3.You know darn well that "DEAL" making goes all the way up to the top, now proving it may be difficult.All most union workers want is a fair contract that is equally enforced.I understand that Ford Motor signs my paychecks and the company deserves respect.All I expect for my union dues is, no special overtime deals,no special attendance rules,no special tools given out,no arbitrary and capricious disciplinary actions,just to name a few.I hope,if guilty,they all go to prison and get their ass kicked.
  6. Listen,it don't matter what ANY of us wants it all comes down to Jefferson Avenue and Michigan Avenue.The IUAW and Ford World Headquarters and once they agree then local 600 {the largest membership}will be the last local to vote and reps will be walking around with plastic Homer Buckets collecting pieces of paper tossed into them.We can only hope they cut us a fair deal.
  7. Fatso

    Rumor mill

    The question is how many employees does Ford want to eliminate and what plants and classifications.
  8. Gonna putta STRIKE on their mother fucking ass Livonia Transmission Local 182 is ready! What do these things do? Like a buncha little kids?Sheeeeeet!Get ready for it!
  9. Fatso

    3 Day Rule

    'They' can do 'that',,,,,be lucky you have a job is the standard reply I hear.In other words,refrain yourself.
  10. Just keep showing up Fuzzy,,,you can do it and you will get there everybody who is high seniority now was low seniority at one time.
  11. Fatso

    FBI probe expands to Ford and GM

    Ballot Boxes?At the Rouge local 600 the reps walked around with plastic buckets with slots cut in the lid.You checked YES or NO on a slip of paper folded it and stuffed it in the bucket after you presented I.D. and had your name scratched off a list.Ballot Boxes,,,,,,all ya need is an old plastic paint bucket.The problem with corruption is greed/temptation, it is embedded in human nature, it is not unique to any particular union or corporation.One of the suspects in the FCAU/UAW case bought himself a Ferrari and a $37,500 pen .I didn`t know there was such a thing,I mean whats the point,oh yeah,showing-off,wow.What do you do?Hold up the pen and say out loud "Do you know how much this costs"?Everybody or most people anyways, prefer to have rich friends.Some people at the Big Three are handed "the keys to the kingdom".They are not scrambling to be on the clock or put on the spot to constantly learn new tasks.They don't need to follow thousands of rules.All we ask of them is to be fair with us and look out for our best interest with the understanding that we know they can only do so much.I mean it is the FORD motor company not the UAW who signs our paychecks.The latest contract is not all bad,I voted Yes.I don't think a strike would have been worth the cost.These people under investigation by the Feds are in for a rude awakening and I have absolutely NO sympathy for them.
  12. FIRST OFF ---seniority passes by at the exact same rate for everybody.The higher seniority people are usually OLDER and do you really want to be OLDER or are you just greedy and want ALL the seniority NOW-NOW-NOW.SECONDLY-The UAW does negotiate a very good national contract which by the way also includes YOU.So yes YOU TOO also benefit from the national contract.Dont you want to have seniority rights assured to you after you sweat your ass off helping Ford make $$$$ while a kid in jr. high school today is playing video games and surfing for internet porn?STOP and THINK and please try to enjoy being young,,,,,life goes by so quickly,,,and some really bad things usually start to happen when you get old.Good-Luck!!!
  13. Fatso

    DTP hiring

    The Amazon Distribution Center opening up in Livonia near Schoolcraft and 2-75 is hiring,starting at $13.75 an hour.
  14. Fatso

    MAP changeover rumor thread

    I think a new Ranger has potential to be a good seller.The new Bronco should be slightly larger than the Escape.Eventually it will all come down to sales and orders.Good-Luck MAP!
  15. Fatso

    DDMP useless union

    Smile,be compliant and kiss-up to management its the local 600 way!!!!!